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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 februari 2012 22:15

All three boys worked out nicely today! Its been a glorious day with sunshine and 18 degrees, suntanlotion needed for white nose! Donoso had a play before work and did his impressive kingly moves, its pure joy to watch him doing his kingly moves in perfect balance, now he's so strong he can rear and do the capriole in slowotion. The coming back from stables was not as glorious. I had very little gasoline in my car but I felt lazy thinking the typical spanish mañana is a good day for petrolstation. In the middle of the dark nowhere road it stopped. Picked up phone and realized I had NO battery, NO battery charger - interesting situation! I had to laugh because WHAT DO you do? I decided to wait for next coming car and ask to use the phone. NO car. And that's the moment you wish you had the steady mind of Dalai Lama.. Then I decided to give car a second chance and like magic he started, is this normal or was it just me being VERY lucky? OK, I will not be gasoline-lazy again, got it, alright. 

Tomorrow driving to view horses with client from England, looking forward to seeing some new horses!

Here is one of the tall beautiful young talented PREs for sale Nr 556 Not broken so for someone wanting to buy pure talent and make-myself package.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 februari 2012 22:07

We're in springtime here! Today we had 18 degrees and smooth winds, incredible! I woke up to tend-to-body-morning, great to wake up knowing you only have to drive 10 min and then you have to lie down to be prepped for almost 2 hours, yum. Today was trotting premiere with Starti, we have walked and walked and trotted on lounge but today we did 10 min ridden trot and he was p e r f e c t felt like partytime, he was so happy to move and wanted to do his swingy passage, not hot just happy to be moving again! Love him lots, always gets me in a good and right mood. Then ice, hyal.acid, Zeropoint energy and Back on Track. Yesterday Donoso got a break from dressage, we were inspired by GHS and did cavaletti and some jumps, D gets it fast and we got some real nice ones, playtime!

Here Start and enjoying riding at dawn two years ago, the picture has changed alot since then, watching these pictures I get the feeling I had then and it has changed alot, to the better!

Start January 2010


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 februari 2012 21:42

It had to be seen, swedish Rolf Göran Bengtsson is leading the World Cup in showjumping and then we have the other swede Patrik Kittel which is the swedish dressage hotshot at the moment. Here he is winning of the FEI GP with Toy Story (Swedish Warmblood), its a clip from the freestyle via FEI tv, not sure you can see it, perhaps you need to register a login but try it!,,12664~1932684~21867,00.html

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 februari 2012 15:01

Moli has left the building and arrived safely to his new home in France. He has been with us since June 2011. Molinete XI is a PRE stallion we selected for his good potential as a dressage competition horse and breeding stallion. We made a sponsorship plan with his owners to train and compete him in Spain. After some time he developed recurring nettlefever that we maintained under control but were not able to find the cause of, despite allergytests and strictly controlled food diets. So after having tried it all we decided that it was best to change his environment. So this week Moli left for his new home in France and we wish him and his owners all the very best. Here our last day of training. Moli has his own album on our Vikingapre fb. 

Molinete XI


And here he is arriving.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 februari 2012 21:04

We have had a lovely sunny weekend, the garden was now extremely dry and very thirsty. Both me and horses have rested, we have been socializing and Start has had his walk and treatments. Tomorrow vet is going to check him and I so hope his prognose will be good.
Moli is leaving around the 20tieth this month. With one horse less I have more energy to focus and I've just made a brief competition plan.. I am determined to take Donoso and Start out this year. So I have decided to pick up the Iyengar yoga practice again. I did quite alot of this when I was living in London and when I was working as a teacher. It will help me get into shape mentally and physically and I have my studio where I do the excercises at home aswell. D e t e r m i n a t i o n and awareness so I won't overdo it as then my fibromyalgia body starts to break down instead of build up. And I am aiming for up, the sky is the limit and yoga is one way to stay connected to your goals. I get so much inspiration from India. Its my favourite place and I have always had a connection to India via friends, my grandfather (almost said grandsire..) and I guess in a way also via my brother that is adopted from the paradise island Sri Lanka. Here the warm smile from whithin is always near. I love the people, the food and the shopping is also great. Here's some pictures from my last India trip.
Be good to yourselves!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 februari 2012 12:01

I must be getting old!? When I was younger I observed how the 'old' people was always going on about how time flies in a complaining mode, NOW I understand, one week is soo fast!

