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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 december 2012 16:48

Vikinga PRE horses will celebrate christmas munching away on fresh new green luxury hay I went to buy them he other day, whilst I go to Sweden to do the typical things swedes enjoy when the temperatures are below cero, the wind is freezing and the cold is biting your cheeks.. 

We are updating Horsespre web with new wonderful horses in sparkling colours, see some videoclips and prices and a brand new EXCLUSIVE but NOT EXPENSIVE collection for you, enjoy!

VIKINGA PRE; Start - Donoso VII - Picara PM - Novedosa PM
Wishes all friends a FABULOUS CHRISTMAS TIME!

 - May all your dreams come true! - 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 december 2012 23:22

Hi dear all, thank you so much for all response from last blogpost, now let's move on..
I am riding Coco once a week and giving Jessica a lesson another. J told me that C had been naughty several times with her, suddenly he just takes off which can of course be scary and also dangerous. Last time I rode him I could feel the tendency but I corrected before he got the chance to think more about it. So from now on he gets the workouts on the double bridle so that J can feel she has a 100% break control. Coco is a very sensitive horse but also very sensible. First day on doublebridle he tried it with J but when he realized she was in control he was happy and then we could all enjoy a great workout. I remember in the beginning of Festivo's training he disconnected with me, on a snaffle, and I realized that he was very sensitive to pressure. He also had a problem with having been disciplined in the wrong way. I trained him on a pelham for a while so that I could relax knowing I had a break. As he did not like the snaffle and I do not love the pelham we continued on the doublebridle and that was the bit F was most happy with. Everything has a solution, so let's focus on that.

Last week I went to view some very intresting PRE broodmares, top movement girls, some could even make a carrer in dressage. This is a granddaughter of Ermitaño III, the one and only Elite Graded PRE stud in the world, her dam is Qualified Graded like several others of her grandparents. She has a very prestigeous brand. 
Granddaughter Ermitaño III
See r
eference Nr 613 under BREEDING for more info


And this is a daughter to Ermitaño III. She is a in foal and has one offspring, a powerful and impressive lady.
See Nr 614 under BREEDING for more info

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 december 2012 12:09

As probably most of you know I have been helping Javier with his sales company Iberian Horse Service S.L via Horsespre quite a few years now. Javier has now got himself a new business partner, a male one, and even though I am still collaborating I am now self-employed. Yeguada VIKINGA PRE now belongs to me and the horses has been split up, which is the reason we are selling Halagador. This has not been my choice, as Javier left me he now wants to build up his own stud with his daughter and I had had no choice in the matter. Sometimes life is like that. My parents has bred and kept 3 of our Vikinga PRE horses for 4 years. Horses that we later sold and Javier and I shared the profit. My parents were happy to help and I am very greatful to them for their help. I have happily trained the horses we have had together through Vikinga PRE but it has also been hard work as I have fibromyalgia. Now I am passing through a period of feeling abandoned and unappreciated, personally and professionally there is a big hole as Javier and I have shared everything and done everything together. To feel alone is hard but I have my family helping me, again. I share this with you because I know that sometimes it is comforting to know you are not the only one going through rough times.
This is life and I repeat to myself; Without the contrast of the darkness the light cannot exist. All will be well and everything that happens is for the best.

Me and the light of my life; Donoso VII


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