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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 april 2016 14:09

I am now relaxing with Start and we are both enjoying our light workouts. I had to take a step back from all regards horses after this experience and look at life in general. I love my work and horses but but there is a life to be lived outside of them aswell, so I have been living it and taking a natural break or at least working less intensely with my business. It has been very good with this breathing space, it's all about balance, listen and be true to yourself. I have also done 2 months of a special diet without any sugar whatsoever, TBM and chiropractic treatments, which has pretty much reconstructed my physiology. With this process my body went into a healing mode which also made me relax so working less felt natural. Lucky I was able to do so. Good changes. Greatful!

Here's a horse I sold to Sweden which again has been yet another inspring experience. Thank you Cecilia, Hans and Pablo for being such lovely and professional people. I have also been testriding and selecting and I have new exciting PREs lined up. Here we are doing a hike to arena during the prepurchase exam. Lovely chilled out horse! 

Sold to Sweden

Villy story became longer than expected. The client that had him reserved had an unfortunate accident so Villy is no longer reserved and available for sale again. I hope to find him his home asap, he is in great shape and in harmony so ready to start a life with his new person! 

Here he is being testridden. 

Still waiting for Picara's baby! All boys are working out normal and we are all good yet crowded so next week I send Tino off to school. He will be broken in and I have decided to offer him for sale together with Fiero and Chula. One young stallion will be enough to keep my love of labour going and Tino is a very pretty stallion with excellent quality for both for both breeding and dressage!
Check out his page for more info;

Brilliantino VIK for sale

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 april 2016 16:47

  Hellloouuu in the middle of april already!! We have spring rains here now yesterday we had a lovely sunny day at the farm riding and socializing but today raining nonstop but good as the earth needs it. We have welcomed Hidalgo that is now 2 weeks old and of course adorable!!!  He's a sweet brave and just beautiful with extremely long legs. Now we are waiting for Picara to deliver hers, we have done the ring-test and it turned out stallion so hoping for this as it is very comfy to have two of the same sex growing up together,..

Hidalgo VIK by Novedosa PM - Donoso VII





I have just realized I have 7 stallions at the farm and we are getting alittle crowded!!! As I just got another colt with the same genetic combination in Hidalgo (Novedosa PM - Donoso VII) and I do not have a companion for Fiero, he will now be offered for sale. He will be tall 165 - 170 cm, he has extravagant movements and a adorable personality. He is not cheap but anyone who would be interested in a golden Donoso is very welcome to contact me!!
Fiero VIK Nov 2015 By Novedosa PM - Donoso VII

Summer 2015



And so Startiii!!! He has been through some more episodes of being totally lame and with swollen extremities, rare stuff, we have continued doing his treatments and he has been stable so yesterday we testrode him for first time and he was perfect! His healer got first go as he and Start has a strong connection, Starti took off like a ferrari but they worked it out fine with the mexican-whooooo-style!   And we did our tempis just to celebrate and what a feeling to have my horse back!!! Thank you thank you thank you  He is perfect in mouth and strong in body but I will take it easy and go slow he has been through alot,.

Start and Bernardo yesterday, sooo greatful for both of them!!



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