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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 maj 2015 14:14

Gacela got a fever and is now back on medication, again she could not get up as she was weak so now she is back on medication. Got fever down so today she is better. Fiero injured himself and was on 3 legs but he is back on 4 now. He's the coolest guy let me bandage and ice his leg no problem, my kind of horse.

And this is also my type of horse even though this one I have forwarded to someone else so he's sold, a black PRE selected for dressage and he will be going to live in USA.

CAFY; PRE born 2008


Has also vetted this gorgeous black PRE mare, she's a cool one doing passage etc and just adorable. The plan with her is to make several happy will tell you more about her project. 

LAILA - PRE mare born 2009


Celebrated my birthday with 2 and 4 legged family, somewhat quickly because I was out with clients that day, as always fun connecting with new horse-people.

Best birthday present, Ella 1 month. 

I have decided to offer Chula and Euforia for sale and keep this years foals instead. So there is a new section on my web, Vikinga horses for sale, where these girls are presented with pictures and video. I might just sell one of them but now I offer both for sale, if one get's sold I am planning take the other one off the market and keep for my own breeding. 


Donoso just had his first PRE offspring bred and born in USA, it's a beautiful dark bay colt!

Congratulations to Lindsey and Grulla!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 april 2015 11:33

Wow killing us softly sweet baby Ella, but she is now stable and has her own brand new grasspaddock in the field and yesterday she learned about electricity. She fell to the floor everytime she got to the fence but now she can get up by herself and I try hard not to run to her rescue so she can learn. Yesterday I hired another groom so I can get more sleep and other things done when my family back-up is leaving for Sweden. Fiero is now 1 month and a super beauty, incredible movements, will be new generation Donoso-stud. I want more like him so now I have repeated the combination of Novedosa & Donoso again. I enjoy every day just looking at my horses growing and seeing them develop. I had plan to sell this years foals but Gacela is obviously not for sale, Fiero possibly as I have no same age companion for him. My 1 year old girls are like a decoration on the green flowery field. Both are very tall, totally correct in conformations and extremities. My horses are handbred and they get the individual care and this is not the same as a horse bred and thrown out on field and treated like livestock for 3 years, or bred in small unnatural corrals. Mine go on the grass fields and are kept inside when the weather is bad on golden strawbeds and they get the best quality food, vitamins and minerals that are essential for their development. And most importantly they are treated with individual care and human interaction and are able to develop their personality. I like to raise horses in a personal way, they need to be horses but they also need to know how to communicate, interact with humans and develop their personalities. My parents raised a filly on bottle as her mum died when she was 3 weeks. That mare did Grand Prix dressage and 140 showjumping. She got great dressage offspring, some exported to USA. She was bred well and was given the oportunity to develop naturally and with the personal care she was able to develop her ability to cooperate with people, which are the bases also for dressage. We need horses with a developed personality if we want winners, I believe. And when we care about our horses they give it back to us in one way or the other. 

Caring for Gacela


1 year old girls Euforia and Chula

I have testridden a new black beauty PRE stallion for clients and tomorrow we do vetting for USA, a stunning black PRE I have selected for dressage. Recently I have worked intensively with specific requests from clients without the client coming to view the horse. 
There is now a jet black Donoso-mare for sale that I will be happy to forward information on if anyone wants a mare for dressage or breeding. 

D is now a grandsire in Finland, congratulations Tiina and Donita VIK to little beautiful Nelilyn Armoniosa!!

Donita VIK 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 oktober 2012 13:21

Developing a systematic training method can be tricky. I don't use my head as much as my feeling when I am riding, one day's training is never the same as the next. But it is important to be systematic so I do reflect afterwards and before and each horse has a plan. This works for me and for my 'students'. When I help someone training their horse I use connection as the basis of the work. First I feel in the horse and then the person and last the pair. But we are all different and as many horses and riders there are as many ways there are. But this is also what makes this work so interesting and complex. I have had readers writing me and asking why I am training my horses myself without the help of a trainer. The reason is simply because I have not found anyone here that can tune in to the personal connection that is necessary for me personally, or to the way I like to train my horses. So I had to develop my own training method and do the best I can with help of videos and photos. 

In Spain there has not been any professional education for horse trainers so everyone has had to develop their own way, or they have followed the way of a particular teacher (maestro). I have learned alot from observing riders training and competing their horses. But observing has not always been a positive experience. Some spanish riders train their horses out of authority from fear of the rider and controlling the animal in this way is very old fashioned and the opposite of my training philosophy. As long as the horse is dancing away in a nice piaffe and passage the rider being at times even brutal is excused. As you can probably imagine the horses trained in this way often get leasions because of too much pressure in relation to their capacity. I have seen horses looking terrified competing high levels of dressage, bloody flanks from whiplashes and attacked horses flying in a yes, spectacular trot. But to me this is not art nor is it sport. I am not for a whimsical training attitude, I do think being strict, disciplined and consequent is absolutely fundamental. But in Spain being rough and sometimes even brutal ok and not very criticized at all. On other hand it is not at all constructive to meet agression with agression. So I get on with my way and let other's get on with theirs. We are all responsable for what we do and in the long run the happy horse, trainer and student are the good examples.  

