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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 september 2011 23:17

Hello in the middle of the mess, today the electrician, painter, plummer, builders and sattelite men has been here all at once, total chaos, hopefully it will be worth it. After 6 hours the internet nor tv did not work so me and Betty left them all behind and went to the stables. Moli now has a normal temp but today he had allergy again so now we are suspecting the pellets so we went to buy some new. He is happy but in paddock you can see he is not totally recovered because he is not as lively as usual. Rode all three others belly-boys, they are getting rounder for everyday, not sure if we can go on with strawbeds, hrrm.. Start happier than ever because he can eat straw all day and when he is happy he works the best. And I said to Javier that if Donoso was not a horse but a person he would probably have been my husband, he does everything I tell him!! Here some crappy photos of beautiful black Cárdenas Halagador loving his macho-moves this evening, love him lots, like Bridget Jones said; JUST as he is..
Over and out, definitely need some sleep before invasion tomorrow.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 september 2011 22:22

Horses worked out light in pessoa this evening and Moli is in good spirit so all well. This weekend we have had summer temperatures and I have been deciding colours for painting inside of house. I find it difficult to match other colours already painted, the light in the house and then get the right mood that gives a good feeling. 
Some tragic news; I read one of the horses on the spanish team Jade de Mv passed away in a colic, we are very sorry to hear this. Here he is when he was training at our stables 1999. Jade de Mv was the horse we almost sold to Chad several years ago, but his sponsor lost all funds in a hurricane so he had to wait for his top iberian and now he has Festivo instead. Jade was born 1999 and was a CDE Lusitano.
Jade de MV 2009

All rights reserved Javier Villard

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 september 2011 23:08

Update from USA that Ravel has done his first clinic, is making his 'mum' Candy a very happy lady, thanks for letting us know!

We have been viewing horses and if anyone is looking for a PRE TRC stallion our friend is selling, I can seriously recommend this horse.
Moli is better, his temp has come down with antibiotics and antiinflammatory, no other symptoms and he is eating well. I am still worried until I see his temperature is normal whilst off treatment.
I am taking temp of the others before work and they are fine. Hagge is looking very good and feeling it too, he has built up a better topline now. He was not even able to canter on a circle when I got him so I am giving him his time, he is a soft elastic horse. Start is over himself and I was going to compete this coming weekend but I cancelled it for Moli. I have to treat him twice a day and I want to give that responsability to someone else, I need to see him to know how he is. Today Donoso showed me exactly in which moment it is best to do the flying change to make it bouncy, so smart and quick in his head. I prepared and he picked the perfect moment and said - see? That's what you wanted right? We are a team, great feeling. You think I love him and of course I do but he is also my student. He has the capacity to surprise and I have been with him for almost 3 years now, creative horse! I have a video from TRC when he trots by hand and all people go quiet, I will ask Javier to upload it so you that are interested can see, his personality really shines out, he knew exactly what it was all about there. Enough praising, sorry I can't help it!
House is almost finished on the outside, next week on the inside, puh it will be a mess.. But first weekend, wishing you all a great weekend and happy riding!
Donoso in Aranjuez 2010

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 september 2011 21:25

Five people have made inquiries on Donita VIK and I have not even replied, that's how much I feel like selling her.. IWhen we sold Reina Vikinga I had the same hesitant feeling because she was a mare I wanted to use for breeding. I would buy her back instantly if she was for sale. With Donita it is the same feeling, the personality is spot on, the quality of conformation and movement is top and I know she has IT and some more. Tomorrow I will reply to you all though because I might be unsure what to do but I am not unpolite, thank you so much for your emails.

