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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 juni 2015 14:52

Wow it's hot now! Just below 40 degree,. Working out in the evenings, luckily young boys and girls are in the shade of the big fresno trees. Boys are now in summer-school and has started their education. They now have their own private fields and you can already see how their personalities are starting to develop in a different way becoming their own. Tico give me that look-at-me-look and wants attention. He got a rash same type Donoso got last year from a plant not as bad but enough to need treatment on that pink nose. First round I had help from vet as he did not even let me look at it. Next day I decided to take the time necessary to convince him, it took me some hours of patience but this is good training and just what he needed. So next day after roundpen workout I showered him and he accepted me treating him straight away. Good work for that little new stallion mind! Third day nose was healed so that was fast, great. Tino is also doing basic roundpen work and handling, he has a different type of stallion character, he is very playful, fun and cute! 

Café now on his way, here embarking on his long journey to USA, wishing all the best for him and to his new owners in Florida!


And here is Kerstin Euforia's new mum, Fia will be in the hands of the best possible person that we had the pleasure to meet last week!

Kerstin with daddy-D.

Kerstin told me buying Fia was the most crazy thing she had ever done, I know exactly what she is talking about and,. she seemed very happy.

So last night we said goodbye under the stars, a totally calm Euforia walked out through the maindoor, took a bite of the ramp-mat and then bravely stepped up, not a step backwards, what a unique piece of horse she is, just what I always dreamt of breeding. When something like that goes out into the world from your hands it's a great satisfaction, mission completed, now I will take it in and feel happy about it.

So catch Kerstin, I pass you the the happiness!!

Euforia VIK 1 year and 2 months old, sold to Finland. 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 17 juni 2015 13:59

Hej vad det går, as we say in swedish when we are tuned in and turned on, all day working full on non stop! New horses are selected for specific clients and clients are booked in for viewing visits. Had to hire a gardener and cleaning lady as there is just no time to do it.

Dilaila is dating Quinto this week and Donoso is not happy because his new bookings are frozen USA and EU which means no fun. He is full on inspired by his girls unfortunately (for him) his super swimmers are too effective so now we focus on work. Quinto is finally starting to look/feel like an athlete when he is moving, doing well! 'Coffee' our in transit boy has learned how to be a civilized guy outdoors and has advanced to a full size paddock Start has a glowing coat and in the most perfect shape ever, almost stressful I feel I have to compete, but when??!! 

And Euforia VIK is sold. Very greatful she has found a new owner that appreciates her outstanding quality and proud of my princess going out into the world representing Vikinga-family! But I will miss my 'Fia' !!    

EUFORIA VIK born 2014 by Donoso VII and Picara PM.

Sire Calificado Donoso VII.
Dam Picara PM

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 juni 2015 21:15

Thunderstorms in Madrid and rain hurra!! This is such good news for our horses and fields! And today I got a new delicious delivery of fresh green oats on straw, best best quality, almost makes you want to make a salad for yourself. Boys are working out normal, outside when weather is good, inside when it's raining or too hot or outside during the night to avoid heat. I am glancing at competitions but I am still recovering from fatigue from last 2 months and I don't really feel up to that kind of story right now, I will most likely do a dressage tour in autumn, good to have a goal to aim at. The good news are that both my ladies are confirmed again with Donoso, jippie! Incedible everytime it works! Especially happy for Pica. Today was check-up day for Dilaila but she was not in foal so will have a second date with Quinto next week. 

ALD the beautiful bay from last post is now sold and more horses are selected on demand. I have to tend to many inquiries now so please bare with me if my reply is delayed or if it's little elaborate and straight to the point, sorry and thanks!

I have inquiries on Euforia and it makes me feel and think hard because she is the most fabulous filly and like this they don't just don't come alot. But I trust for the best option for her will happen, whatever this may be being sold or staying. 

