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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 juli 2013 21:55

Yesterday was time for Donoso and me to do our 3rd Prix St George. We joined our Norwegian dressage collegues Asbi (chef d'equipe, photographer) and Mette that was doing her 4rth level tests on her black PRE Rociero. We arrived friday evening and we really enjoyed stepping onto a super arena again! 

And I am so super proud of my horse! This time he proved that he can perform despite our limited training possibilities = round-pen and 35x20 paddock which is basically our gym since March. His halfpass, trotextentions and tempis are now rewarded with 7s! He was only 1/2 late behind on one flying change, and yes he added an extra one the finish central line alright but that's ok because his canter-work was great! Trot it is in the remaking and is not strong enough in its new form but that's ok as the rest has improved. So I am happy and D's attitude is simply the best, he's 110% with me at all times, serious, ambitious always doing his best and happy to be out competing. We had lovely temps and fresh air but it was also a serious competition with flags at half mast and minute in silence dedicated to the people and their familys from the train accident last week.
Our PSG test, we had a 62% score and winner got 66%, getting closer!

Mette and Rociero got a great 64% score in their first test and a second place, 63% and a third place on their second one, congratulations!

Thanks to our scandinavian team mates that helped me tack up and make D look smashing :)
Team 'Golden-Girls' with doggy-fanclub.
The End. That is only the beginning. 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 juli 2013 22:11

I adore the summer, love love love the warm, velvety evenings when you can sit outside and sip on a frozen margarita like we did in Madrid city yesterday! Today I spent all afternoon and evening in stables. Yet I have not ridden even one horse, so much to do! As the sun now fries everything all of the horses stay in during the day and go out in the morning or evening. Trueno the 1 yearold colt has left for California, good luck with him, he will be a tall awesome mover! And Infanta left for France, it was abit late to cover her again I prefer to get foals in spring so they get raised on grass. 
This evening Donoso got the big field as small boys where inside, he loves it! I gave girls and Tico got some beauty-treatment and a haircut. Tico (now adolescent) had to protest so when I got hold of his nosy-nose mummy got upset and pushed me to defend him, beautiful beautiful mum, she has had to put up with me doing so much with Tico, she always let me but you can see she suffers it. Both her and T are sensitive individuals but as they trust me they learn incredibly fast. Picara is so wise I just adore her. Nova got some laser treatment on her wound that is healing well but it swollen on the inside. Tico and Donoso are now speaking to each other, Tico imitates him. I have bought best quality garlic so they can sweat away the flies and boost to immunesystem, stables smell lovely! 


Exciting news! A young beautiful black super mover is soon heading for Sweden, I selected a special one for my friend and when she saw him move she suddenly howled out her happiness like a true viking decendant! We were all stunned and very happy she fell in love! I look forward to follow them both, pictures soon. 

Here my darlings this evening, have a great sunday tomorrow! 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 juli 2013 17:39

Extremely busy days with clients, being a breeder and caring for my horses. Poor Infanta has had two colics and so she was not pregnant, I have been treating Nova for a cut and Tico believe it or not has had diarrea all this time. 2 days ago his feces turned normal and I am soooooo relieved!! As he has never pooped normally I have to help him with this until he gets used to it. What a maraton my little baby has to go through and he is such a good boy with all the stuff he has had to take! And he loves to shower! 
Three  PRE girls are confirmed in foal with Donoso VII in Denmark, hurra!

Finally I found the one that can make me a saddle that can fit both my sporty guys AND me, yesterday he came out to measurements so hopefully in 8 weeks we will all be 100% comfortable, hurray!


And a summergreeting from my adopted palomino-baby Brillantino VIK that I so look forward to get to know!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 juli 2013 09:02

It has been non stop since friday last week, intense heat up to 42 degrees and m a n y kilometres with our friends Lupe y Juan-Carlos. Alex has also worked non-stop and as arena is slowly being filled out we had to do some rearrangements on horses which he has organized very nicely. Doggies could not come in this heat they have had to chill out in cool basement or tackroom. We have had to split the days into two, morning and evening to avoid the most intense heat of the day and cool down in swimminpool in between. Yesterday I went riding late in the night, in the slightly cooler breeze and now I have the morning free getting ready to pick up next visitor that will be here for two days!

Here some pics from our viewings with Lupe that is a dressage judge, excellent rider and a beautiful person :) So is her husband of course and we have had a lot of fun! And on friday we will revisit a VERY special horse for Lupe,.. Here some of our selected horses for Lupe,..

First spanish walk ever for Lupe! This is one of my new favourites,..
Arena in construction, hurray!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 juli 2013 22:08

So finally it arrived, the hot spanish summer, the cicadas are singing away and we are starting to move alittle slower under the spanish sun, today my car showed 46 degrees! 

Slowly and little by little farm is coming together, I have been training boys in the paddocks late evenings, the horses love it as it is a natural setting but I can't wait for the arena to be ready. Mares are inside during the day and outside in the night. I have been super busy preparing as we are expecting clients tomorrow, we will be touring Spain again, visit farms, prestigeous trainers and see fab dressage iberians at a prestigeous dressage competition. So I'll just leave you these pics of my 'superman' from today and get ready for tomorrow, I hope you will enjoy! 
Donoso VII enjoying the freedom in his new home




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