I wrote a long blogpost yesterday starting with; Have reached the point when there are so many things going on so when you sit down to write, you go... blank... then ping! I pressed THE button and screen disappeared. So start again ------------------- Yes Start, his leg seem very well, we have been walking 30 min every day and he is not lame at all. Every day he gets a Nexcare ice bandage after walk, then medical laser, Amega Zeropoint, Furacin massage and then goodnight with Back on Track pads and a shot of Hyaluronic Acid. The whole procedure takes 1 hour.

It was Moli's and Donoso's turn to work out today, Moli is now much more supple in his neck, he likes the pole flexion excercises, it relaxes him. His transitions are much more fluid so he is stronger and no tounge over bit anymore so good boy. Hagge had a big session yesterday so he got a day off. 

Donoso got another booking from Sweden, his semen is handled by Flyinge in Sweden and here's the contact person for ordering; 

Carina Strömberg
Veterinär Assistent
Flyinge AB, Hästkliniken
247 93 Flyinge
Tel 046-649 30 Fax 046-649 38

We have a new exciting horse for sale, one of my favourites actually, I have followed him since he started his training last year and he is 5 years old now. He has the capacity for top levels dressage, normally I don't recommend a young unmerited stallion for breeding but this one definitely has stud quality. On top of all that he is a sweety and is not at all macho! For more info see Nr 560 

Happy weekend!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 februari 2012 21:14 much better! In fact he is a little too well and happy for the handwalking period.. I have gathered all the energy I have to the healing of this horse, I have been in stables several times a day to give him medical laser treatments, remove bandage, Nexcare ice bandage, massage, hot bandage, Amega Zeropoint wanding and to give him his medicine and Hyaluronic acid. I can't notice any lameness walking, nor is he swollen. Today with the wind blowing and rattling we had to WALK 30 min.. Start can really make your throat dry when he stops and tenses all his nerves and you know you will have to try real hard to convince him not to explode.. We managed 25 min with only a few jumps here and there, a little passage and then I said that's it, back to stables. Farrier came today so now they all have shiny new feet and Start got a remedial shoe to aleviate that part of the leg. He told me he had had a horse with a injury to the collateral medial ligament, it took that horse 8 months to get well. Ok I heard him and if my vet says one week I am probably going to give him two. But I am definitely thinking weeks, just watch me get this leg well. So now I am back now from the evening laser treatment and he likes all the attention and fuss but I do feel now he wants to move, that is his thing after all, that's what makes him happy.
My first ride with Start


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 februari 2012 20:46

Start is definitely much better, only a slight swelling so he got another session of Nexcare ice whilst I rode Donoso. D and I did a back to basics with his forms on the snaffle. Start was cooled when we finished and he went into box with Back on Track whilst I took Halagador out. We did lots of flexion work and laterals trot work. H prefers the fancy moves but as he never had his basic work grounded we need to do this every day. When he has groaned through those excercises he gets to do a spanish walk or the fancy trot and that's his reward. Then Moli that MOVED so well today! I put him on the pessoa and I could see how his movements from the ground and they have changed alot! His trot is really grand now, big strides and totally coordinated back and front. Canter is very round and much stronger, he looks so tall and elegant. His hair has grown out and now he looks like a mature stallion. But then I noticed he pulled tounge over the bit, hmm cheeky, never seen him do that so tomorrow he will get to do all that again, with tounge in right place. After I gave Start some lazer and Zero point energy and then he went to bed with two white legs. Finished! Now I am getting ready to pick up my brother in the airport. 

My view over spanish winter mountains today



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