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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 december 2013 21:58

Just have to brag about the weather, we have neverending sunshine, dry floors and high crisp air,  l o v e l y  and such luxury when you are working with horses! Didn't get much sleep after fun lucia-party yesterday so greatful for sun as I had a stable-marathon to do today. Donoso stepped off a shoe yesterday so started to knock it on, no problem 3minutes and done, go me. Did Donoso followed by Camaron that has now started light work from the ground, he's such a cool guy love him! Then Starti. Halagador got the day off as he did a great workout yesterday, happy to be at home again and super happy to work with him again! Hagge is really getting there now and regular workouts for 1,5 month has done him well. And he has learned how to squat so won't need a chair to get up anylonger, sweet :)
Here we are under the trees yesterday, I just love the nature in these pictures and and the colour contrasts against the black are just great, I think.  
Photocredit to Javier, as always. 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 december 2013 20:56

Phew time flies when you are having fun, SICAB almost for the entire week and now another week almost gone by, super busy days now before christmas that is approaching too fast!

SICAB 2013
Working out boys daily now, S had his 4rth bodyshave yesterday, Starti is in supershape! 
Tomorrow I will go and visit Halagador and see how he is doing, look forward to see what he has learned. 

Here we are before he left in october.

Switzerland and Sweden visitors on monday, wednesday and thursday next week, we will see horses, train and have fun, welcome! 
We have been practising for our Lucia celebration, we are doing a with a proper swedish Lucia procession with traditional singing on saturday evening, everyone are welcome to Bar Osun Sol in Madrid, we will get into the christmas spirit and then keep on partying! Then I have to squeeze in some christmas shopping and jump on flight to cold chrisp Sweden and jinglebells over there, tjoho somehow it will all get done,..

Camaron doing his favourite pose yesterday, does it real slow and with super control, fantastic little horse. So happy he is back on track after his surgery. See ya!




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