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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 31 oktober 2014 14:22

Phew how time flies so many things to doooo! New sand has arrived for my roundpen and I have ordered dressage letters for arena,,  Little by little reminding myself to be patient. Quinto is tacked up with new shiny stuff, not easy to find rugs that fit that neck but found one great one with a triangular stitched cross and no chest extention is needed, although he did not approve and killed it :( But I have to say that other than being a rugmonster he is behaving exceptionally, we have tried the pessoa and he responds so willingly, a very soft, communicative and responsive horse, we get on well he lowers head so I can get bridle over those far-up-ears, love Q! He has started his new outdoor routine, out 1 hour in the morning to begin with but I can see that he won't have any problems with a longer routine either, just need another paddock made so all can be out at the same time. Next week some more painting will be done and I have started new saving mane-mission on D and Q and bodyshaved Start round 2. 

D in his new hairstyle
Here's me testriding a 4,5 year old PRE for sale.
Hope you had a happy halloween, we have had glorious sunshine but tonight it started raining hard so feels like we will have some change in the weather now,. Have a nice brand new week and hasta pronto!   

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 oktober 2014 20:08

Bliss with the sunshine and the high temps, Madrid at it's best! Floor is now dry again, covered with grass and Fresno leaves that the horses love to eat. On friday evening we welcomed Quinto that arrived in a deluxe lorry all by himself, quietly and delicately he stepped into new home and greeted his new friends. Today was workout premiere, of course he was a gentleman and he has already settled in to his new place. Q is very tall so I needed a chair to get up, he thought this was a strange idea but didn't need alot of convincing, the view is good from up there! I will focus on connection work of topline and gym to get him fit and strong to do the excercises. Q is kind, sensitive and alittle shy, such a special horse, congratulations to his new owner for this once in a lifetime horse! More presentation of him and pictures of his offspring coming up. 
I had clients visiting so saturday we were out testriding, always exciting to match a horse to a person just love it. I had selected two PREs for this client and actually both are candidates, now remains the pleasant problem of chosing which one,.
Here some pics of girlies today, with Chula in focus!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 oktober 2014 17:31

Another unique representative of the PRE race has been connected to his new person. It's magic every time to be part of this special and many times long process, sometimes over years, of linking in and syncing on people to their ultimate horse. In this case the new owner wishes to stay anonymous so we shall respect that. This time I have also connected to the the horse that is simply magnificent and represents this race with an unbeatable dignity. So, it's now decided that we will have the great pleasure and honor to integrate him with the rest of the Vikinga-family! He will be part of our training and breeding program so you will be seeing alot more of Mr PRE Superman. Finally I want to give a big g r a c i a s  to everyone involved in making this process such a respectable and professional one. 

Ladies and gentlemen - QUINTO MG!!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 17 oktober 2014 20:26

Days working full on, sitting in a square somewhere in Sevilla with a client who had never seen a prawn ever in life, the next we realize we just missed the train and are having our spaniard chasing it! And yes spaniards are faster than the train!! So greatful people can appreciate the uniqueness of these kind of horses, simply magnificent, the kind that is good for anyone that has ability to appreciate and respect his beauty, I certainly do, he is worth every Euro and more because there simply is no other like this one. Here Mr PRE superman and we love you!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 oktober 2014 21:59

We are having incredible weather here now and Starti has had his first bodyshave, the others doesn't get hairy at all. With new groom in the mornings I have more energy to do more things in the afternoon. Arena is now moist and our second round for grass is sprouting just lovely to see horses grazing abit again after the dry summer.
Here a normal saturday morning, Start does his roll in one corner of the arena, roams around freely until I saw he was going for the acorns, then the fun stopped, nono don't want any gascolics here. Incredible how Start can find things to eat always. Donoso and Viggo playing in the field. Did some shots of the girls with mummies in the evening sun, will post later, enjoying seeing them together but they will have to get independent soon. 
Start and Donoso, Betty and Viggo. 


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