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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 oktober 2015 22:19

I want to congratulate Team Capriole Farms for their achievments and excellent results with their two Vikinga selected dressage PRE stallions in the US Copa USPRE! Now part of the USPRE Dressage Team!! 

Go Kate and Julie!


This weekend was time for Donoso VII to do his first Intermedia I. We drove 35 min up the road and didn't have to stay over which was great because I don't like to leave my horses anywhere. We arrived late so just unloaded and got up riding straight away. Luckily D is 100% with me no fuss and makes everything, relaxed and easy. I was not nervous just enjoying and so was D. Starting the PSG the sky opened, bring it on,. and whilst I was trying to grip the wet slipping reins Donut just went for it and did his best test ever!!! What a feeling! Next day in Int I we had a very heavy muddy arena but despite this he did a great test, nailed all trot extentions, tempi-twos and pirouettes, he was tired but he delivered - my hero! Amazing horse all the way, how I wish that everyone could get a horse with the same type of connection we have, it's simply the best!

Donoso VII warming up at Club de Campo, Madrid.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 oktober 2015 10:46

Autumn is good and fresh, Start is peeled and with his thick rug on. SICAB is pinned on schedule and Donoso is signed up for his first Intermedia I! D absolutely did not like his new gorgeous perfectly fit Aurigan Sprenger curb bit as much as I did, he want his old one slightly to big and alittle bent. OkOk I hear you, old one it is. 

One of Donoso's USA born sons are now sold to Florida, amazing little gorgous guy we look forward to his development and career, congrats to new owners!

Mercurio out of Galaxia IIX & Donoso VII



New V-horse for sale!

My most precious.



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 oktober 2015 22:02

All fourlegged darlings dewormed and vaccinated, today it's raining so everyone inside munching away. So cosy to listen to everyone munching away on their dinner I didn't want to leave this evening. Quinto got a workout in pessoa and in between rainclouds Donoso got a light stretch jog. Start was happy to stay in. I am making plans for my young guys, they have now moved into the stallion stable and paddocks and especially Tico is super content! He is all the time reaching out wanting attention. I have decided that both Tico and Tino are going to start breeding next year and take part our breeding program! They are both so mature in body and mind so I reckon they are ready for that kind of work. Both are asking for action. Exciting with new home-made V-generation!

Artico VIK & Brillantino VIK


Baby Fiero is the most lovable of them all, awsome temperament and sooo beautiful, tall and he just takes my breath away. I have had offers on him thank you so much, but I have decided he will stay with us. And this little gentleman is now registered in PRE studbook;

Fiero the coolest guy.


I want to give some attention to the grown up D-girls and I was very happy to recieve this greeting from Lotta and Parvaneh, thanks alot and good luck on dressage arenas, you both look great!

Doña Parvaneh e. Donoso VII u. Palas.


And this other D-girl just arrived in the loving arms of her new person, we wish Raza and Sara much luck and a alot of exciting new horizons, look forward to follow your journey!
Raza Z e. Donoso VII u. Harmonia Cen



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