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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 november 2013 18:15

O Gud, svårt att sluta gråta idag, denna snälla, roliga, duktiga hästmänniska finns inte mer. Jag lärde känna Kryddan för inte så länge sedan. Hon bjöd hem mig när jag var i Sverige så en vacker sommardag svängde jag inom Kungsbacka för att lära känna henne med familj. Blev så varmt välkomnad och vi åkte även till hennes fina häst som jag fick äran att provrida. Det var verkligen en ära, dels för att det var en riktigt fin häst men också för att Kryddan var extremt noga och petig och endast det bästa var gott nog för hennes häst. Vi diskuterade om jag skulle rida Xadrez på lusitano championatet, men jag tyckte att hon skulle visa honom själv eftersom hon var så i fin symbios med sin häst. Jag föreslog att hon skulle jobba på med arbetstraven så när hon senare skickar denna videon vet jag vilket jobb som ligger bakom det här vackra! Made by Kryddan.

When we first started to talk I remember Kryddan was searching a very healthy horse because all her previous horses had had health problems. So I showed her some or our selected ones I remember a bay carthusian beauty. When she later found and fell in love with this little ferrari lusitano that was it! This was healthy and highly trained lusitano, just what she wanted. So looking back now knowing that a year down the road Kryddan gets diagnosed with cancer, it is just impossible to understand and it feels so incredibly unfair, unbelievable and sad. 

Some time in spring during all this I was healing myself with the teqnique of Zen. At the course I had learnt a teqnique also for cancer. In May I get a impuls and feel I should do something, if I could, for Kryddan. I thought what the hell nothing to loose so I tried to find practitioners in Sweden, but I got no response. So I thought perhaps I am the one to try to help her and I buy a ticket to Sweden. I went to Sweden and we were in contact but Kryddan and her family decided they got all the support they needed from the swedish healthsystem. I got the impression the healthcare has given their absolute best support, how wonderful. 

In the meantime Kryddan sells her horse. We stand by understanding what it means when she chooses to let him go.  


So I say goodbye to you dear Kryddan, now that you are not limited by pain in your body you can go on and ride your heavenly Grand Prix, and I will not say you will always be with me because I believe in letting go and you should go on and continue your journey. 
Varmaste hälsningar och tack till Kryddans man Hans och hennes son Viktor för all den tid, värme och omtänksamhet vi fick från henne via Facebook. 

RIP Kryddan.  


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 november 2013 14:45

When finally the cold arrived to Madrid, most days are just too cold for me to ride so I let horses and me get into the natural winter rest. We have been studying the fence and floor material for the arena. Seems that a layer of this sized stone with fibermat over and then the silica sand on top of that should be a the best combination. I like this fencing but I want to paint it and then this material is not valid. Looks good and solid though, classical swedish type :)

So now focus is on setting up and get ready for the coming year by doing yoga and getting as well as possible. Today I have started a new treatment I am giving to myself called ASEA, which is basically a healthsupplement that works on a cellular level containing redox molecules that helps our cells to communicate and the body to heal itself naturally. Let's see how it goes!


Camaron has had his little surgery clean-up by vets and farrier and it was a success! He had an inflammation behind the scartissue so it had to be opened and cleaned out. Now he looks very relieved and with the special heartshaped support shoe and bandage. 


I went to visit the mares I have selected for Julie, USA, here her beautiful jetblack girl soon ready to fly :)


And hope to see you all in SICAB, I will be there 4rth - 8th of December, eyyyyyyy - let's have some fun!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 november 2013 15:20

This summer two breeders from Denmark inseminated 5 mares with Donoso VII and all 5 was confirmed in foal after first insemination. As my swedish storage was running out they had to share 3 dosis between all 5 of them but these incredible mares was confirmed on first insemination and there are still straws left over for next year!! Super fertile Donoso! Awesome mares! And warm thanks and congratulations to most professional danish breeders and veterinarians!
This result is of course a total sucess for all of us and we look forward to seeing 3 PRE babies and 2 PRE/Knabstrupper babies (yes the ones with the dots) D-babies being born summer 2014 in Denmark!       

But I have not had the best experience with setting up and storing semen abroad. To make Donoso VII conveniently available to the swedish breeders I sent a relatively big storage to Flyinge in south of Sweden some years ago. Unfortunately the breedingstation Flyinge changed policy and I had to move storage to another company called Skåne Semin. I contracted their services and being in Spain I obviously relied on them to do the job with orders and transportation. Still I seemed to be constantly on the phone to mareowners and coordinating emails. This summer there was a incident with transportation and a mare did not have her semen delivered in time. The delivery was not only delayed but actually lost so all the semen was destroyed and the mare did not get pregnant. Disaster and a loss for all of us. When the storage company later wanted to send a bill for this failed delivery I had had enough. I did not ask for a compensation for my lost semen but I wanted the company to at least compensate the mareowner for the veterinarian costs related to this incident. As far as I know they never did.
So now I have decided to keep storage with my veterinarian here in Spain, Vet. Dra Concha Cuetara who is the most professional in her field, she collects, evaluates, stores and transports the most valuable semen all over the world with 100% expertise. And she will never fail a client.       

Studshow at Cuetara's facilities in Aranjuez 2011, Concha Cuetara far left.
I am very pleased and proud to be able to offer first class breedingservices from Donoso VII worldwide! Donoso's semen has passed many tests from the TRC and Dra C. Cuetara but most importantly has now proven to have excellent fertility in the field. With these guarantees I have fullfilled my responsability as the stallionowner. I don't consider myself responsable for the status of the mare and I reckon it's the responsability of the mareowner to contract a professional enough veterinarian to do a good job with the insemination. So from 2014 and onwards the semen will be sold by dosis and will be charged when ordered. Like this I can give the mareowner the right to inseminate unlimited amount of mares and they get the oportunity to, like the danish breeders, get more mares pregnant on one single shipment!


