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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 september 2013 16:14

The legue of super spanish riders are very well represented by placement, right man and woman won! Jose with Norte and Carmen with Ricardo, they both rode so incredibly well and in their own league in today's freestyle, huge congratulations to both of you!
Here Jose Mena and outstanding PRE Norte in yesterday's GP Special! 

No dust from this piaffe,..

Such a beautifully trained horse, just look at these spectacular tempiones and the d i v i n e transitions, just says it all to me! 

I want to mention Victor Alvarez on Curioso as he also did a topclass performance, Victor gives the impression of a today's (somewhat extict) nobleman or knight but in the modern-athlete-version, riding with such ease lightness and absolute skill. Together (and they are very much together, a oneness, unity) with Curioso he did a beautiful and skilful freestyle, I think the best he has made, and I get very inspired because we can all see how non-faked and absoultey true this horse is trained in ALL movements and forms, congratulations and thank you!


Today autumn arrived with alot of rain and I spent all morning in stables.

And here my 'champions' having fun in the mud today, not quite as glamorous but we had fun! Halagador told me he was happy he did not have to do a Grand Prix in Segovia today, H; 'Would have been such hard work Vik'! Start on the other hand was pissed of I didn't take him, so I promised next year,.. I am ready and he will be too :)

Halagador having a nap after his morning run in the pasture. 


And finally my babies has now met and get along very well as you can see - Brillantino, or 'Tino', arrived totally quiet and calm, thin and bony abit like Viggo really, Tico probably weighs 50 kg more, but he seems happy about the Vikinga-menue and Tico showed him how to eat the pellets and organic carrots :) He had a small legwound but I can tell you that this cutiepie is the coolest guy, he let me shower this and plaster it with an big ice bandage without even moving a little bit! He has a adorable personality and I just love him!! To be continued :)  


Nanny Nova did not step down from her guard as it was Tico's first whole day without Mami <3
It was a trauma and even though he had his new friend he tried to jump it and when I stopped him he both bit me and kicked me a spanish walk, he neighs like an adult stallion and already looks like one too! 
Artico VIK born March 2013

'Tino' with his incredibly long ears, they don't even fit into the picture :)
Brillantino VIK born March 2013
Pedigree Brillantino VIK;

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 september 2013 21:18

Monday after a great weekend with best-friend-forever-Anna, yay! We are born and bred in same town, even grew up in the same village, are trained by same ridinginstructors and our parents founded our local riding club. We went to same school and college and I never let anyone ride my horses but Anna trained my mare when I was away studying. We have been training horses under the same conditions, no indoor always outdoors enduring horizontal rain, snow and ice, and with headlights to be able to see in the dark winter, so riding here under the trees in the spanish shade and sun is just heaven for us!
We are definitely soul-sisters and how much more fun can it be to have unlimited time for non-stop chatting, training horses and doing Madrid in summer temps!?!! As you can see Donoso and Halagador are also best friends, they stand next to each other whilst being tacked up and neither says a word, ocassionally D gets bored waiting and leans over to H but just like a mate and without any fuss <3

Here me and A posing ok ok many pics but I liked them all and couldn't choose,
Two very happy and syncronized girls :)



So here she is, Anna riding again after a break of more or less 20 years and doing the spanish walk for the first time under the spanish sun! 

Halagador's trot extentions

And D and me 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 september 2013 21:57

It's been a lovely weekend with friends, summery weather and some business settled. Saturday Donoso and I went visit our old stables Jade with our friends Yolanda and her PRE queen Novelera. Donoso stepped out of the trailer regally and of course knew exactly where he was, entered Jade as he owned it, just ignored all horses lined up next to him, until he recognized one of his old mates and that one he wanted to greet, quietly, respectfully. How noble and intelligent is not this horse! We enjoyed a chilled out walk in the sun, on a snaffle with rivers, mountains and good girly company :)


News; This super beauty perlino by the name Camaron will be staying with me for some months for training until he departs to Switzerland, look forward to polish up my skills of levadas etc!
Next week a new 2 year black PRE ferrari will be arriving to us as love and connection happened today and he was bought by my friend this afternoon! 

Start is in such a super shape I am seriously thinking about attending the spanish championships in Segovia, just need to find out if it is ok competing individually (as I am swedish I am not allowed to compete for actual championships), tomorrow I will know,.. 
Here my love bugs waiting for me and dinner <3


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 september 2013 11:54

Autumn is here, the air is high and fresh, insects are dying (yes from the horses' perspective this is poetic) and it is time to get relaxed and invigorated, to me autumn is a time for cleaning out the dust of the summer, redecorate, study and get clear. As a breeder not much needs attention except weaning of foals and keep training the beautiful guys. Meanwhile we are slowing down here the breeding season starts for our collegue breeders in Australia and USA and I wish them the best of luck.
I would like to inform you about a new horsemedia and window to the professional world of equitation. Yesterday the spanish radiochannel Cope launched the first program of 'Rienda Suelta', with intentions to inform and a create debate of our beautiful sport and it's world of horses. It is created on the initiative of my businesspartner Javier, with basis of experiences and life lived in symbiosis with horses many years now, from our experiences in the field of competiton, breeding, the horsemarket etc. The aim for this weekly program is to create a constructive debate on competitons, competitors, judging, with the goal to creatively improve and promote this beautiful sport, that is our Nr 1 passion and which we share with so many nationally and internationally. 
I welcome everyone to listen next sunday at 20.00-21.00 via this link to Gestiona Radio.

And facebook;

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 september 2013 23:17

Autumn is coming, this evening a storm was stirring up and temps dropped to 18 degrees, we just got the hay under roof and Pica, Nova and Tico will also sleep indoors tonight. Girls got a haircut and now it is really time for Tico to get grown up for real because in a little while he will be hanging out with his new friend Tino, that I am super excited to meet! And no I have never seen him live, but can my clients buy expensive horses unseen so can I, hopefully he will live up to my expectations :)

Both guys are now registered in studbook and here's my first genetic treasure, so proud of him!
T is growing fast, today I measured him and he is now 137 cm, all legs!
Here saying hi to Donoso.

Mummy and aunty


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