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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 31 januari 2014 15:19

Riding in hailstorms and rain lately, hardly glamorous but there are worse things. Drove Donoso to Aranjuez to do his re-freezing, trotted him into the trailer as it started to snow and I have a steep slope to climp up coming out from the farm. D cooperative as always and no problem to do it all myself with him. He knew exactly what kind of holidays were waiting when we arrived :) Other than than really nothing new under the sun, that came out for a moment this afternoon.
Tico & Tino, best playmates with funky hair :)
H continues doing the bloodtests and working out normal. Here with student David today :)

Start working out well but not liking the sticky floor, makes him upset. He is so sensitive and moody so it's not easy to get him regular when he isn't totally happy with the stepping. I was thinking about doing a CDN middle of February, there are 2 new Intermediate programs A and B and they seems fun as they have tempi-ones, passage and piaffe. My plan was to bring Donoso as he's working the Int.I well on the snaffle now, but now he had to go and do his job so not sure he'll make it, and Nova is due that very weekend. Well, I'll go with the flow and see if it'll takes us there or not. 
Now giving my time and working alot with clients, there are some very interesting horses for sale right now so feels fun! Have a great weekend everyone! 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 januari 2014 12:34

We are still between protocols for export of Donoso's FAI to USA and Australia. The USDA changed their protocol and we have been working non stop with an additional export certificate model which has been sent by spanish ministry of agriculture to USA for approval.

Here correspondence between Dra Concha Cuetara and import agent USA, you can clealy see how absurd the issue is:
'I sent our authorities the comments of your official vet with the minor changes he saw.

Still I have a big problem. About CEM samples, in the conditions listed in the USDA webpage that you sent me, it indicated that it was necessary to take 3 batches of 3 swabs, taken at least 72 hours apart. We used this protocol with Donoso. But the new protocol established with the EU indicates that we have to take 3 batches of 4 swabs. Is it imperative that we take 4 swabs each time? If 3 swabs are enough I can ask for an export certificate indicating this. If we need four swabs then the only solution I find is to take the horse again into quarantine and repeat all the procedures and the freezing.' 

So,.. as we have have been and are still waiting for the USA Ministry of Agriculture to answer, we now decided to repeat the procedure. Donoso goes to Aranjuez again so that the protocol can be happy and we freeze some new dosis to be able to send to our clients. See the solutions and there are are solutions for everything, right?!!!! At least noone can tell me we didn't do our very best to get D- progeny into the world!! But then it is all worth it if you look at the delightful results, some of them here below.

We live and learn; Don't put up to tomorrow what you can do today, make a choice and go for it. So all of you having decided to import semen don't wait, who knows what protocols will be changed next!?

Donoso VII about to breed 2011.

Pinturero BAT, PRE stallion born 2012, bred in Spain, exported to USA.


Antartica, PRE filly born 2013, bred in Norway 


Raza, PRE filly born 2010, bred in Sweden


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 januari 2014 00:25

All three boys are now working out on a daily basis, the weather is chilly and damp but my 'arena' is holding out as I keep moving around. Halagador is having bloodwork done for 2 consecuetive weeks to fulfill export protocol for Israel he has to pass these tests. David has been coming around and is being very helpful and thankful. Nova is filling out her udder now, she is due middle of February, here's pics of her gorgeous 170 cm tall 'husband', this horse really moves me from the inside, he's magic.

Divo PM 


So greetings to you from the cold majestic mountains of a wintery Madrid, this weekend I will be doing a zen course starting tomorrow, have a good one! 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 januari 2014 23:02

Halagador has appoved of his new person and it will be no less exciting than the diverse country of Israel! Halagador will be in the very best and professional hands and we are happy he will bring the beauty of the spanish culture and art to this wonderful part of the world. 

I post these pictures and clips and let them speak for themselves.
Last shots of Halagador, go on lovely.  




Here's a picture I bought when I visited Jerusalem years ago of an orthodox jew at the sacred wailing wall. Israel is a country I would love to visit again and because of our new friends and Hagge I will now have a good reason to! I am so thankful to see how our horses make it possible to establish beautiful connections no matter borders, race, language or religion   Our best wishes to Maya and Gulan.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 januari 2014 22:30

Camaron is healing well, hurray! He's got new shoes and the hoof is growing normal, he's got a small flesh growth from the actual wound but vets freeze burn this with nitrogen, great job Team Murube and farrier Paco, thank you!! Camaron himself seems to be very content, it's remarkable how quiet and happy he is even though he has had over 2 months of convalesence, super cool guy!


And I am happy to present David, a 15 year old teenager high in energy and enthusiasm and with a very good feeling for horses and dressage. I think it is important to support the young ones with a natural interest and eagerness to learn so now David is being integrated in my daily work and routines. Whilst I worked out Start he prepared D and H and then he got a lesson on Halagador that he rode very well :)

Very happy David with Halagador today


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 7 januari 2014 22:12

New year started in highspeed, new clients are booked and I have 3 others interested in Halagador, Sweden - 2 Israel - 1. He has just stepped of a show but farrier will be here on thursday to do them all so no worries. I have been riding this weekend and it was great to be back on horseback, D bounced around doing flying changes and choose to do his power workout, meaning super collective work with a little more collection :) haha, my superman. Start was 'ping', he is lean and just swings it all out with ears pointing straight ahead like steelbars. Halagador totally happy to move aswell. Little gangsters have just found out how fun it is to be rolling around in the mud,. And girls are out all day long excercising their  now pretty big bellys. 

Today I had a new young visitor, a young dressage spaniard super eager to learn more. He knew all the horses names and offered to help with anything, he has seen all videos (even some I have not seen myself) and he was just shining when he talked about his interest in dressage and horses. So invited him to hang out with me in the afternoons. 

And new horses are slowly coming up slowly on fb and web! 

Here's one new for sale, it's a RAM,.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 januari 2014 20:25

Thank you so much for all the Holiday Greetings and Happy New Year wishes!!! I'm back to dirty fingernails, horsesmell and normal days. Realized these holidays that I love my normal life and that there is no place like home. I also realized Spain feels as much home as Sweden does now, I am entering my 10th year living here, I will be 40 this year and I can't wait, every woman knows how special this is, right girls?! 
I found my lovely dog and horsefamily happy and sound, relief! Start and Donoso got new swedish outdoor rugs and they fitted perfect, super happy. Finally it is raining in Madrid, small guys did not want to go outside because of rain so they got to roam free in the stable, of course they left everything in a mess like real boys. Everyone got a cleanup a chat and that was it for today, more tomorrow.

I will now sit down and answer emails and please be patient, my time will now be decicated to you I'll be right back!

So Happy New Year 2014 that is apparently the Year of the Horse according to chinese calendar, so let's make it a GREAT one, so much to look forward to, new babies, new breedingseason, new (and hopefully old:) visitors and pehaps we will have more of this fun,.  let's go are you with me?!!!





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