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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 november 2014 18:17

They day begun with pregnant Nova jumping the fence to the nextdoor neighbour with her super belly (7 months)!! Javi had to spend all morning chasing her until fabulous Nova just jumped back over the fence and that was that. No injuries so yes she's also a jumping talent! Here she is the most naugthy of the gang,. fence in the background, it's not low..

And today it was time for Tico and Tinos first handling session!! Had no idea how this would work but they were both incredibly good boys! Tico stepped onto the arena, posed and got the lounging straight away! Off he went for the proper morfology longrun and wow he moved amaaaazing!!! So proud, imagine when he was a tiny little weak baby and had to got to hospital, so weak we did not know if he would live, exhausted we watched over him with healing hands, my mother even revived him once hitting him hard over the heart as he was gone, phew he's special to me, thank you thank you thank you, I'm so blessed to have this horse!! 
And here he is, only with 20 months already looking like a proper stallion, promised I will get him his own studpage now that he's (almost) a grown up :)
'Tico' - definitely my future stud stallion!!! 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 november 2014 11:08

We are lucky right now as spring weather returned with nice sunshine and great temps, sitting outside in warm sun in November is bliss! What is not bliss is being in the middle of a strict diet. Today day 6 out of 13 but absolutely feeling better physically so yes it's totally worth the headache and cravings for the the bad stuff like sugar,. I'm also doing a 21-day online meditation course which is fun. So busy polishing the inside and working full on the outside with training horses and connecting lovely people to wonderful horses! Donoso is beaming, Start is swinging and Quinto is getting fit and supple. Here's some more pics of my last sale 'Celo', an exclusive PRE with excellent carthusian origins and working advanced levels. He is currently at my farm where he will be gelded and cared for until he leaves for Luxembourg and his loving new person.
Beatiful Carcelero!   

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 november 2014 16:48

Quinto MG is bred by the respected stud Marín Garcia, he has 8 registered offspring and expecting more next year. He is born 2006 out of Gavilan XXIX, bred by Ana Maria Bohorquez, via Yaco II/Pampero V and Albero II on dams side. He is 172 cm tall and has the noblest temperament imaginable, a very kind and sensible stallion. Quinto was selected and sold by Vikingapre and we are delighted to have him join our training and breeding program. You will be able to access info on his page here;


Here 6 QUINTO MG's offspring, he has grey, chestnut and bay progeny. The spanish royal stables has bred 2 of their mares to Quinto MG this year and Yeguada Marin Garcia has also used him for their mares this year. 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 november 2014 21:32

Next Vikinga-connected PRE has been presented to his new person and lovely hands and is going to live out his life in Luxemburg! We will most likely see him in our home for a snip-snip shortly and I will let you know who he is!

All three boys got good workouts today, Donoso was first out and fill of energy so we did piaffe/passage work and practicing flow in the tempis. Then Quinto who is doing his connecting work, and Start got a warmup by brave groom-guy Javi. J got the trot but canter,.. J is a confident rider but Start could break anyones confidence in no time when he makes it impossible to even get a normal canter!     But J handled it very well and did get it in the end. Donoso got his hair done by beauty-department, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer and new braids after work. He always behaves but was obviously not very amused with all the fuss and looked like this,. no doubt very bored :)
And here's my new stand in girlpower-stable-manager DOLLY! Presenting the fierce-rodent-menace number one! In 30 min she had caught 7 little buggers!! 
Dolly in action

And in the middle of that hunt with stable full of people screaming and fleeing rodents running away from doggy we checked Queen Africa who was confirmed in foal with Donoso from one and only shot - hepp! Vet Jorge and Donoso gets the credit 100%!
Then it was time for branding of 2 pretty Vikinga girls and 2 handsome Vikinga boys, we use cold branding with nitrogen. The horses are sedated and the patch where the brand goes is first shaved and then desinfected properly with alcohol.Then then the iron is placed on the located area and it leaves a smooth mark that will grow white hairs. Cold branding is the most harmless way to brand a horse, personally I would not consider any other kind of branding, the cold makes the horses numb and they all stood absolutely still and did not seem bothered. 



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