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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 oktober 2011 23:11

As it turns out I will have both USA and Sweden friends staying all at once! Will be no eco here, big party-week coming up next! That gives me the excuse to go mattress hunting in IKEA where I can also buy some necesseties like Swedish Absolut Vodka for USA and sweets for Sweden..

As I was on the phone with internet-satellite people for most part of afternoon (I despise all tecnology) I was finished in stables at 22.00 It seems as even though I have installed the N A S A here on my roof, I am NOT able to connect or I have snail-speed. That was NOT what I was promised, it was going to be a internet HIGHWAY, sounded like a german Autobahn, 6 Gigabites (whatever that is) = FAST. Fast means less time at computer = more normal life. BUT 'I pay - it works' is NOT a spanish concept.. You think I am riding around with a smile in the sun all day. Forget it people, this is rough country, you better put your skin on your nose or it will bleed.

Thank GOD for my horses and my time with them that makes it all so worth it! I think Start is in love with Donita, today he was calling her and he was like a teenage boy in training, almost bucked me off several times, cheeky! Start ALWAYS gives me a smile riding, no matter what mood I am in, I love him to bits! If Donoso has been Nr 1 and Start Nr 1, Halagador has been Nr 2. But now we have gotten so close from April to here and I am seeing him rooting the same heart-space as Donoso & Start has, which to me would mean; inseparatable.

Both Donoso and Halagador are exactly the types I want to breed. They are BOTH athletic AND has the spanish class that moves me from the inside. Very difficult to find these qualities in a PRE these days as many breeders tend to breed the typical pure spanish beauty that simply is not functional, or what I call the warmblood-PRE's with a result of mediocre horses with normal (boring) gaits, which is not exciting..

Here's alittle more of athletic Hagge in action!


And here my big first love, I am so going to compete him and Start next year in dressage, we are ready!

Donoso VII

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 oktober 2011 22:24

Decided this week is for getting into discipline of yoga, let's see if it is going to better my physique, one has to do what one has to do, no excuses. It has been a very stormy rainy day with the horses in the early evening. Donita had a rolled around in paddock, which was more like a swinningpool, so she had to have a legshower which she handled like a big girly, only a liiiiittle scary. Here are some photos taken this weekend by Javier. Halagador was on top. We have never been so connected as we are now, it's a very special bond. I can't help thinking that if this horse was a person he would probably be a Hollywood moviestar, Zorros horse or something cool like that, I bet he would love to show off on that red carpet..


Classical bullfighting moves





No whip here (spanish) guys!.. I am really no expert on what I call creative dressage but we improvised which was fun and this is a little of what came out!     



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 oktober 2011 00:35

Well today has not been the best day in my life but tomorrow will be better I'm sure.. Tomorrow Festivo will finally arrive in the hands of his new owners that STILL have not seen him LIVE!! So I'm eagely expecting their news, they are extremely excited! Big Baby's future wife little girley Donita is now on her way, can't wait to have her here and see her when I want to!! Vikinga horse family all together in Spain!  

Here she is with my dear Dad that has cared for her so well, STORT TACK PAPPA & MAMMA - ni är BÄST!!
Donita VIK departing Sweden in Marcel's first class transport
Here is beautiful Halagador training extended trot on centerline yesterday, his great personality is coming out in his work now, he's putting alot of himself into it, this horse is super intelligent. Most of his life he never had a person, then I left him in 'macho school' where they encouraged his male side but in a military rather than in a personal way. Now he's there asking me to take him first and just let him be himsel which is SO EASY. He shines out, is a happy worker rather than a obedient macho and he's MUCH more beautiful like that!!   
Have a great weekend people!
Halagador Cen

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 oktober 2011 23:20

Been very busy but have had some rest and social time too this weekend - very important! Moli got a new allergy reaction last week, we went through his allergy-history carefully with vet and now we are having a test done because I do not understand what he is sensitive to. But he has been totally fever free one week now so tomorrow I will ride him again, he will be a happy bunny!
Start was too 'furry' so he got a bodyshave and looked smashingly handsome. My clever beautiful horse, he did 8 straight tempi ones straight towards the mirror on centreline on the saturday, easy-peasy he said! And on the snaffle of course, that's what he likes the most. Hagge and Donut had fun in paddock, SO much fun, I feel we have all relaxed and set ourselves up for a new week. Aniara is now recovered and up for starting her new life so now I am making the decition for Donita also..
Tomorrow a new invasion again, hopefully it will be the last day, we had a barbie on the friday for the workers, celebrating it is ALMOST over, I LOVED cleaning the house this weekend.. Tomorrow massage-morning and then I will be perfect for a brand new week that will be finilized with spanish dressage championships, fun fun! Wishing you a good one!
Halagador & Start

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 september 2011 23:17

Hello in the middle of the mess, today the electrician, painter, plummer, builders and sattelite men has been here all at once, total chaos, hopefully it will be worth it. After 6 hours the internet nor tv did not work so me and Betty left them all behind and went to the stables. Moli now has a normal temp but today he had allergy again so now we are suspecting the pellets so we went to buy some new. He is happy but in paddock you can see he is not totally recovered because he is not as lively as usual. Rode all three others belly-boys, they are getting rounder for everyday, not sure if we can go on with strawbeds, hrrm.. Start happier than ever because he can eat straw all day and when he is happy he works the best. And I said to Javier that if Donoso was not a horse but a person he would probably have been my husband, he does everything I tell him!! Here some crappy photos of beautiful black Cárdenas Halagador loving his macho-moves this evening, love him lots, like Bridget Jones said; JUST as he is..
Over and out, definitely need some sleep before invasion tomorrow.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 augusti 2011 23:00

We are going to travel with Festivo to new York!!!! We are actually going to be Big Baby's private strewardesses, get him (and the other horses) on plane, take care of him (and others) on the flight, super exciting!!
Many things to arrange and arrange today has been a marathon of ticking of things-to-do-list. Got the news TODAY he is leaving tomorrow, health papers has to be issued in Madrid and then driven to Aranjuez, that will be Javier's job. I got the farrier for my boys today and for Festivo 8 am tomorrow - 8 AM IN SPAIN - not bad hey!?

After a day of; getting car to mecanics, signing for satellite internet, shopping, making 50 phonecalls, going to check out some black horses for a friend that is arriving tomorrow, picking up car, taking out four boys, meeting up with construction agency for house-work, attending emails.... my female mind is now thinking - BETTY - HORSES - HOUSE - and I HAVE NO CLOTHES - then... - HURRICANE status?... In that order..
And here is one of Halagador's handsome offspring! Now some yoga to calm that mind.. More tomorrow, goodnight!
Maquiavelo Cen born 2008


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 augusti 2011 16:25

Yes, I am trying my best to stimulate all the horses in different ways, all of them have such different personalities and these students definitely challenge my creativity!
Black beauty Halagador playing

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 augusti 2011 23:55

Energy levels are building up, I bought some products for my fibromyalgia and perhaps they work because today I was able to ride all four horses! First out was Molinete, I feel he needs more foundation work so his workouts are lots of moving, walk, trot, canter transitions and a little legyielding. I ride all the horses on a snaffle at the moment, back-to-basics is always a good idea. Hagge got some tricktraining and was happy.

Here some of my favourite Javier pictures of Halagador.
Halagador Cen 3 year old

Arriving at Jade 2010

Autumn 2010
January 2011
April 2011
Photos; Javier Villard


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