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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 maj 2012 11:10

Another week of fun has passed, Donita has moved to Finland and we wish her new owners much happiness with beautiful vikinga queenie! Two PRE ladies arrived friday and it turned out to be excellent timing as one of them was ready for a perfect date with Halagador.   

Novedosa is now hanging out with the new girls and it feels lovely to have horse family in one place. Here she is in her new beautiful field just about to meet her new friends.


We have also been to see a Donoso son and Halagador daughter, pictures are coming up, one of them might be for sale..

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 maj 2012 23:38

Hello everyone! Have entered a slight holiday mode, thank you very much for your caring emails and messages, all is just very well thank you! Last thursday we left for a 8 hour trip to Valencia so that Donoso could do his first Prix St George, so exciting! We had much fun combining family holiday with competition and 30 degrees right by the mediterranean beach in Valencia, and I am so proud of my beautiful talented horse! We drove with trailer and two caravan cars and arrived 8 hours later. A few hours late we were trained and Donut did all his forms beautifully, here's the collection of his tempis that were simply super that day.




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