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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 september 2016 19:04

Back from holiday with the love, lovely family and friends,. good food, crayfishparty, forrest walks picking berries and mushrooms and even seeing a majestic moose! Arrived with bicycles to magic concert right by the sea - 

Lovely Sweden at its best!!! 

We visited my uncle the vet Per Spångfors I have mentioned so many times, here he is showing us around his clinic specialized for treating lameness in athlete horses. Per has developed his own methods for diagnosis and treatment, he uses a treadmill to locate lameness and does not use flexion tests at all. 



Returned to Spain with charged up batteries yess ready to take care of client from Candada, it was great to finally meet you, Howard!!
Here are two of the favourites black or white,.


Groom is off on holiday so I am doing all stable workouts getting into shape,.   It's still very hot and on hottest days we are outside in the night and inside during the day. Chula's eye is now totally healed and she is out and happy with the rest of the herd. Start and Donoso and I are slowly sweating our way into shape again,. Donoso had 2 more mares confirmed preganant in USA so now he will be IALHA registered aswell to accomodate the breeder. Leave you with some Donut pics, hasta prontooo!   






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