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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 31 mars 2011 23:39

Our beautiful big baby was 3rd totally and second in movements today!
Now they HAVE TO let me ride the final ridden test - HA!   
This is Festivo's debute in section 12 (7 years and older), he is really only 6 as he is born late and it was fantastic to see he could stand up against all the grown-ups!

Tony & Festivo MR
The flooring is real bad and he slipped 3 times in the canter circle so he did not feel confident enough to take the whole long run as he he normally do, he still got 23,3p for his movements.
Training this evening, he feels great!
Photos; Javier Villard

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 mars 2011 21:03

In Spain you have to have a health certificate every time you transport a horse from one province to another. The reason is to control movements of animals, diseases and to charge some money. Today we issued the documents for Festivo MR as we are going to Valencia already tomorrow, he is on on thursday at 16.00 - 17.30 Exciting! For the ones interested to follow the competitions you will probably be able to via Melpi TV    I will be updating on Facebook as usual.

This is Start and I today, my Lusitano gelding that is like a cloud to ride, not totally easy as he is overflexible and he also has 7 gears and a big personality so there is alot to keep up with! Starti can really swing his piaffe and passage but now I am training working trot and basic forms for topline. Ok, I have some serious packing to do, see you in Valencia!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 mars 2011 20:43

Dear readers, today Javier and I went to sign the first papers for the house, but first we thought it would be a good idea to check out documents, licences, id and ownership, possible unpaid bills from previous owner etc. Here outside ayuntamiento - council house - where we started.

We visited in total 7 offices and as they open at 10 am and close at 1pm we still did not manage to get all the necessary documents. When we meet the agent at the house she tells us there is another client that offers more for the house. Well now, dear representative of the bank, we have a verbal agreement, if you have started the process with one client, you can have as many others you want but if you use one client against the other you will most likely end up loosing both, was the simple answer to that. Sorry, you are either in or out from A to B. Exciting? No, not really, just uncool, but I have heard it all so nothing new there, this is Spain and the tomatoes are lovely.. I love this house and if it is meant to be it will be. Now I wait smilingly!   

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 mars 2011 19:48

It is 20.00 pm and it is still bright daylight outside! Isn't it just wonderful when we go back to summertime, why do we have wintertime anyway? Very silly and unmodern invention in my opinion.

Well I have had a weekend of rest and relaxation to prepare myself mentally for next week that is coming up to the final decition of house purchase and then the competition with Festivo MR in European Championships, FIECVAL in Valencia! He will be going with his new swedish flag rug so there will be NO DOUBT which country we represent!! 
Festivo in SICAB, Spanish Championships 2010

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 mars 2011 23:43

Läs om mig och stuteri Yeguada VIKINGA PRE i Ridsports Avelsextra;
'Viktoria blev en del av Spaniens hästkultur'

Thank you Katarina Lijedahl for a great article!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 mars 2011 21:57

Today I had a relaxed afternoon well needed after the house-hunting, I have to say I am a much better (relaxed) horse buyer, not really a house-expert at all and there are so many things to think about! And then buying a house in Spain is a little too exciting, like buying the pig in the sack, you don't REALLY know what you are getting..   Anyway, next week I will deal with final decition and let you know!

Natasha a young girl from Denmark/ Sweden came to see us today and we went for a ride in the countryside. The weather was ok, no rain but grey and cloudy. Natasha tried Donoso in indoor and got two real nice flying changes, well done! It was her first time on a PRE and Lusitano. On our way to the trainstation we stopped for a tea and tapas in Manzanares, and then I left her at the train for Madrid and wished her good luck with her adventures.
Natasha and Start
Here a photo of our Horsespre 'PRE-family' in Malaysia, the happy owners of wonderful spanish horses we helped them to find, it is great satisfaction to see those smiley faces! And the third PRE is on his way to his new owner Erin, we look forward to seeing him under the palmtrees too!
Chiaki & Victor (bay horse) Curro (grey horse) Dean & Val

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 mars 2011 00:38

And it has NOTHING to do with horses!    Well, almost not.. These days I have been the serious client because I decided it was time to fulfill the dream of buying a spanish home which had to include 1.flying internet/mobile connection 2. mountain-style house made of wood and stone 3. views over the mountains that I fell in love with years ago 4. 'grillos' (i.e location in nature) 5. good heating system 6. one spanish luxury that had to be a swimmingpool 7. and it had to be close to one of the two best horse-homes I had selected for the boys. So after some busy days calling, searching, driving MAYBE, POSSIBLY the perfect little spot on earth is found!?!  

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 mars 2011 23:55

Today began with a sunny springday and ended with a thunderstorm. After lunch I felt a little better so I decided to go riding my boys. As the walker had been out of order I was met with two eager boys, ears pierced. I thought today is a good day to let the horses to do all the work and for me to store energy rather that using it up. I started with Donut and he got to do flying changes over cavalettis, his usual stretchwork in trot and canter and some lateral trotwork. With Start I had to go indoors as it started to rain and I focused on hindleg activity using piaffe, passage and laterals. Then some collection work with canter pirouettes to strenghten topline. They did all the work, I just enjoyed. After three hours I went home to emails that I have now attended and now I am finished, happy sleeping!   
Betty in her springgarden today


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