Finaste 'Fia'.
Here are the rainy cool boys hanging out in their haybar today, not the most flattering angle of Tino's long nose but he's actually real handsome now, with his long hair and all. His brother has very thick mane but unfortunately he loves to scratch it off on the trees, grrrr. I have decided to start working the boys in the coming month by hand just to get basics into their system before their real training starts. Look forward to that now, they are ready and asking for action.

Wishing everyone a great weekend! 

And here is my tiny maple tree that was gift from the zen course I did last weekend. Tending to a new little life, sweet! 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 juni 2015 21:12

I have the most beautiful sunset here, the birds are singing and it's lovely warm with the most gorgous orange light. I have the stable full of horses, twelve to be exact, but it feels like I have nothing to do. It feels empty and quiet. No little hungry noises greeting me, no intense feeding schedule, no waterbottles to fill and bring, no little wobbly girl that wants me to help her up, or down, or walk her outside. Viggo that was running playing all day long looks now lies down in the middle of arena and wait for me whilst I ride the horses. But this shall also pass. It was always going to take a moment to let go of something you loved truly. Thank you for all the compassionate messages from you all. I also recieved a message from Suzanne Powell, Zen instructor and writer , that she was making arrangements for helping me with Gacela but unfortunately she got the message too late. 

Luckily I have my clients that need me and the herd to tend to and I always love to work. Today I have made new videos and sent of informations and here are some of the new horses coming up for sale. 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 juni 2015 11:50

Ok I write this for closure for myself and everyone that has been asking. Gacela's diagnose was 'Síndrome de Hipoxia Perinatal', her physical body developed but her neurological system did not follow the development so in the end she could not stand up and coordination remained poor. She was in hospital for 12 days, her bloodtests were ok and she did show a slight progress so I gave her time to see if her system could work it out and develop. I had to pick her up and put her down and feed her foal milk supplement every 3-4 hours as she could not nurse. She did develop physically and became more attentive and personal, less dreamy, fun, always communicating what she wanted out loud, determined to get up and a fighter. She could work out how to crawl under the fence to greet her sisters, she was totally independent in the field, did what she wanted and did not care about walking her own way. After a few weeks she was able to stand up by herself and nurse alittle and she did learn how to eat pellets and hay but not enough for her independent survival. After 1,5 months she was getting big and I could hardly get her on her feet and she was not able to get up by herself anylonger. Of course I came close to her because she developed a big personality and strongly communicated what she wanted, and when you keep a life in your arms and it depends on you for survival you get to somekind of feeling of 'motherhood'. I suppose is natures way to give you strenght to keep going and I would have kept on if there would have been any possibility for further recovery. 

It's a sad story yes because she wanted to live but she had a good time until the end when I had to let go and say goodbye to Ella. Made this little movie for remembering her. I was not able to find much info on similar cases to compare her case with others, perhaps her story can help someone. 

Thank you to both my incredible parents for the best support, especially to Jorge, and Marta who helped me save her, to Ruben, Carlos and Alex for being helpful and stand-in, to Ulla & Stig for emotional support and to everyone else genuinely cheering for her. 

And thank You Ella beautiful little sweatheart for coming to me, I loved you dearly and we wanted the best for you, and we keep you up with our love always. 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 maj 2015 13:32

'Survived' weekend of full feeding-schedule, though this one with some backup thankful for that, feeding every 4 hours is a serious business of willpower. Gacela still has problems with getting up by herself and I worry about this, she resists lieing down so at times she let me help her down. We are up to full dosis of milksupplement now and she as grown quite alot, she is learning how to eat pellets but it's not easy for her. So when little viking girl trots into big field and have her adventures I'm a happy breeder. But no time to relax because then she suddenly dives into the bathtub and I have to drag her out all slippery and soaked ;) This was our hottest day and she had alittle fever so it turned out a good idea in the end,. 

Love little viking girl she's a fighter. 

This black beauty Café has arrived and is now also successfully gelded.