Poor Moli is ill, he had 40,6 degrees so fever and he is coughing saliva, has a sore swollen throat and not a happy bunny. Vet came out and gave him antibiotics and antiinflammatory. I have watched over him all evening whilst riding the others, he got a shower and some love. When I left he was eating alittle and looked better. He has not had any bumps and we are not sure what this is, I have never had a horse with these symptoms, anyone?
Molinete & Halagador yesterday


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 september 2011 19:58

Yesterday I rode all four horses, Moli was first out and he is now doing sitting down trot, he has a very comfy back to sit on and is a good boy. Then another and another and another, all good guys and kind to my body but today a massage was very welcome yes. Moli has had a allergy problems, poor little thing, he had big itchy bumps all over the body so we have been swopping food around to find out what it is. It has not come back after we have also changed box, desinfected and changed to strawbed instead of woodshavings. All four are now on strawbed, a change is always fun, hope Start won't eat it all and get big belly, we'll see.

My house is now getting in better shape, today we have once more been to IKEA. It has changed colour, dramatically I'd say, I couldn't stand the 'fjomsy' bland colour it had previously, you had to look real hard to see which one it was. I wanted a warm earthy colour yet feminine so I decided for Terracotta, perhaps I thought it would be a little less.. strong.., but there you go, here it is happy and loud! 
I got a message from NY and Festivo is doing fine, he's spirited and happy to be working twice a day. He will see his new owner the 12th of October, I hope she likes him after all this! If not I take him back immidiately :-)
More tomorrow, have a nice evening everyone!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 september 2011 10:14

Our congratulations to owner and breeder of this years Swedish Champion mare Esperanza XXX! She also won this title 2009, same year as Donoso VII was Absolute Champion and Champion Functionality.

Esperanza XXX

Here with owner and rider Jenny

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 september 2011 21:21

Yes I am always in the process of trying to figure out the right destiny/destination for horses. Now my mind is on our little lady Donita VIK, Donoso's firstborn. Before the accident with Aniara the plan was set, I had a transport booked for her to us in Madrid. As Aniara needed company I cancelled the trip. My plan is to use her as a breeding mare, she is the perfect little result of our chosen bloodlines YM and Cárdenas and she is the perfect representative for Vikinga PRE. She has the beauty, she has the movements. She is elegant and classy. She will be tall, she is already 150 cm. Her father is Calificado aswell as her grandfather. She is highly intelligent. She bred in the best possible way. She is special and can be a first class mare for both breeding and riding. Now another swedish championship is over and I realize I would very much like to see her in one. When Aniara recovers she will go and live with a new person that wants to ride and take care of her so there is a departure plan for her only stablemate. So I either find Donita a new person or bring her to me Spain, timeframe is 1-2 months.
You can look her up here on blog under kategories Donita VIK and on under Yda VIKINGA PRE. You are very welcome to contact me for more information on;

Pedigree here;

Donita VIK three weeks
8 months
1 year
Dad Donoso VII
Mum Intimidad Cen

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 september 2011 00:40

Start was the one with spear-ears today, the others were having a siesta but Start was begging for actions so he was first out. We went for a ride and checked out the girls, Start has a chestnut lusi girlfriend and she always comes up to the fence to have a chat. Then Donoso, he wanted to stretch out and canter fast so we did that, power and balance. Halagador and Molinete got to play and stretch in Pessoa, it was great to see them enjoy and have fun. All four happy, clean and in shape thanks to groom Jorge, he got a little pressy from NY so he was happy. This coming weekend is the PRE championships in Sweden. I decided to sponsor the championmare this year with a insemination of Donoso, it feels like a nice thing to do as he is now a new TRC stallion. I am so proud of him, it was always my incentive to do what I can to improve the PRE breeding in Sweden and I love to see his offspring. This horse makes me a happy rider, happy breeder and a happy person, I wish everyone to have a horse like this I really do. But my life also has its disappointments, I think we learn from all things and I try to focus on the bright side of life when it is hard. But I would not be honest if I said all is well all the time. Right now I have lost one of my best friends, it is very painful and I really don't want to talk about it. Yesterday my father suddenly lost his memory, he said he felt strange and then he did not remember anything, so I am worried and not feeling good being so far away. But this is life and and there are definitely those who are suffering from worse things, I am aware I have much to be greatful for so I am.

This is the advert Javier made for the championship flyer

And this is a stunning Donoso son in Sweden, I look forward to seeing him in a championship, feel like a proud grandmum.

Buscado PR



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