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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 29 juni 2014 22:10

Start and Donoso have done the premiere tour of arena hurrayyyy!! I have longed so much for this moment it almost felt sacred stepping into the sandpit, ears pierced forward on all of us and the boys happily cantered into the softness, super happy to dig in with muscles rather than joints and tendons taking the impact of a hard floor. Wow, for a passionate dressage person this got to be one of the happiest moments in my little life, highly rated anyway!!! It has been 16 months training in fields, but I think we did great and I have to say that I have not have one leasion since I changed stables. Ok it's not ideal and very unglamorous without a proper floor, muddy in the winter, hard in the summer but horses are perfect in health, motivated and I not had even one lesion, no swollen tendons, no joint problems, no suspensory issues - nothing. And I have not even given them joints supplements, no Hyaluronic acid just good food some minerals and that's it. They are all happier and healthier with this more natural routine with freedom outdoors on a daily basis, so now when we've got the balance we can get alittle more ambitious!
Fibro is not being cooperative so right now I have started to take Cortisol (Hydrocortisone) to see if I can be helped by this at all. I have been working alot for clients and when I do not get to ride regularly I get worse, so riding is my physiotherapy and has to be prioritized so arena will be benificial also for my own health. Meanwhile the youngsters are growing like grass and here is 'Tico' checking out the girls in the field next door. 
Artico 15 months old


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 juni 2014 11:41

Well not me but the horses at the farm, and now also one happy gelding PRE who has settled into a life strolling under the fresno trees, how hard can it be!? Well it's actually not that easy to get used to a life outdoors again after having been a stallion and stabled the last 3 years. But little by little Capi got into his new routine with me handwalking him first. So when I let him free he was quiet strolling around smelling the green and even grazing abit. Mission completed, all happy :)
This morning

I am working lots and lots and lots, learning photography which is actually great fun but tricky and meeting professional breeders and owners which is interesting. I am very inspired always by the fantastic horses, this one below for example, merited up to his ears both in dressage and championships, calificado parents, super stud and movements for international dressage. Not many of those around! And I have a PSG doing the most incredible tempi ones, just fluid! Both readily negotiated and on direct sale straighforward no fuss.  
One black very interesting PRE is coming in for training and competition and will also be on for sale. 
AGI - Exclusive PRE
His page;

My girly girls have moved upstairs next door to young huligans which went well with super fence. Both are just adorable and such beauties, moving elegantly over the field and it's a dream to watch. I wish I could keep both of them but I have to focus on my breeding plan which is to get D-girls into my mare herd. So Chula is for sale. Her album on page is updated and she has had her 4 month birthday now. She's adorable, has the most beautiful head and neck ever, golden baya and is pure elegance with the sweetest personality, absolute love-bug. I wish only the best home for her and I hope she can be seen at a future PRE championship.
My Chuli-baby 4 months  

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 juni 2014 21:22

Being a busy farm-girl and a businesswoman not quite sure how to get it all done but somehow things work out in the end! Today we have had some refreshing showers of summer rain, lovely for the horses. I have been out touring selecting and studying horses for sale and collaborating with my network of professional breeders and trainers and I have selected some new excellent yet affordable horses and got updates on some of already selected ones. I work exclusively with direct sales which means I have direct contact with the owners/breeders and I can control that there are no double/triple comissions added on top of the prices, very pleased about this and so much better for all of us!
Here one of my favourites, a super beauty multi-medal Calificado PRE with very pure bloodlines and in blending silver white! I have followed him on competition, he is bred and owned by friends of mine and know his history well. Fantastic horse and for sale! 

EUS, born 2006, Calificado stud merited at top level spanish championships, Lovera line
His page;


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 3 juni 2014 22:17

As we say in Sweden, a funny way of feeling satisfied with yourself is really getting on with your stuff in such a way that in the end of the day you almost 'die' falling over the finish line. To a swede it's sooo satisfactory with all the ticking off from your to-do-list, yes?! Daily routine stuff is just not enough, it has to be a multitasking super day which for me includes; Stable workout in the morning, training big boys in evening, tending to small boys/girls in between, perhaps getting car washed, shopping, arranging for breeding certificates to be sent all over the world, irrigation of lawn, cooking, making pending phonecalls, answering emails- sending information- discussing horses- locating horses- negotiating horses, chasing the hay-guy,.... yeeeeees squeeeeze it all in and we have the typical multitasking day everyone says is so super bad for you. But it feels great! When I have energy I'm happy and I want to take the oportunity to do as much as I possibly can. Recipie? Coffee, cocacola and carbo-food works for me. Big nonos according to the health-profets. But I do do fresh jouices and sun, legs up for an hour at least and effective powernaps. My one physical strenght will probably be sleeping, great way of recovering and I have no problem with sleep. Fundamental.
Congratulations to Holland and good luch with this talented GP sired beautiful guy!


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