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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 31 augusti 2011 21:38

Today my mothers mare Aniara was found cut by some sick person, a 20cm long and deep wound. They could hear Donita making noises last night and then they found her running outside the stables. My parents thought this was very strange as the door is always locked with a chain. But this morning they understood what had happened. The person had gone into Donita's stall, but as she is very quick she ran out and so this person cut Aniara, without opening her door, instead. Sick mission completed. Just after having found the mare like this this morning the police drove into the farm. They said they looked for something strange but did not want to say what it was, EVEN though this had just happened. WHAT is that all about? So now everyone has to be worried thinking there is something strange going on around their neighbourhood but they are not allowed to know what it is. It is obviously more easy to protect yourself against something when you know what it is, ignorant policemen.  
W H Y do people want to hurt innocent animals, no, I don't want to know. Aniara is now stiched with 22 stiches and shaking like a leaf. I hope this person get to live someone deliberately wanting to hurt them in this cruel way. Our stables are now secured but please you that live close by please take care of my dear parents, guard your stables and catch this horrible person. May he or she experience the same wound, preferrably caused by a horse.
Sorry for repulsive picture but it is important to know how important to be aware of what can happen, please take care.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 augusti 2011 23:00

We are going to travel with Festivo to new York!!!! We are actually going to be Big Baby's private strewardesses, get him (and the other horses) on plane, take care of him (and others) on the flight, super exciting!!
Many things to arrange and arrange today has been a marathon of ticking of things-to-do-list. Got the news TODAY he is leaving tomorrow, health papers has to be issued in Madrid and then driven to Aranjuez, that will be Javier's job. I got the farrier for my boys today and for Festivo 8 am tomorrow - 8 AM IN SPAIN - not bad hey!?

After a day of; getting car to mecanics, signing for satellite internet, shopping, making 50 phonecalls, going to check out some black horses for a friend that is arriving tomorrow, picking up car, taking out four boys, meeting up with construction agency for house-work, attending emails.... my female mind is now thinking - BETTY - HORSES - HOUSE - and I HAVE NO CLOTHES - then... - HURRICANE status?... In that order..
And here is one of Halagador's handsome offspring! Now some yoga to calm that mind.. More tomorrow, goodnight!
Maquiavelo Cen born 2008


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 augusti 2011 16:25

Yes, I am trying my best to stimulate all the horses in different ways, all of them have such different personalities and these students definitely challenge my creativity!
Black beauty Halagador playing

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 augusti 2011 23:55

Energy levels are building up, I bought some products for my fibromyalgia and perhaps they work because today I was able to ride all four horses! First out was Molinete, I feel he needs more foundation work so his workouts are lots of moving, walk, trot, canter transitions and a little legyielding. I ride all the horses on a snaffle at the moment, back-to-basics is always a good idea. Hagge got some tricktraining and was happy.

Here some of my favourite Javier pictures of Halagador.
Halagador Cen 3 year old

Arriving at Jade 2010

Autumn 2010
January 2011
April 2011
Photos; Javier Villard

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 augusti 2011 14:26

Here he is again, PRE superman getting 80,9% for his wonderful freestyle!!!

