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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 mars 2012 11:11

I am back! It has been a intense week but through intensity good things are born, I am flying high and can't tell you how happy I am to be able to present you this new horse-family member - PICARA PM!

We saw this girl a few months ago and it was surely love at first sight, by now I know when I look at a potential Vikinga-girl, they go straight in and moves every cell in my being. This time I could hardly breathe because this lady was not for sale, s h i t. But AM I GLAD TO TELL YOU nothing is impossible, when you know what you want you WILL get it it, you only need to follow the flow, feel good and be focused, never hold back just follow your dreams and go for it!!! 

Picara is a absolutely breathtakingly beautiful green eyed cremella. If Laia and Nova are Donoso's princesas, 'Pica' will be his reina. Her mother Distinguida XXVII is a daughter of my Laia PM's mum Laia and they have same dad Revoltoso XXIX. And.... she is 1 month pregnant to...............the most exciting champange PRE in Spain.......... and I can hardly brace myself to tell you about him but that have to wait alittle! All I can say is that he moves like a GOD and that he shines like GOLD!

Picara PM



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 mars 2012 20:02

I have been productive these last days, must be because it is lovely spring in the air!? Some help perhaps also from the DNA nutrition also, great!

It started with THE DENTIST and did no less than 4 fillings.. She anethesized my left side of face to 100% lameness and I could hardly blink with my left eye. But it worked because I did NOT feel anything! A italian client called in the afternoon but it was still impossible to talk so I excused myself the best I could. At 21.00 hours I felt alittle more normal. 

This is what was going on outside the clinic whilst I was waiting for my drillings...  ......... ............


After drillings success I was told my now my favourite dentist to take it EASY so I decided riding was not for today. Instead I went to see the three most beautiful PRE ladies in the world and gave them a loving brushing and deworming/ vaccination. Then I thought yoga must be a good idea to eliminate all this anastetics? Yoga teacher agreed, she is a sharp-eyed lady that is a master of seeing where you are in pain and knowing what you need, so much bodily-empathy, a little star! 

Next day some gardeing... I don't think I will ever be a green-fingered one, but I DID take care of this tree, poor lemontree has suffered the cold winter, he did have a blanket but I forgot the trunk.. So now I have bought a paste that will prevent bugs to get into it, I hope I can save him, it does not look so good..


Then the car needed a springclean, not my department.. So he was handed over to the ones that clean sales cars, looks like new, quite handsome actually!

This is Start after-work today, my new tactic to avoid any kind of paddock twists is to first let him do 20 min of walker, then a work-out and THEN the freedom. By the time he gets to paddock he is too tired to do any acrobatics and only rolls.


Every rider takes their dog along for the walk right?
Betty Boop 


Then I have spent all evening on email and talking to Swedish Equestrian Federation as I am wanting to sign up for a competition here with Donoso and Start. As it is international and I am swedish I need to compete for Sweden, something I happily do but there are some byrocracy around this. Will let you know if/how I manage, its a little short notice (enty expires this sunday...) 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 mars 2012 16:25

Whilst the water is coming out of the heaven (good, very good) and nourishes the earth I decided to inspire myself and create positive expectations. So today I have done things that makes me feel good, I played my favourite songs, listened to some inspirational lectures, talked to friends, decorated house, baked swedish buns and kept warm.

I believe that the most beautiful thing in life is when we connect to what is true to ourselves. And that is all what makes us feel good. 

Some of my sources of inspirations;
My beautiful horses 






'It happend just a few years ago to two young children in Illinois. The eight-year-old daughter became ill and was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease. A search went out to find a donor of blood compatible with her own. As she weakened, they looked and no donor could be found. Then it was discovered that her six-year-old brother shared her rare blood type. The mother and their minister and doctor sat down with the boy to ask if he would be willing to donate his blood to save the life of his sister. 

Much to their surprise he did not answer right away. He wanted some time to think about it. Six year olds can be quite thoughtful at times. After a few days he went to his mother and said, 'Yes, i'll do it'. 

The following day the doctor brought both children to his clinic and placed them on cots next to each other. He wanted them to see how one was helping the other. First he drew a half pint of blood from the young boy's arm. Then he moved it over to his sister's cot and inserted the needle so her brother could see the effect. In a few minutes color began to pour back into her cheeks. 

Then the boy motioned for the doctor to come over. He wanted to ask a question, very quietly quietly. 

'Will I start to die right away?' He asked. 

You see, when he had been asked to donate his blood to save the life of his sister, his six-year-old mind understood the process literally. That's why he needed a few days to think about it. 

