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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 april 2014 15:47

So after my saturday evening off and stable stand-in I got back sunday morning and found these huligans here,.
Just checking out your arena mami, guess what, it's not finished!!  

We have had so much fun!! And vips did I have 3 times bigger stable-work out this lovely morning,.


Bandit Nr 1 - But it wasn't me!!
Sooo inventive yes yes.Tico is in my face non stop begging me for action, just dooooo something with me! Oh how to keep these ones busy and stimulated until we start work 2 more years down the road,. Anyone who wants to come here to teach 2 young huligans circus tricks or whatever are most welcome! They are up for anything! Luckily they are well fed and never hungry so they did not had too eat too much of the pellets, just played and opened about 10 sacks á 25kg each,.. soooooo much fun! Grrrr. Still nervous for colic but I gave them epsom salty water orally, they happily opened their mouths and let me give one shot after the other, happy for the action   

Here T&T the day after

So I have been a good mature and responsable breeder and decided to sell one baby. It has been 1 day and now I have already changed my mind! So much for that responsable decision!!   

Well we'll see, I am open for the possiblities but these girls are super quality and I would love to see them develop together, and it's always good to have two filles as they can play. Also fillies are easy to keep as they can hang out with the mares and it really doesn't matter if I have 3 or 4, haha it's a good justification anyway!  
Morning at the farm today    

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 april 2014 17:39

Happy saturday, working hard here, body complaining abit but with laser treatments I keep it up. Weather is being tricky and chilly so rugs on off abit like in Sweden really! Today foals are kept inside to get some rest as mummies just roam the field grazing nonstop and they don't get to lie down in their hall. Little arena is working alright now so yesterday Start was doing tempi-ones on the circle and D did trot and passage work. He's extra inspired now in his favourite time of the year, the breeding season :) Limited nr of straws are being sent to USA, book now to reserve your dosis without additional transport costs! 
Both Picara and Novedosa are now covered with Donoso, cross fingers they will be both be confirmed, first check on Nova 5th of May. Thank you so much for your comments and messages on the babies. I am very happy with my foals, love them lots of course but I am also able to do an objective evaluation and both have so much quality.
 Euforia is a super-baby. Uphill with a stallion neck already with 2 weeks, floating over the ground, 113cm with 1,5 week! She's a beautiful dark buckskin dun, or grulla. Chula is so incredibly elegant and divine to look at with her golden hair, swan neck and long legs. She will be a tall girl, I measured her 118 cm with two months! She has the sweetest nature, up for anything and so easy. Neither has any white markings which I love and just makes them alittle more classy in their breeding and I am very pleased about this little detail.
At the moment I have decided to put Chula up for sale. Very hard as she is a darling and a gem for PRE breeding for dressage and colour. Very welcome to contact me for more info on this special golden girl! See her ad on homepage under BREEDING and also she has her own page with photos and a little short video of her saying hello :)

Chula VIK with 2 days

and 2 months!
Sire Divo PM
Dam Novedosa PM 
Grandsire Revoltoso XIXX
Now I have stable-backup so off to do a non-horsey evening, have a great one! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 april 2014 23:09

Many thiiiings going on at the same time and this is what I like, well first Picara was checked by vet this morning, she will most likely be ready for a covering this weekend. Nova is covered last week twice on a perfect timing on a 50 egg and then on ovulation the following day, cross fingers that she's got a new D-baby growing, will be exciting to see a Nova-Donoso combination! Camaron got his feet done today and babies are sleeping outside with nightlamp and snyggly rugs. 'Fia' is now 1 week already, such a beautiful little thing that just floats over the ground! Chula is a love-bug, breeding is so worth it all, it's pure happiness and deep peace to see the little things running around on those four long legs   
Donoso got a workout with pessoa and Start just had a day off in his paddock. Pleased to say both are in good shape despite it all, Chloe could not believe how they were not even sweating a drop after our sessions in the scorching sun. Still waiting for bloodwork on the horse for USA that was delayed because of easter and a crap testtube and had to be resent. Donoso semen for USA has FINALLY got green light from importers USA, O H  M Y  G O D, what a dragged out story but now it's getting exciting! 
Euforia VIK alias 'Fia' today in the green now flowering pretty fields!   
'I love my mummy' 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 april 2014 12:54

Happy rainy monday, we have had a glorious sunshine and some active days here, student Chloe has just left for her home in England, she will be missed! 