Please visit for info on breeding with thee fantastic PRE stallions!
We are happy to be able to offer both Donoso VII and Festivo MR internationally, two exceptional Calificado studs! Donoso is available on FAI to all breeders in Europe, USA and Australia. We distribute Festivo via FAI to all european countries. Halagador is available to mares in Spain. 
Donoso VII

Festivo MR

Halagador Cen


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 november 2013 12:29

Two happy young stallions had fun yesterday! See full picture albums under their respective pages 

Artico VIK & Brillantino VIK 7 months old 




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 november 2013 14:17

Did get to do one yoga session this week so happy about that, I was totally off the day after but today I got phisio and feel recovered. 
Super happy with Tino's leg! After stiches were removed I was not totally happy as there was still inflammation. So this week I have been massaging with Arnica around the wound + Furacin and Plus Healing + bandage and now it is beautifully pink and not the slightest swollen, hurra!!! It has been many bandages by now so I have been ordering material from a vetshop that delivers to your door, how convenient and comfy :)

Nova will need another surgery :( she has a part of her heel that she re-stepped on, fun fun so that little extra piece probably has to be removed, poor girly, here we go again. We might aswell remove Camarons piece to prevent possible future trouble when we are at it, so snip-snip the coming week and more nurse-standby. Tomorrow stable work for me and painting for others, I leave you with these picts and wish everyone a happy weekend!

Camaron au-natural and happy in his paddock


And here a some of my favourite selected PRE horses for sale that I can recommended for both quality and price. 
Ref 685; Contrasted stud PRE stallion Cartujano/ Yeguada Militar


Ref 686; PRE colt born 2011


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 november 2013 23:23

Is absolutely part of being a breeder and even though I get very stressed when things happens to my horses I actually love the 'nursing' part, after all that's when you bond with the horses and get to really know their personalities. Today my plan was to let Camaron out in upper field and do a photo-session but instead I had to go earlier and get the mares under roof because we've had extreme storm winds. So all snuggled up in their beds and I became the daily horse-nurse again. Vet had Tino's stitches removed today and had left the leg without bandage to breathe. Hmm, I did not want to leave it unprotected just yet. He got a Arnica/Plus Healing Cream massage around the scar that he loved, it's super itchy and he got a cute long trunk, he's the guy that loves it all! I did a light bandage that I will change tomorrow of course together with clean-up and a new massage, heal heal little wound can't wait to see his leg normal again. He is not lame but it is abit swollen and alittle infected in the edges. Hopefully weather will change so I can get them both out on wednesday, little pirates need to move. Camaron got his cleanup and has now a new cream for his hoof-wound. We are getting to know each other and I let him perform his levadas in the stable now, very good boy! I am not super happy with the healing of Nova's wound so I have ordered a gel-spray that protects and helps the healing process. She does not accept any form of bandage, totally out of the question it gets ripped off in one milli-second. Donoso and Start are my big support these days, they are just fine and today they did not need absolutely anything from me since they have had 3 days of good workouts. Pica was cool also after grooming.
Halagador is doing great! He will actually be in a equestrian show already this month, I look forward to seeing Mr Black in his right element!
I hope it will be a little more professional than this :)


And that he will get to do some of his favourite stuff like this


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 november 2013 20:51

Left last visitors at airport 7 am and went straight to physiotherapy, have been able to ride both S y D two days in a row now thanks to yoga. I really need to stay fit to be able to ride, I have realized the pain in my body gets worse when I don't do riding daily. Yoga will keep me fit to ride and riding will keep me fit to live, so yoga will now also be on the daily schedule. Pehaps it sounds too much for a aching body but when you have a physical condition you have to move more so your cells get massaged and lymphatic system activated. I have been recommended to buy a trampoline, apparently it's supposed to be a great recovery tool and even NASA uses this for astronauts recovery program. I will also start to observe what substances (food) gives me pain and what not and pay more attention. Yes this is a fulltime job that requires you being your own boss. As fibromyalgia is a hypersensibility towards everything from certain food, temperatures and of course also your psychological state, it is important to think positively and stay happy. Sunny weather certainly helps. Today we've had another incredible autumn day for sitting in the sun, riding in the field, sunrays coming through the trees and hooves stepping on crunchy leaves, mares grazing. Soulfood.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 november 2013 13:11

Happy Halloween! Time flies, temperatures has dropped but we still have sunshine. This week my babies have been out in the sunshine running their little legs on dry soil, it was lovely to see the little bandits out again!


I have had visitors all week and here are two beautiful blondes socializing.
Lusitano Camaron sold to Switzerland with Elsa from Sweden

I am in contact with the new owners of Donoso's offspring Pinturero BAT, they are very happy with their colt and now they would like to purchase a filly sired also by Donoso VII. If you have a D-offpring and would like the oportunity to export to a serious buyer in USA, then please contact me and provide pictures and video of both filly and the dam. The filly needs to be registered, there are still 4 fillies in the process to be registered in Sweden as far as I know. 

D and me last year, when we are back on a arena again nothing will (read I will let nothing) stop us! 
DONOSO VII - Calificado FEI Prix St George stallion available for breeding in USA, AUS and Europe.



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