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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2018 19:25

So now we are well into the new year how was the start of yours? Ours started with spanish byrocracy as I have spent 1,5 years issuing a new farm-code necessary for economic activity and export which requires a l o t of patience and perserverance! But now it's done and business can develop and continue. We have had cold temperatures with snow but not alot so floor is still dry and nature is hybernating waiting to wake up. Hopefully soon!  

Sunset sierra de Guadarrama

   Artico has had his first booking from México and we are looking forward to seeing his new crop of 2018 international offspring, first one will be born in Australia! He already had one colt born in Australia, absolutely beautiful. I measured Artico today and he is now 167 cm tall. His physique is compact and his movements are powerful and suspended, and mentally he is now ready for serious dressage work. I will keep you posted on his progress, he deserves competing don't you think!!?

Artico VIK in December 2017


And then for our upcoming Nova-star. Today I lounged him for the first time and literally flies, his normal work trot is like a show trot! I have a feeling 2018 will be Fiero VIK's year. I have measured him today and he is 166cm. I am planning his championship debute this year, he will decide when but I reckon in the summer. This year he is added to Vikinga breedingprogram and he will be available for limited amount of mares. He very well developed for his age and mature mentally so I think I might break him in just for fun and as he needs stimulationH. Fiero is a soft and quiet stallion, I am absolutely in love with his personality and temperament. I am definitely keeping him as he is (another) horse of my heart. But I am selling his 1 year old younger full brother Hidalgo VIK, he's a copy of Fiero and the same incredible temperament. Fiero will also be a daddy in April with Picara and I am very excited about this foal, it has some pretty incredible genetics, decending from the following amazing individuals; 

Fiero VIK sire 


Picara PM dam

Novedosa PM grandmother   


Donoso VII grandfather  

And today my Donut nailed 15 clean tempis oiiiiii so proud of him!!!! 

I have also been working on our new Horses for sale selection 2018 and I am presenting some on my facebookpage Vikingapre Connected. Of course they are all iberians but most of them PREs in different levels and ages. Here's one black turning 5 now, competing dressage PRE scoring very well in national tests for 4 year olds last year. 

Ref; RUT born 2013 163 cm.


And here's a talented filly out of a spanish SICAB champion 
Ref; VAG Super movement PRE filly 1,5 year old, worldclass pedigree


Have a great weekend and hasta pronto!! 

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