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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 juli 2011 19:51

Here we are sweating away, not complaining at all though, I love it!
Working three boys a day and I am quite satisfied with my work, all five are so different so it is a very colourful and fun gang to work with! Festivo has been resting after TRC so I do him everyday now and then two more, yesterday Molinete and Halagador, today Start & Donoso. Festivo will stand back from competitions now, he has done alot this year, the bronze in EU championships in spring, then standing at stud and now Calificado grading so now he will work on his dressage at home. I am getting Start into competition form, no competiton in August but in September there is the big CDN*** in Toledo which is now my exciting goal with Start. Not sure which ones to do, will decide alittle further on. Now when Donoso has his Calificado status it's not necessary to do anymore championships, it's more interesting to develop his dressage curriculum from now on. Halagador is now doing a super extended trot, he loves to show off his spanish walk and now he is also doing a spectacular spanish trot! And Molinete needs alittle more time to grow into his body before he can enter a championship, he's tall, growing and needs filling out, movements are l o v e l y, we'll see this autumn how he has developed!
A norwegian PRE breeder wanted to use Donoso but no veterinarian was able to help her with insemination. A real pity and I am surprised how the breeding stations/vets won't help a lady that brought her mare all the way from Norway, July is a perfect month to get a mare pregnant in the north of Sweden. Donoso will have PREs and PRE/warmblood offspring in Spain, Sweden and Finland next year and perhaps in Switzerland too but that's not confirmed yet. Halagador and Festivo will have offpspring in Spain, Festivo possibly in Australia also as their breeding season is in October-December.
This is Festivo MR last year when he won Best Movements and qualified for SICAB in Caravaca de la Cruz.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 juni 2011 23:17

This morning I started riding Donoso as he was very determined not to let me start with someone else of the gang, he had a glimpse of the mares before we started, then full focus, Donut knows when he can and can't relax. Baby Molinete is also being a good student, today he was ridden like the big boys in big indoor, no spooks and holding his body in one piece, well done Moli! Hagge was full on from not working the weekend so I had him in paddock and walker with Start in the morning. Around 11.30 we left to pick up visitors from England and Hagge showed Kate and Barbara what a PRE full of energy look like! Javier took british ladies to airport and I stayed for some more riding. Start is in love with a chestnut mare, she is sooo pretty, and lusitana.. So after saying hello to this girlfriend he gave me the most amazing ride, Start is gleaming, has those 'pingy' eyes and loves his life, I feel he is arriving to his peak performance.  Cheers to Kate and Barbara, you are most welcome to visit again!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 april 2011 19:05

Yesterday we had visits from a breeder that wanted to view Halagador and Donoso for breeding two of their PRE mares. I think the boys somehow knew what was going on because they gave us spectacular shows (by hand) it was great fun! As it turned out they won one lady each   and first out today was Hagge. The mare had been inseminated previously, so it was her first time natural covering. It was actually also Halagador's first time live even though he has 9 offpring MADE IN SPAIN. Natural covering is the only legal option breeding PREs for a APTO approved stallion, but as there are great risks most spanish breeders now look through this unmodern rule and use artificial insemination. And look what a race they managed to create, thank you and well done spanish ingenious breeders!
Hagge's lady is a very elegant tall, black PRE lady with E X C E L L E N T origins. Nice. Hagge thought she was very guapa and was happy to get to know her. He behaved like a proper gentleman, ohh beautiful beautiful horse, a super cool and kind guy!   And look all spanish men - no serreta is needed!   The vet wanted me to come in from an angle (?) but logically this is not a good idea if you do not want the stallion to cover the side of the mare.. And what a sweety mare, the perfect couple! Next week Donut will be visited by a black Nobleza de Guadiana lady, oohhh, look forward to seeing her!   
Handsome Halagador and his beautiful lady Giralda


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 april 2011 23:03

Thunderstorm, Final Copa del Rey (Barcelona versus Real Madrid - Spain in severe concentration) and guess what am I doing..
Hagge got the day off yesterday so he could recover from his 'yoga-sessions' of stretching and bending. Today I had smooth transitions between walk and trot, jippie! Little by little, there is alot to get through, puh, here we go again, but H is up for it and so am. I just love to feel how the movement gets more and more fluid and you get smooth happy-horse underneath you, lovely! Donoso got a shorter workout, he likes 'pingy' sessions i.e many different forms in different tempos mixed with some stretching which is compulsory every day. Not many horses can be ridden in this way, most either get too hot, floppy or nervous. Donut's energy can be lifted and lowered as you wish, you can change his tempo up and down, change quickly between forms, vary intensity of collection, the neck high or low etc. He has a very big meny, like a buffét, you just have to be very hungry to get through it all!
Beautiful Halagador in action!



