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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 augusti 2016 00:32

Uy time flies and I am summer lazy with blogging but here's comes a quick update from us as we are just about to take off on a Sweden holiday, tjohooo!!
Finca has got new 2,5meter fencing so hopefully we will now have a herd only with PREs and without the addition of cows, bulls and donkeys,.. Both Starti and Donoso are now back in daily traing and I am aiming for Startis GP comeback this autumn cross fingers we'll get there! Chula has had a difficult 2,5 weeks, she got a trauma to her eye and need treatment several times/day. It's now much better and now she can keep her eye totally open. It took her 2 weeks to give in to treatment it was tough but finally she surrendered, very frustrating for her and me. As always my horses reflect myself so I learnt something interesting thanks to Chula and this situation,.


Several new PREs for have been selected for sale, a mulitichampion, a Grand Prix incredible and some young talents, visiting clients are booked for September, have a great ending of August, hasta pronto!!    






Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 augusti 2016 14:52

Hellllooouuuuuu in the middle of the lovely summer!!! 

I have to admit I have been lazy with the blogging but here comes a short update!
Donoso is back in training so riding him and Starti, Artico is back from his breeding job in Aranjuez so now I am training him aswell as a proper grown-up. We froze him for USA, Mexico, Australia and Europe and he has already had some bookings for 2017, welcome to contact me for info if you want to reserve your breeding with Artico for next year!

Here he is the day we picked him up and arriving home, so proud of my first own bred breeding stallion he is one of a kind! Tico is also very special to me because he really shows that I am his person, he is starting to feel like my third soul-horse,..   


And here is TIno! Still in summer school, now he knows rearing, laterals and some tricks like sitting/lying down! He learns quickly and is very good student according to his teacher, gracias buén trabajo Oscar! 

And I want to share this gorgeous golden perlino 3 years old I have sold to a very lucky and ambitious PRE breeder, how about a PRE championship for this one!?!!
Hasta pronto! 

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