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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 oktober 2011 22:33

We are on front page of Ecuestre!!

Ecuestre is Spains leading equestrian horse magazine, we are of course very humbled to have been selected by them for this years SICAB November number! Thank you so much! With the birth of Reina Vikinga our passion and enthusiasm to breed the PRE was born, you can read more how our story started with her (and it was A GIRL) here:  

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 oktober 2011 22:03

Last week Moli had a new allergy reaction, poor poor Moli. He has been on a super strict diet excluding all possible risky food. This is what he looks like just before being injected, these bumps disappears instantly when injected and develop quickly over 2 days. Perhaps someone recognizes these symptoms.

Whilst warming up Halagador I was on the phone to the vet telling him about Moli. As always I placed phone on arena wall and left (forgot) it there. A few hours later when I am about to leave I go to get my phone, but it was GONE. We tried calling it but it was turned off.. Perhaps I put it in my pocked and it had fallen out, searching, searching, went home without phone. I realized I had all the info stored on IT and in NO other place. Even though I am pretty sure noone has taken it, it felt good to have a pinlock. I tried syncronizing my old phone with Itunes, but it saved the EMPTY info from that phone. Shit. Together with Apple store (my computer is in swedish..) they managed to pull some of needed info out from unaccessible security copies, it took 2 days but h a l l e l u j a. Today I found out that as we have reported the IMEI nr the phone can be traced IF it is TURNED ON. I will definitely find out how that works.. We have scanned the stables and the area in case the dogs has carried it somewhere but no phone, so far. I am definitely doing to write down all my info with a pen and paper from now on!

On the saturday I had to disconnect this story and feel good. So picked up fabulous cleaning lady Sofia and went to IKEA. Came home to a shining house which makes any woman feel good. And now the kitchen is adorable, just like I want it, all in wood and white, with allmoge (traditional swedish style) - simple, pretty and comfy! So now I am ready to face a new week and recieve my four friends. Have a GREAT new week people, make it the best because YOU are WORTH IT!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 oktober 2011 23:11

As it turns out I will have both USA and Sweden friends staying all at once! Will be no eco here, big party-week coming up next! That gives me the excuse to go mattress hunting in IKEA where I can also buy some necesseties like Swedish Absolut Vodka for USA and sweets for Sweden..

As I was on the phone with internet-satellite people for most part of afternoon (I despise all tecnology) I was finished in stables at 22.00 It seems as even though I have installed the N A S A here on my roof, I am NOT able to connect or I have snail-speed. That was NOT what I was promised, it was going to be a internet HIGHWAY, sounded like a german Autobahn, 6 Gigabites (whatever that is) = FAST. Fast means less time at computer = more normal life. BUT 'I pay - it works' is NOT a spanish concept.. You think I am riding around with a smile in the sun all day. Forget it people, this is rough country, you better put your skin on your nose or it will bleed.

Thank GOD for my horses and my time with them that makes it all so worth it! I think Start is in love with Donita, today he was calling her and he was like a teenage boy in training, almost bucked me off several times, cheeky! Start ALWAYS gives me a smile riding, no matter what mood I am in, I love him to bits! If Donoso has been Nr 1 and Start Nr 1, Halagador has been Nr 2. But now we have gotten so close from April to here and I am seeing him rooting the same heart-space as Donoso & Start has, which to me would mean; inseparatable.

Both Donoso and Halagador are exactly the types I want to breed. They are BOTH athletic AND has the spanish class that moves me from the inside. Very difficult to find these qualities in a PRE these days as many breeders tend to breed the typical pure spanish beauty that simply is not functional, or what I call the warmblood-PRE's with a result of mediocre horses with normal (boring) gaits, which is not exciting..

Here's alittle more of athletic Hagge in action!


And here my big first love, I am so going to compete him and Start next year in dressage, we are ready!

