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Dear mareowners!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 juli 2012 13:50

Summer is wonderful time for everyone and especially for breeders as all new little lives is coming out and new ones are being made. I have always tried to make it as easy as possibly can for the mareowners. But now I have to ask you for some cooperation, breeding is a teamwork and a mutual responsability.

Donoso is breeding in Spain and Scandinavia, i.e Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark. We provided the Swedish National Stud Flyinge Donoso's frozen semen and their service has been impeccable thanks to professional staff, a special thanks to Susanne that could not have done a more efficient and correct job. It was a true pleasure working with you! Now Skåne Semin stores and manages Donoso's semen 

Donoso's semen holds excellent quality and is guaranteed by Dra Concha Cuetara Gomez. Dña Cuetara is a teacher at the veterinarian faculty in Madrid and has managed Donoso's semen from collection to packing and sending. She manages most of Spains top stud stallions, Fuego etc, and send to breedingstations all over the world. Whilst collecting she told me very few stallions has as high sperm quality as Donoso and Concha has seen most of them. As Donoso is a TRC stallion the semen is also guaranteed by the Veterinarian faculty in Cordoba. 

So on my behalf as a stallionowner I have fullfilled my part of the responsability guranteeing the quality of the semen and making it physically available to Scandinavia. It is up to the mareowner to provide the mare in a good condition to be in foal and this part has also worked out fine. The vets has generally done a good job as most mares inseminated has been confirmed in foal by first insemination. But the managing of Donoso's semen has not been acceptable. I consider this a responsability of the mareowner rather than the veterinarian as the services are contracted by the mareowner. 

- One mare was inseminated and confirmed in foal. She was exposed to stressful circumstances and she reabsorbed the foal. If veterinarian is attentive they can see on the contour outline of fetal bladder is not regular and this indicates that the mare will most likely loose the pregnancy and go into heat again. This happened to this mare and when she was about to get her second insemination the semen was totally distroyed because the vet had not stored it properly. However the veterianian did not communicate this error and so new semen could not be ordered. The mareowner has paid for the veterinarian services and the transport of semen and she has not had a foal. And I have not been compensated for the loss of my dosis. Frozen semen is very practical as it can be used at any time but please make sure you contract a professional veterinarian that is certified to use frozen semen. 

- Most mareowners were sent several dosis. I have had very little communciation of what has happened to the rest of the dosis? Where is it stored? How many dosis was used and are left over? I only know it was not returned as Flyinge has kindly communicated all transport. So I would be very greatful for this information. 

Princesa born 2012, here 5 weeks e. Donoso VII



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