Summary of our training days, we started to feel the horses out riding at home to see which horse/es fitted best, Chloe is a talented young rider with a very good feeling for dressage and ability to ride and learn from both Donoso and Start. It was exciting to see also how the guys responded, this was the first time for them to do the role as teachers and I think they did the job great! Both are well willing and amibitious horses but neither of them are easy and automatic, you have to do it right to get it right. I believe in learning from getting it right, I do not think we learn from our mistakes so it is important the horse and student get as many rights into the experience as possible. Both D and S showed Chloe clearly what she needed to work on, how to use hear seat, focus on less hand and learn how to ride with legaids and weight, basically change the position and ride from back to front rather than front to back. 
Here from first day trying out horses at home.
Camaron and Chloe day 1


Start and Chloe day 1

Day 2 we took D and S to a nearby training yard to use their arena. Focusing on straightness and getting the position of the form totally correct. Donoso proved to be a good teacher of flying changes, and Start helped Chloe to get her seat into the saddle, to improve her position and to use her sensitivity of aids for transitions and collection.


In the afternoon we did homework studying some of Spains best Grand Prix riders competing in glorious sunshine, Spain at its best! And I am presenting a new selected exclusive PRE for sale, Grand Prix calificado Escalera branded Curioso JLE, contact me via 

Day 3, Chloe now alittle more sure of the guys, and we could get into more focus and feel more secure with forms and collection.

Start middletrot

Donoso and Chloe working on correct straightness, form and collection.         

And day 4, Chloe passed the final exam with these good transitions on Start!

We finished with some well earned hacking in the beautiful nature of El Escorial and of course eating!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 april 2014 00:15

Picked up Chloe from Sussex, England yesterday, she has come to train with me and I hope she will be able to learn something from me and the boys! Today we have had a full horse day in lovely sunshine, starting with Camaron and that was a super-star and Chloe got to try out spanish walk and levadas for the first time, fun! Beautiful little Camaron. After this ride we had the vet coming out and it was time for Nova's first date with Donoso, she was on the spot on perfect day so let's hope for a good result,. Little Euforia alias 'Fia' appeared on the wrong side of the fence, no problem, mummy not worried and I just opened the gate so the little highness could walk in.
After vet we had another session with Start, working on straightness, speedcontrol and collection. Well done Chloe. After lunch Donoso's turn, he was full of energy from the covering in the morning but totally focused with his work AND Donoso semen on it's way to USA finally!! H U R R A Y!!
More tomorrow, and happy easter!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 april 2014 21:48

Finally! It has been a marathon to get this baby into the world, pregnancy 11 months and 13 days. Yesterday I stayed on at the stables as the signs were getting alittle, YET only a  l i t t l e more intense. Prepared all horses (I have got alot done these days to kill time) and when all done I thought better sit down and be quiet. All those years of meditation vipassana, zen etc came in handy. Sit and wait and empty your mind not to disturb, be present etc. All was very quiet and Chula was sleeping, suddenly I heard a loud snoring and that was her! So funny. Pica did not seem to bother about me being there, I'm part of the gang I suppose. So around late at night she started and that was the time I wish I did not have fibromyalgia and have more strenght, I might be strong mentally but that doesn't help in this situation, I'm weak physically and it can be very frustrating! Pica had to do most by herself, when the membrane burst I got strenght from somewhere and pulled down and out she came, well done Pica because she was enormous, tallest newborn foal ever! When it was time to get up and eat next strenght issue, she was to heavy for me to help her up and her legs where simply to long for herself. So I milked Pica and gave her that just after 2 hours. At that point I was feeling nauseus and I just had to go home and sleep for an hour. So I did and then back and when I arrived the little leggy-lady had just gotten up and was eating, hurray! 
Very proud to present this special Donoso x Picara filly!
Euforia VIK!!!

