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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 november 2016 21:31

Hello from us, hope you are you still there despite our absence, we have been busy with preparations and alot of work here, one Vikinga family member is sold and on monday Tico arrived to Palacio de Congresos in Sevilla, SICAB - tomorrow he is competing!! He will be on at 14.00 and you will be able to watch it live online here, search section 6; 
We are ready to goooo are you with us!!????
Artico VIK, section 6 SICAB 2016


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 november 2016 21:08

Artico VIK has done his debute in the PRE Championships of Segovia. It was an exciting moment for me as a breeder as this is the first time for one of my own bred. Artico did really well, good scores for morfology and 5th placement and he was second in movements, especially happy about the movement score. He behaved really well, I have prepared him myself at home so Tony only 1 day to get him refined but he's a absolute professional and presented him excellent, muchas gracias Ana y Tony sois los mejores!!
It was a proud horse-mami-moment for sure, breeding is not a glam business, it's expensive, alot of work and most of the time it's about mud, dust and trying to keep everyone healthy and alive,.. But the moment you see your baby horse standing there clean, shiny and with all the hairs in the right place it's so worth it and you can hardly take it all in - I MADE THAT ONE!
Artico's scores and placement qualified him to the Word Championships 2016 so he's coming with us to SICAB! I have no expectations but I am for sure going to enjoy this big moment with baby Tico. Time to celebrate we are here, alive, thriving, growing, learning and enjoying life.
Ciao y hasta SICAB!!

Artico VIK 5th placement 2nd movements 




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