Donoso VII

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 oktober 2011 22:24

Decided this week is for getting into discipline of yoga, let's see if it is going to better my physique, one has to do what one has to do, no excuses. It has been a very stormy rainy day with the horses in the early evening. Donita had a rolled around in paddock, which was more like a swinningpool, so she had to have a legshower which she handled like a big girly, only a liiiiittle scary. Here are some photos taken this weekend by Javier. Halagador was on top. We have never been so connected as we are now, it's a very special bond. I can't help thinking that if this horse was a person he would probably be a Hollywood moviestar, Zorros horse or something cool like that, I bet he would love to show off on that red carpet..


Classical bullfighting moves





No whip here (spanish) guys!.. I am really no expert on what I call creative dressage but we improvised which was fun and this is a little of what came out!     



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 oktober 2011 12:38

Happy friday!
Here's a short walk clip of Molinete after work last week.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 oktober 2011 23:09

Yes autumn has finally arrived to Madrid, 10 degrees this evening and air was high and I have to say it feels cosy! Donoso and Start was up and I got two luxury rides with them. They both want to compete and I feel like I am letting them down, but I simply don't feel up to competing now is the honest truth. I love training at home and they are all advancing and I quietly enjoy all their little steps forward. The season is coming towards its end and last year at this time I was preparing Festivo for SICAB. This year Vikinga PRE will also be represented visually around this event, but in a different more laid back way... smashing though! I let it be a surprise..

I think the guys are falling for little girly they where all abit frisky with the new girl in town. She neighs like a grown-up and Donoso just looks at her but does not say a thing, he's the coolest wisest horse, how I CAN a horse be so LOVELY?!!!! Today his daughter decided she did NOT want to enter the paddock, the same one she's been in two days was not popular today. She was probably telling me that she wants green grass, friends and what about this round boring sandpit?! So I had to do some education and tell MISS that she can't have it HER way, sorry I'm the boss. Today she also tested the wall but it was not moving even though she pulled all she could. NOT impressed with Spain..  When I'm not happy with things my genes tell me to do this;

..because if I do someone comes up to me and then I can take just a litte small bite of them too.. Guaranteed attention! Puh, another demanding student with a BIG personality, my favourite type... totally charming!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 oktober 2011 21:28

Sweety girl has been resting all day with all the big boys, she seems to like all the movement and happenings and looked content. Our stables have good food rhythm, music and there is always something happening to look at. My little ping-thing stands there lined up with all the machos and noone says a thing! I rode Moli and Hagge and then I tied her up like the grown ups, brushed her and cut off hair hanging out of ears. People are impressed how civilized and wise she looks for her age. Bred by my parents I said and they went ohhhh..  Yes I said (and then the teacher-educater sets in) abit different way of breeding comparing the wild things roaming around in the fields here all year around.. Blankets ON/OFF, 3x4 m stalls, inside at night, outside during the day, strawbed up to bellys, food analysis etc and grooming every day - yes, it all makes a difference, no doubt. Today Paco Rey visited our stables, I showed him Donita and he said he could see why I brought her from Sweden.. very elegant lady he said. Well, I should have asked him to take today's pictures, here are my homemade ones.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 oktober 2011 23:47

Baby girly has arrived!! I'm so happy and alittle overwhelmed also!! She was very determined she did NOT want to step out of truck, stamped her front leg and said NO, I  l o v e  her! She's one classy lady with girlpower so you just WATCH IT you spanish machos, her comes la Vikinga!(now I have someone to gang up with..) I have not seen her since last christmas and I was surprised how TALL she is, pure elegance and she floats moving, wow! Sorry but I'm so proud and happy for my Donoso baby - MADE IN SWEDEN -
SÅ TACK mamma Kerstin o Pappa Jan, for all your help bringing her up, it's YOU that have made her so special.  Love you lots!!
And many thanks also to Marcel, she arrived FULL of ENERGY and happy, great service guys.
Here she is!


Saying hello to daddy Donoso!
Hi uncle Halagador!


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