Anyone want to guess her colour? 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 april 2014 12:27

I am afraid I have NO baby-news, feels like the loooooongest pregnancy ever, there she is with all signs and looking heavier than ever but that's all, not sure who is more tired she or me, puh!! You can probably imagine how many times a day I have checked in on her now for over 2 weeks,. morning, afternoon, evening, night,.. but fullmoon next week so maybe then Pica!!?
Meanwhile I have painted the stables, ridden my boys and the farm is really a nice place to hang out now with the birds singing and the lush green grass, my second home. I have two storks that live on the mares field, very cute couple. Start lives mostly outdoors, now when temps are exceptional 18-24 degrees he has even slept outdoors, with a blanket of course. Camaron and Donoso stays in but have fresh grass timeout every day. D is very attentive of the girls but when I ride on the field he is totally focused, happy horse!

I have been working also of course, bloodwork now initiated for a USA pirotest, a very exciting bay dressage PRE stallion, cross fingers for Florida! 
Little gangster came strolling by on the wrong side of the stables the other day, Tico had learnt how to open the gate,. Piece of cake to pick them up, especially Tico with his big mummy-love. I gave them a shower, which was abit scary for them as this was actually their first shower ever. Here they are playing in their field after their little adventure.

1 year old Tico and Tino 

And the super affectionate Chula is glued to me at all times, puts her head on my shoulders and snoozes me with her that cute muzzle! She has the most beautiful neck and head, is super leggy and very tall, how beautiful can you be!?! 
Chula VIK almost 2 months



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 april 2014 01:37

Panik hittar inte Betty, övermodiga mini hund som tar sig en promenad bland unghingstarna när hon känner för det är puts väck, känner hur magen bara drar ihop sig, hon kommer alltid när matte går upp i falcett för hon vet att då menar jag det, men nej nu finns hon i n t e. Jag traskar upp och ner för hagarna, ut i grannens hagar och nästan in i grannens trädgård. INGEN liten mini hund med blå jacka, har någon bil kört förbi kidnappat henne?  Blir helt iskall av tanken fy fan, hon finns ju inte!? Har letat i 1 timme, ringer då min mamma för nu är jag helt blockerad och kan inte tänka alls. Hon säger; Vågar knappt fråga en dum fråga är du säker på att du tagit med henne? ÅÅhhhhhhhh så glad man kan bli för ett hjärnsläpp! HUR pinsamt är detta,. men så kan det gå när man är stressad och gör 100 saker samtidigt, puh, men nu känns det som jag vunnit på lotto, verkligheten är inte alltid som man tror! 

Verklighet nr 2; Picara visar att hon ska föla, sen ångrar hon sig och så försvinner alla tecknen, sen kommer de igen, lite vaxproppar, sedan inga vaxproppar etc. Jag åker fram och tillbaka till gården, morgon, eftermiddag, kväll, natt - snälla madam-P, matte är trött!!! 

Nu går det att rida på marken igen, vi har fått underbart vårväder och det är sol och stilla. Igår tränade jag och Start piaff/passage övning i cirklar runt träden, super samling och förlängde registret för övergångarna. Roligt och riktigt nöjd med fina, heta vassa Starti! Här tränar vi för ett par år sedan.

Camaron still lodging at Vikinga-hotel, I think he believes he lives here now and that I am his person, he looks to me as his leader and is very personal, we will miss him when he leaves. Finally found him his bridle and the classical vaquera style suits him best, in light bay. We are now practising levadas ridden, he's got great balance and strenght!
Young gangsters prefers to sleep outdoors but are happy to have their patio with haybar and roof over their heads when it is raining. 


Stablework outs getting me into shape and litte Chula now has her spanish haircut. Not sure I like it, she was so pretty girly in her curls but she has a upset tummy and we just needed to get rid of the hair to keep clean. And this yellow little lady can really move, today she got happy and floated elegantly over the ground! 


Keep waiting for Pica,. 




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