Today I got a greeting from beautiful abundant hair-lady Donita VIK! (born 2010) 


This is the girls today living the good life under the spanish sun and trees. The temps have dropped during the night so I tried their blankets on for first time and they were cool with them.

Baby black, a very playful little guy

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 december 2011 20:25

Is what we swedes say these days after christmas, direct translation is good continuation. I have had a few halfdays off, I have been seeing the horses but we have only done laid back things and played alittle and I have been giving them their christmas mandarines that they love. Everyone except Moli that could only get extra oats, he has been fine now so I don't dare to give him something new. Girls have been glorious in incredible sunshine, we measured 31 degrees in sun the 24th of DECEMBER! My brother came from Norway and we had to go buy him sunglasses on christmas eve, so totally weird for a swedish people. Today boys are back in training and that's really what we like and what makes us feel good. Starti is the superhappy horse right now, he's in perfect weight and pingy! Donut is determined to create the most beautiful passage/ piaffe and everyday its alittle stronger and more swingy. I let him decide what we do from day to day, it works, and today he wanted trot/passage work. Other days he wants to canter loose before we start and then do the changes. Normally I do one day of focused trot work and another of canter, its too much to cover both when horses are at this level. I am having a dip-down in energy levels, related to fibro that as usual is a contant struggle. I always manage to do what I have to do but these days its harder of course, but the horses lifts me every day. You that have it know what I am talking about, you get it when you get it someone said and it is so true. Here's father and daughter x 2!

Donita VIK & dad Donoso VII


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 december 2011 23:16

Today was Donitas day! She waved her tail and for the last time she stirred up the shouting stallions (not mine, they behave) and said 'adios chicos y hasta luego'. Up she went in trailer, arrived and entered the field saying 'come on girls, let's rock it'! Guess who is the leader.. Donoso's daughter trotting elegantly over the field in freedom, in shining sun with the mountains as a frame followed by two golden girls decorating the painting - where was Van Gogh!?! Almost too much for a horse mum like me   !!!

From field back to curtains, we swedes l o v e to decorate house at this time of year with lots of lights, candles and red things hanging and dangling everywhere.

SO with these pictures of our female pride and joy we want to wish you very FELIZ NAVIDAD!!

Donita VIK, Novedosa PM, Laia PM together for the first time



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 december 2011 21:39

Horses are enjoying some light work outs now before christmas week. Girls are growing their coats as temps have dropped and we have had stormy days, but today glorious sunshine and you can really feel the warmth of the sun. I forgot to announce the results of Halagador's genetype and he is a black homozygote! (gg EE aa CC pp ch zz) 
Beautiful jetblack Halagador


Here is Donitas new brand we had done the other week. She did not even move, we asked a friend that is a expert to do it and it came out real nice. And in two days it was totally healed! I used Arnica, Calendula and Fucerin creme. Donita is going to join Laia and Novedosa any day now, I am waiting for the stormy weather to pass. She is not used to being outside during the night, not even in the swedish summer.. Rug on, rug off etc.
Cold enough!

Just done!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 december 2011 11:39

Yep, that's me and I can't figure out if that is a good or if that is a bad thing. I do know that it makes me want to improve myself, my life and really everything around me. Today I saw a car crash into another car and I think it just isn't good enough! If only he had been looking forward and on the road this wouldn't have happened. Pity for him and for the person that got his car smashed by ignorance. But its a constant effort to pay attention and be aware of THE present. To loose attention happens to all of us and sometimes we might even have an accident because of it. So let's pay attention! My driving force (except for permanent dissatisfaction) is wanting to share what is inside of me. I have chosen horses as my medium, others paint, act, write, do music, teach, sing etc. I feel sure I am where I want to be right now and that I do what I want to do. My goal is to learn more about everything and develop. Forward, forward. Change is sometimes necessary for development so presently I am setting up changes for the coming year. I have created a new destiny for our pride and darling Donita VIK. She will be heading back to scandinavia next year and we will have a offspring from her. With that one we will continue the Vikinga line from our black Cárdenas mare 'Inma' and our main stud Donoso. Look forward to this project! There is more to announce but I wait until we are there. Now I am here and this present is as good as any!

Today is 3rd advent, be happy!

Classy Donoso baby girl Donita VIK




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 november 2011 20:55

Riding, riding, today Moli and Halagador's turn Start and Donoso had a break as I had other things also to tend to. We would love to meet up with you in SICAB, please send a note on 

See ya!
Pretty girly yesterday


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