We also have a new black girl added to the herd, 'Laila' is a cool lady that knows how to impress with her spanish walk and passage, she's a lovera/ carthusian and has the absolute perfect temperament. She will be covered with Quinto and when confirmed in foal she will be offered for sale to a special person. Pics of her coming up!
Greetings from Donoso offspring Antartica in Norway, 2 years and gorgeous!

And here are the first Donoso VII offspring made in USA, congratulations to Lindsey we wish best of luck with these stunning boys!
Nr 1; Dark bay colt

Nr 2; Light bay colt


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 maj 2015 14:14

Gacela got a fever and is now back on medication, again she could not get up as she was weak so now she is back on medication. Got fever down so today she is better. Fiero injured himself and was on 3 legs but he is back on 4 now. He's the coolest guy let me bandage and ice his leg no problem, my kind of horse.

And this is also my type of horse even though this one I have forwarded to someone else so he's sold, a black PRE selected for dressage and he will be going to live in USA.

CAFY; PRE born 2008


Has also vetted this gorgeous black PRE mare, she's a cool one doing passage etc and just adorable. The plan with her is to make several happy will tell you more about her project. 

LAILA - PRE mare born 2009


Celebrated my birthday with 2 and 4 legged family, somewhat quickly because I was out with clients that day, as always fun connecting with new horse-people.

Best birthday present, Ella 1 month. 

I have decided to offer Chula and Euforia for sale and keep this years foals instead. So there is a new section on my web, Vikinga horses for sale, where these girls are presented with pictures and video. I might just sell one of them but now I offer both for sale, if one get's sold I am planning take the other one off the market and keep for my own breeding. 


Donoso just had his first PRE offspring bred and born in USA, it's a beautiful dark bay colt!

Congratulations to Lindsey and Grulla!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 april 2015 11:33

Wow killing us softly sweet baby Ella, but she is now stable and has her own brand new grasspaddock in the field and yesterday she learned about electricity. She fell to the floor everytime she got to the fence but now she can get up by herself and I try hard not to run to her rescue so she can learn. Yesterday I hired another groom so I can get more sleep and other things done when my family back-up is leaving for Sweden. Fiero is now 1 month and a super beauty, incredible movements, will be new generation Donoso-stud. I want more like him so now I have repeated the combination of Novedosa & Donoso again. I enjoy every day just looking at my horses growing and seeing them develop. I had plan to sell this years foals but Gacela is obviously not for sale, Fiero possibly as I have no same age companion for him. My 1 year old girls are like a decoration on the green flowery field. Both are very tall, totally correct in conformations and extremities. My horses are handbred and they get the individual care and this is not the same as a horse bred and thrown out on field and treated like livestock for 3 years, or bred in small unnatural corrals. Mine go on the grass fields and are kept inside when the weather is bad on golden strawbeds and they get the best quality food, vitamins and minerals that are essential for their development. And most importantly they are treated with individual care and human interaction and are able to develop their personality. I like to raise horses in a personal way, they need to be horses but they also need to know how to communicate, interact with humans and develop their personalities. My parents raised a filly on bottle as her mum died when she was 3 weeks. That mare did Grand Prix dressage and 140 showjumping. She got great dressage offspring, some exported to USA. She was bred well and was given the oportunity to develop naturally and with the personal care she was able to develop her ability to cooperate with people, which are the bases also for dressage. We need horses with a developed personality if we want winners, I believe. And when we care about our horses they give it back to us in one way or the other. 

Caring for Gacela


1 year old girls Euforia and Chula

I have testridden a new black beauty PRE stallion for clients and tomorrow we do vetting for USA, a stunning black PRE I have selected for dressage. Recently I have worked intensively with specific requests from clients without the client coming to view the horse. 
There is now a jet black Donoso-mare for sale that I will be happy to forward information on if anyone wants a mare for dressage or breeding. 

D is now a grandsire in Finland, congratulations Tiina and Donita VIK to little beautiful Nelilyn Armoniosa!!

Donita VIK 



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