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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 januari 2016 21:56

So Start's problem was a fractured jaw. I have absolutely no idea how this happened, perhaps he was in pain when he had the obstruction and hurt himself in the box. Incredible how he was still able to graze, Starti is a tough guy. I decided to operate because as this was the best option for him. So on saturday I took him to the clinic and stayed with him through surgery, it took ok all in all 3 hours. I was relieved he behaved well with the local anastetics, he was very good and cooperative actually. So right now he is still at hospital, feeling much better, I have visited him and he had a happy face but very hungry, not able to chew forrage but he can eat mashed soaked pellets. Hopefully he will be ok to bring home tomorrow. It will take time but I will minimize this as much as I can. I am planning to continue his training to GP this year but we will do it without a bridle, anyone can recommend something we use for training meanwhile? 

Here some pics from operation. Many goldstars for my smart Start. 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 januari 2016 20:42

Today we had spring weather here, sunny and I had a nice afternoon working out the boys. Donoso did not want the new snaffle bit today so I changed to another thinner one and he was happy. It's all about awareness with animals, they speak loud and clear when they know you listen :) I am having alittle worried days as Starti got a esophageal congestion (correct term?), he has most likely hit himself on something and cannot chew properly. For Starti this is probably the most traumatic that could happen as he he loves his food, and it is quite serious as a horse cannot starve. So I have crushed apples and I boil the pellets and alfalfa leaves and he eat this like porridge. Today he was able to graze alittle but the chewing is very limited and slow. I gave him a snakebalm/arnica massage, laser treatment on the throat and chin and I hope this will help the absess to go down. I give him Asea and painkillers also. My most precious Starti soon you are well and that's a promise. 


And the good news are next week that this gorgeous big guy is moving in with us! For sale! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2016 21:48

No time to write too much work at the moment, if I don't answer straight away please bare with me I'll be right back!! Thanks.  
Posting these pics of Brillantino after-work today, OF COURSE no sun today either, I can't believe I don't have even ONE session of pictures in sun of these boys with their shiny sparkly coats in 3 YEARS!? How is that even possible living in Spain? So here my little gold-dust boy shining away all by himself under the clouds today. Have a great week everyone, hasta pronto!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 januari 2016 22:55

Sooo, here we are again! New year new possibilities and alot to look forward to! What else is possible!!? I have been to my beautiful country Sweden to visit family and friends, no horses, I had not been back home for 2 years and wow it was super great to see everyone irl. So last week I got back to my horse family here, found everyone well and with charged up batteries, I honestly think they had missed me! Very nice to walk into a stable and hear a choir greeting you, how did I get to be so lucky :) So now we have been back with our routine working for 1 week, little young guns are asking for action so this week they will now start riding school, wohooo here we goo,. We have had some rainy days so at the moment everyone are sleeping inside, simply the best evenings to have everyone snuggled up, happy and dry, love it.

I have also (is constantly) been selecting and searching on behalf of my clients and I've now got new exciting sales horses listed and here's one of my new favourites; An advanced PRE with an important curriculum of merits from serious spanish championships and professionally trained, super interesting horse for opening up possibilities in the dressage world or to just have incredible fun with!
I hope to hear from or even meet you somewhere in horse-Spain this year, ciao y hasta pronto! 



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