And then he simply gave what is in the heart of every humin being to give when we are truly connected.' 

From; Soul Food

Wise words from wise people






And finally a favourite poem from the movie; 'Don Juan de Marco' with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando.

'There are those who do not believe

That a single soul

born in heaven

can split into twin spirits and shoot like foreign stars to earth.

Where oceans and continents 

with their magnetic forces

will finally

unite them 

back into one' 

Enjoy your days people, life is supposed to be easy, life is supposed to be fun!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 mars 2012 21:58

Dagmar alias 'Denmark' and Andreas alias Androsh, has left with three candidates and today their Nr 1 favourite passed the vetcheck! So a happy ending for this lovely german couple that has invited us to absolutely everything and driven all the kilometres so we could travel laid back. Thank you so much for these wonderful days D and A, we wish you all the happpiness with your stunning black boy! 

Back to my frisky boys that were v e r y up for action, especially Start was seriously 'ping', as they has had three days off. But first a a massage, shopping and a IKEA adventure. Temperatures has turned colder again and we are waiting eagerly for the rain. The lack of water is getting serious, this year it has not rained here at all. 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 mars 2012 22:38

I had to get myself together and call the dentist today, after 2 weeks of self-dentation ie flour, rescue remedy, zero-point energy, laser, Ibuprofen, Listerine I had to give up. 18.30 was my hour so to forget all the fear (it is very silly because I have never had a painful moment at the dentist so from where does all this fear come from?) I had to go shopping horsey stuff absolutely necessary things of course. The shop had a fruitful day today. Then I went to ride and dress up the boys in all the new stuff and with terror I saw the clock moving towards THE hour. I chose a female dentist.. After two rounds of anastetics and lots of drilling the nerve was near and it was not so nice. But I endured as a true vikinga, knowing that if she would not be able to drill enough the whole root nerve had had to be killed.. And THAT did just not seem like a good idea. I behaved very well I have to say myself, as there was no swedish empathic dentist telling me how brave I was, and just a few fear-tears out of pure fear. 21.30 I left the dentist, mouth still totally numb. She summed up I needed no less than 7 more drillings, my god.. 

The good new is that my DNA arrived today, its a nutritional supplement I have been recommended and it stands for; Dynamic Nutrition Advantage - Enhanced with Amized Fusion Technology - Harnessing the power of nutrients for life changing benefits. It's a part of my self-help-feel-better program. Let it work. 

Germany has also arrived, tomorrow towards the spanish horizon to all the pretty horses!

Laia's and Novedosa's beautiful dad Revoltoso XXIX 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 mars 2012 19:26

A day of active relaxation as body was achy, but in a positive way, from the super efficient massage yesterday. So housework, yoga and then gardening. Horses got the day off. 

And the Nina story got a happy ending, this elegant bay young movement talent is her chosen one! He passed vetcheck brillantly and transport is now booked. Despite his young age his movements are very much developed. He has a excellent combination of superior bloodlines. His APTO registration (basic approved for breeding) was done yesterday, when a horse does not have this registration we now always provide our clients the service and arrange this formality before the horse's departure. 

Nina and her beautiful boy


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 mars 2012 22:17

24 degrees today, how about that!?!! Day started with self-care in form of yoga and massage, I will try to be alittle more disciplined with my self-care so I prep my physical a little better. I had lunch in Starbucks and then I was inspired by spring and the slightly red nose to do a little shopping too. Talking about such things I can very much recommend a Aloe Vera product see; I love their facial products and creams called Sonya, lovely.

All boys worked out, Start in walker whilst I was riding Donoso and then he got a workout too and Halagador after him. Tomorrow yoga lesson and more riding. We are prepared for Germany arrival and have made a very nice plan with exciting horses and including a invitation to a studfarm's branding party that we hopefully will be able to squeeze in between the kilometres. 

Would love some new pictures from you people! For example of sold horses in their new homes with new owners would be great. And I would love some new pictures of Donoso's offspring, please send so we can all enjoy and see their development! 

Donoso VII


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 mars 2012 23:00

First, thank you so much everyone for your generous and wonderful comments here and on fb, I very much appreciate them all.

Last saturday evening Nina arrived, a warm positive and generous person that we were very happy to help finding her horse. Now we are back from a few intensive but wonderful days. Nina told us she has been travelling Spain north to south and she has seen around 50-60 horses but for different reasons she never found THE ONE. Now on her fith visit and first time with us, +/-1600 km later, she fell in love with two and after much thinking and feeling she has finally decided which one to vet, tomorrow we will have the verdict on a very exciting horse! 



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