Fuego & Juan Manuel in Rotterdam

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 augusti 2011 17:05

It is quite clear what is my passion by now, but I have another one. Yesterday I saw the movie on Mother Teresa and I was reminded of my dear indian parsee friends in Pune, India, the Mehta family that lived that kind of what to me looked like a saintly life.
My grandfather Stig Spångfors had become good friends with this family through his work and many journeys to India with Lions International and when I graduated from University I was invited to stay with them on my travels in India.
Mr Dr Jal Mehta built a leprosy hospital on the basis of personal funds, then developed a factory industry to get the recovered patients a job and to integrate them into society. No holidays, always working endlessly to be able to help the ones that most needed it. When I asked Jal how he could go on and on without resting he said: The man worthwhile is the man who is always keeping a smile. Jal was always smiling. In a tragic accident their son Dr Minoo Mehta died in a avalanche on a climbing expedition to Mount Everest. The parents built a memorial hospital in the name of him. Jal also managed to create the India Serum Institute (together with the Poonawalla group) with the aim to make Inida self sufficient of vaccines.
Some years later the cured leprosy patients, workers at the factory, made a demonstration wanting raised salaries without being aware that their restored  lives were created by the one they now turned themselves against. I think this action broke Jal's heart because he died some thim after this 2001. The Mehta's extraordinary humanitarian work had a big impact on the indian society as the recovered leprosy patients became considered normal citizens and were accepted by society.
I got very close to Mrs Dr Mehru Mehta who also devoted her lifte to helping people, she was known as a extraordinary surgeon, oncologist. Mehru was a tiny lady with fierce eyes and everyone called her 'Madam' as she had a fiery temperament. Her husband however did not fear her and giggled at her personality and sharp comments. Mehru was extremely intelligent lady and like another grandmother to me, I took care of her in the way I could. She taught me how to play a Beethoven tune on the piano and how to count to ten in Marathi. She loved Elvis and recited Shakespear. She gave me her mother's sari. I have deep respect of these people, they thought me what is great love of heart and they are India to me.
Here is an article on Mrs Mehru Mehta written by one of her students, Dr. Rajiv C. Sharangpani that I met when we went to see our friends 2007.
And another one
My grandfather Stig Spångfors, Mr Dr Jal Mehta and her her Majesty the swedish Queen Silvia Bernadotte.

India 2007



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 17 augusti 2011 14:31

We had another hot day yesterday, 34 degrees! I went riding in the evening, worked three of the now four horses and was finished at 22.00, at that time it had cooled off to a lovely temperature.
Finally 'Ravelli' arrived in the arms of his new person Candy and this is how happy she is now!

Have fun flying Candy, we are very happy for you!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 augusti 2011 21:47

It has been a emotional last week that started with a phonecall from Doreen in New York. She had fallen in love with our beautiul Festivo MR. Puh, our Big Baby. Very flattering of course but many things to think and feel. Last time it was Donoso, but he is THE chosen one, THE stud, THE horse, so I could not even think about selling him.
We are very proud of Festivo. He has has earned all the merits he needs from Spain and we have achievied them together. It has been a intense but fun year of us proving ourselves!
But fame and glory is only good if it leads to something constructive and the making of more happiness. We have been thinking and talking and feeling and we came to the conclusion that letting go of Festivo will enable Yeguada Vikinga PRE to grow and develop in a good way. 
He passed all bloodwork and vetcheck in flying colours. As he is a 100% horse I was only going to let him go if buyer was likewise, no fuss. Doreen and her husband Bob is 110%. Chad, the future trainer 150% so that was it. The agreement includes breeding and we are storing frozen semen, so our Big Baby will live on in some of our future offspring  !!! Our stallions are now merited and so we have accomplished part 1 of our breeding program. We are immensely proud of them. Now next step is breeding them to our own mares. Shopping for matching mares has already started, they will be carefully selected and I can promise you they will be exciting!

I am also very happy that Festivo's team-mate will be Chad. Chad came to us a few years ago, he went home to New York with 4 candidates to show his sponsor that was all excited, but unfortunately a hurricane stopped her shopping. So since then Chad has been looking for THE horse and I always told him I would find it for him, and I did! Congratulations to you also Chad, you really deserve THE ONE!

So we are all winners. Festivo will get a fantastic new person in Doreen, he is her dream come true. Perfect, just like I wanted it, my horses have fulfilled my dreams and I wish everyone the same happiness. He will get the best home and a career possibility with Chad and his trainer David. He will be absolutely adored well trained and it's the perfect time for him to get his international dressage curriculum.
Doreen, Bob and Chad; Wishing you so much luck with this unique talented PRE, now go make him a PRE dressage superstar! 

And be happy you Beautiful Big, and thanks for making us smile   

Mejores Movimientos Caravaca 2010

Mejores Movimientos Spanish Championships, SICAB 2010
Bronze EU championships FIECVAL 2011
Reproductor Calificado Talavera 2011


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