Start chilling out in paddock

Bettys boyfriend 'Chupito'

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 april 2011 23:26

Today I am super happy because my beautiful Halagador is back! Love, love love, happy, happy, happy!! I have missed him alot but he looks great so I can see he has had a fun time doing macho-stuff. I was not going to ride him today as it was his first day but I couldn't wait to feel him, I love this horse, he is my superspecial! I know I am so totally spoiled with the horses I have, I know, but I am not going to justify that I have them, just say I am very very greatful and that they make me very very happy! You think one of these would be enough but no, they are all so different to ride and in their personlities, why do people have 4 children and not just one!? Same, same. My horses are inspiration in so many different ways, Halagador's personality is like a magician, he surprises you delightfully, like when he beautifully sailed over the fence in Jade without a headcollar! He has a sensitive personality, he can groan so loud it is almost embarrassing when you ride him, when he jumps he is more like a black panther than a horse because you cannot hear him move. He is an artist and he likes to show off, he is well aware of everything that is around him but he would never loose himself over a mare or let anything distract him from his show. And he is very proud over his new spanish walk!

Anyway, there will be more about 'Hagge' as we go along, here is our black pearl yesterday.
Halagador Cen



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 mars 2011 20:46

Cátalogo de nuestros sementales disponibles 2011

Festivo MR - Campéon Movimientos SICAB 2010


Pos. 18e de 46 participantes. Mov. 24 Total 73.93

MEJORES MOVIMIENTOS sec 10 Caravaca 2010. 
Pos. 5e de 13 participantes. Mov. 24 Func. 24 Total; 95,438

MEJORES MOVIMIENTOS sec 6 Equital 2007.      
Pos. 5e de 11 participantes. Total 75.940

7 Pos. final, Montenmedio Circuito del Sol, 2009

Festivo MR es un semental contrastado, tiene un físico impresionante y movimientos superiores. Orígenes Lebrijano III por padre Academico VII. Castaño encendido, da alazán. Tiene 12 hijos. Alzada exacta; 174 cm!


Donoso VII - Campeón de la Raza y de Funcionalidad 2009


CAMPEÓN DE LA RAZA 2009 Suecia Sec 12.  
Pos. 1 de 9 participantes Morf. 69.188 Mov. 21 Fun. 25.5 Total 94.7


SICAB 2009, sec 12

Camp. de Europa, FIECVAL 2010 sec 12.     
Pos. 27 de 30 participantes Morf. 66.313 Mov. 20.333 Total 66.313

Doma Clásica Nivel 4, Suecia 63%

Donoso VII
es semental contrastado con mucha belleza y movimientos excelentes para la doma clásica. Tiene mucha clase y un temperamento fantástico. Línea Yeguada Militar por Agente. Tiene 5 hijos. Talla exacta; 163 cm. 

Halagador Cen - Exclusivo semental negro linea Cárdenas


Medalla de Plata Oviedo 2006 sec 6           
Pos. 2 de 12 participantes. Morf. 62.7 Mov.7.944 Total; 78.667

SICAB 2006 sec 6
Pos. 33 de 53 participantes Morf. 61.450 Mov. 7.672 Total; 76.788

Halagador Cen es un semental contrastado que tiene una belleza especial, clase y movimientos con mucha elevación, amplitud y ligereza. Hijo de Delegado MAC, negro limpio. Tiene 9 hijos. Alzada exacta 165 cm.


Para más información;

Tel; 0034 616314307
Viktoria Sandberg
Javier Villard

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 mars 2011 15:23

Hi again! We have had some busy days, Festivo MR moved to his new breeding home in Aranjuez where he got a luxury box in the main studstables, so he is now getting used to his environment. On friday I will be going to ride him. Very excited and a little nervous about studshow on saturday, it will be a typical spanish event with afternoon 'merienda', spanish music and in a beautiful typical spanish studfarm. See advert here facebook for listed of stallions and directions. Look forward to seeing you there!

Today I had my weekly massage, 2 hours of deep relaxation = magic energy-boost, I am a new person every wednesday. Tomorrow my friend Cecilia from London is coming for a visit and we will have some quality girly-time, fun fun! It has turned cold again, uff, today I had my fingers again defrosting under the saddle whilst riding  my darlings. They so much so appreciative for attention and work. My head has been full of planning for the coming season, I have some really delicious plans that I will tell you about when it has all come toghether..   

Festivo MR learning spanish walk and working piaffe


And 'Hagge', my black pearl, there is just something about this horse, he is black but has the silvery coat like the silvergreys! And he moves so light you can't hear him touch the floor, he is very special and I just adore him!  Here he is working out in loungeline, part of the 'macho-training'. Macho-training considers halfhalts abit boring and can't be bothered to fuss around with bases, better do the spanish walk and 'the stuff'. So WHAT happened with my smooth transitions, 'in between paces' in trot and canter, the elasticity, the straightness and my 'swingy' back??    Deep breathing.. BUT then I look from another angle, Halagador is not unhappy but rather satisfied with doing the boys-stuff, he is am artist and a spanish macho himself. So I will have to pull myself together knowing that this is good for him and that I can polish my bases, form and gaits when he is back home again which will be very soon. But WHY is it SO HARD!?   
Halagador Cen






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