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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 maj 2011 21:21

Yes, that's it. After several years of not knowing what it going on, why the pain, why here, why there, why so tired it is very clear, its Fibromyalgia. Days like today I cannot move, well, I can move around the house, take the dog for a short walk and do some chores but most of the day I need to sit or lie down. These days are more and more frequent and now I need a plan of action. I have realized I need to help myself, get the energy from whereever and get on with it because I am determined not to get stuck in this bodypain. Fibromyalgia is exactly that - pain. Pain in the night, in the morning, during the day and during all activities. Ache is all over, from inside of bone it radiates out through muscles, tendons, ligaments. I am actually in least pain when I am riding, my body seem to relax on a horse. I have stubbornly refused to get help with preparing the horses (there are grooms that does the job) because I wanted to spend as much time with my horses and I feel how they are grooming them. But, I have to save energy and as the riding is the most constructive and most important I will let them help me with the rest, for now, until I am well again. Because I am determined to work these symptoms out of my system, some say fibro is uncurable but that's rubbish, just watch me, no way am I going to give into this, I am a 'vikinga'!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 maj 2011 23:03

Here he is,the absolutely beautiful and very wanted - Buscado! Congratulations to Yeguada Poco Rio and thank you for giving us the pleasure of seeing another Donoso offspring born, this one will for sure be very special, we look forward to follow him!
u. Burlona (PRE)

e. Donoso VII (PRE)
See Buscado live here! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 maj 2011 22:52

Today I had to recover physically and had 2 hours of massage and some shopping. Then on the phone and email rest of day trying to get all ends to meet, busy, busy. Tomorrow signing house at laywer and then get all contracts done for water, electricity, telephone. I have two friends from Sweden coming next week and their priorities are swimmingpool so on friday I am having a expert over to advice on 'how to get it going' etc.
Two sport lusitanos are now sold, congratulations to E and well done for knowing a (two) good horse (s) when you see it (them)!
View from bathroom window

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 maj 2011 21:43

Went riding in the morning and now it is getting hot, finally! Then two horses has passed vetexams today, wonderful, both are super athletic and competes on high level, Grand Prix dressage versus top level PRE championships. Will tell you soon which ones I am talking about. And tomorrow another one is facing the xrays..

Then the house that we started painting today, it will be earthy happy colours, just realised I chose the ones I have here on blog. I am a pink lover so one room will definitely have a pink wall - no doubt. The colour I will definitely not have on ANY wall is yellow. Can't stand that vanilla yellow that everyone loves to paint their walls with, including previous owners of this house, yirk!
We got a new booking on 'Festivo-Il Divo, when am I going to get time to see my big baby?
So tired I can't even think of a picture to post, so that's all for now, more tomorrow!
Actually, here's one for you, guess who this is? On friday we hopefully going to see him..


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 maj 2011 11:18

This is Donoso's first offspring with a Hanovarian mare, result; lovely Ferrosa! Mum Ferrara is a Hanoverian that made her career in showjumping. Ferrosa's owner Tanja says she is the kinderst horse with the best temperament you can wish for and she has already shown she can jump a 120 cm fence! No Donoso offspring is for sale so I was curious to know Tanja's plans and she says that she is very content with her and that she will never ever be for sale!   
Born 2010
u. Ferrara (Hanovarian)
e. Donoso VII (PRE)


These are for you Tanja!
Donoso VII

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 maj 2011 14:37

Molinete XI!!!
Yes, the good news are that Yda. VIKINGA PRE have been sponsored with this young talented boy, we are of course very greatful and excited about this!!    
He will be arriving to us next week and we are going to compete him in morfo-functional shows, so there will be another VIKINGA horse for you follow here on blog, hope you will like him, we look forward to working with him!
See his page Nr 521 

Yesterday I got help with Start, we practiced control of the tempi-ones, three and then medium canter on short diagonals. Then the piaffe, passage, extended trot, half pass, canter pirouettes all in 30 min. If form is good the reward is to stop and walk on loose reins. It is very effective and like this we don't get exhausted and horse is happy and alert. This training suits me (and horses) as it is short, intense and makes you and the horse think less and be attentive on you and the work.

Donoso's pretty lady was also pregnant, jippie!

And we got a new booking of Festivo yesterday, a couple that saw him on stallion exhibition and fell in love. They have been all around Spain but he is the favourite so now he is booked for their mare. 
And yesterday I got the keys to new house, now big cleaning project - happy weekend everyone!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 maj 2011 23:46

Busy days! Project horse is now getting ready to head our way, some contracts need to be signed and then that's the beginning of a new adventure! Tomorrow I will tell you all about it. Today I got some help from the ground with Donoso working his passage and piaffe and flying changes, very good Donut got the swing and loves to perform majestic moves! Antonio (trainer) thinks he is cool guy, so much character, he says with a big grin..    Tomorrow I am getting help with Start. The I did a short fun one on Start and Hagge got a Monty Roberts join-up with Dually halter (got it right?) and then a good roll in paddock afterwards. He was happy and relaxed. I might have to consult my friend Eva-Lisa for some feedback on that one, if she has time, she is preparing a course in Equine Awareness in Sweden, see her hompage here (in swedish)
Here is Festivo and me in article 'Breeding spanish horses for sport' in ECUESTRE this month, the picture is from FIECVAL, the European Championships this year in which F won bronze. I was very happy here, not because of results but because it was OVER! I was absolutely exhausted in a achy body. My big baby looks content also, miss him!
Festivo MR

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 maj 2011 19:06

Today I recieved the sad news that a Donoso foal died in delivery. The mare did not push and he came hind first and was too big big for the veterinarian to turn, so he did not make it. I am so very sorry for I know this was a very much wanted foal, he was a perfect, beautiful and big stallion that would have been Donoso's first PRE boy. I wish I could have helped but I know they did all they could. So so sorry.   
The beautiful PRE mum


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