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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 augusti 2015 00:10

Hello back again, still here enjoying summer! Have been out with clients and viewing horses for a few days but now back at the farm and today we had some surprise action, I dragged the arena with my car and yes everything is so extremely dry now so the cloud of dust I conjured was pretty substiantial and suddenly we had the full firebrigade over us, ups!!     They were so FAST! Very polite and nice people that seemed relieved there was no fire so no hard feelings, alittle embarrassing I must say but they were so understanding of me wanting good footing for the horses and wanting to save the water for the horses rather than the sand,.  


Now we are getting out of more laid back summer training schedule and into focusing again, this is Start from yesterday evening, oh noo when I watch it I see soo much to improve but I think Starti is great!!! Can't wait to get him into real shape because he deserves it so much. So, now competition passports are updated for both D and S and now we  all just need to get into shape for competitions this autumn,.

This is how we enjoy a summer evening training at V-farm!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 augusti 2015 23:12

I went to pick up Nero yesterday, we drove in 36 degrees but noooo problem, unloaded by myself noooo problem, when I made him next door neighbour with Start and gave him a strawbed instead of sawdust he got sooo happy! Today we castrated him and everything went perfect!
Nero just arrived

Will do a video of Q he has advanced is alot more athletic now, he was floppy in all movements when he arrived and did not know how to push with his hindlegs but now he is doing some real trotextentions yay! 

Busy selecting horses for my clients, here's a taste from the PRE selection,.


Young gangsters are getting serious and are being goood boys doing roundpen workouts, so fun to play them into adulthood! Tico is an incredible mover,. and a love-bug, looks at me straigh in and doesn't like when I am not with him, very much like Donoso. Tino is alot of fun, he has more lusitano personality, more detached, super soft and gets it fast, loves to turn quick like a proper bullfighting horse, teacher has to think fast!
Artico and Brillantino after work   



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