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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 oktober 2016 13:03

Finally we got autumn here and the rain removed all the dust, so lovely to finally light candles and get the fireplace going. I'm busy preparing Artico that is signed up for his first PRE championship, he will be the first I have bred and prepared from scratch which is special. Yesterday he got shoes on those golden big feet and today he is doing some interesting strides on the lounge, the walk is free and over back and he does a powerful trot extention, go baby-blue-eyes,.



Brillantino will come home this week and I look forward to see what he has learned in macho-school. New stars are selected for sale, this gorgeous PRE with a good level even doing even doing a little levadas, so pretty with that gooorgeous long hair. And I have a new a Grand Prix PSLusitano doing a piaffe passage transition to die for,. For more info please contact via email.


I leave you with some autumn pics of mini gangsters with nanny Chula raising them in her own strict but efficient way,.  SICAB is booked and starts early this year, I hope to see many of you there!? Hasta pronto!!!        




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