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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 maj 2014 14:34

I want to make it clear I work independently via my web since 3 months ago and that I will not be able to attend you on my old email, the best way to reach me is on my new email;
Here's a greeting from Kristine from England, she purchased two horses unseen 2008, first a showhorse by the name Perla and a PRE called Danzador, great to know both horses came to the very best hands!
Hi Viktoria, Sadly I lost Perla about 5 weeks ago, he looked fantastic and to look at him one would never have guessed he was 20 years old but sadly his back legs became increasingly problematic – I paid for treatment on his tendons and had his joints injected but in the end he still was not confortable even on painkillers so I made the decision to say goodbye. He had a lovely peaceful end and is buried under the tree in his favourite paddock. He had a lovely life here and was a very happy horse and gave me so much pleasure and confidence – he was the most bombproof horse to hack.  He was sound until about 1 month before we lost him – but in the end the wear and tear suddenly caught up. Danzador is fine – lovely horse and adored by all. We do mainly schooling, hacking and the odd dressage competition – he is very chilled about life and a really kind person – he is also very, very clever. He is very well indeed and spends half a day out at grass with his companion and half a day in the yard which seems to suit him very well.
Kristine and Danzador 2014


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 maj 2014 17:20

Ladies checked again and both little new hearts are still ticking nicely inside Novedosa and Picara, love! And ladies got new proper haircuts with the help of stylist and veterinarian Jorge, thank You so much for all your assistance and excellent work with the herd!!
Girls today
'Capi' has started to settle in and work lightly on the pessoa after his surgery that is healing well. And Camaron has left for his new home in Switzerland, he's a special one to me as we have had a long journey together, have a great life you special little one!

Here in shower after last workout and he says goodbye with his favourite move :)

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 maj 2014 21:44

And finally it is raining! Perfect timing, now we will have green pastures for another month, so good for us!! I have had visitors from Sweden this week and got all the horses teeth done, very happy about that, thanks alot best Janne!

New guy 'Capi' gets his teeth done
And Ulrika on Camaron

Capi has had his castration surgery done which went perfect and the lower temps are perfect for healing so all great. Today he has been working out light on the pessoa and so did Donoso, Start and Camaron. A kind spanish woman came driving down to the stables and called out asking if I had a galgo in a blue jacket, she had just stopped him from the highway, naughty Viggo, not sure how he got out but tomorrow I have to go over fences, again. Gracias gracias gracias!
Knabstrupper Tania in Denmark has had another baby colt from Donoso, this time a PRE! Will post pictures here. Looks like Tania is going to get all boys, D has had more fillies that colts so far so Tania's baby quote will even out his gender statistics. D has one PRE partbreed boy, three PRE and one Knabstrupper colt, the rest are all females! And at least two PRE girls born 2010 and 2012 waiting to be registered. If you want to breed with the purpose of selling the offspring I can recommend to breed with Donoso and contact me when offspring is born as I have clients interested in buying his offspring, especially colts but also other requirements as specific bloodline combinations. I have been in contact with the breeders that used D but most do not want to sell, which is also great news of course! 
Donoso VII May 2014

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 18 maj 2014 12:50

Finally yesterday D-semen arrived to USA, hurray!! It has been a long and harduous story, basically USA import protocol changed and all communication between the official departments had to go via Brussels. Dra Concha Cuetara has been working nonstop on the issue since last year to get the shipment sent officially correct and finally she did it, thank you so much Concha for all your work!
And Denmark is letting it happen!! A danish breed called Knabstrupper allows crossing with PRE for genetic improvement. Visionary breeder Tania Mortensen has chosen Donoso VII for her breedingprogram and below you can see the first result, a beautiful colt and future Knabstrupper breeding stallion!! This colt has the sought after red leopard spots.The spotted coat is caused by a genetic mechanism called the leopard complex. The spotted color patterns common in the Knabstrupper are seen in other breeds, such as the Appaloosa horse, though the two breeds developed independently of one another. The Knabstrupper breed generally has either warmblood or baroque horse conformation. Some Knabstruppers are born with solid colors, such as bay or chestnut and it's a very functional breed, used for sport both in dressage and show jumping. Today Knabstruppers are bred in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, and, most recently, Australia and New Zealand.

Tania is the breeder that used the contract buy 3 dosis with unlimited breedingcerts and she got 5 mares pregnant on these 3 dosis frozen D-semen! Three are now born, 1 PRE colt, 1 PRE filly and now this Knabstrupper colt. Another black spotted Knabstrupper mare is due soon, wishing Tania good luck with her exciting breeding project!
Knabstrupper colt sired by Donoso VII 

PRE filly by Donoso VII born in Denmark

PRE colt by Donoso VII born in Denmark

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 maj 2014 09:11

Jippi, I now have newly fenced fields and all horses has their own grassfield! Camaron next door to young gansters.
Camaron, Artico & Brillantino


Mares have their lower/middle field, Start roams around the finca in the morning and stays in his paddock in the afternoon and Donoso is fence to fence with Start AND the mares!! Calm, happy breeding stallion wants to see the girls and then he can quietly do his grazing, I don't even need double fencing, just a slight electricity on wire and that's it :)
Donoso VII

Picara was confirmed in foal on a first with Donoso! So cross fingers next year I will be expecting my foals around pretty much the exact same date.
Novedosa with a growing D-baby for 2015

Super thanks to my dear parents that give me endless support, because of them I am able to carry on with my project here! Nu är jag etablerad här, det blir så och det betyder att vårt stall i Halmstad blir ledigt för uthyrning, kontakta gärna mig vid intresse. 

And a new arrival to our stables today; Dressage PRE that I have selected and sold to Florida, congratulations Linda!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 maj 2014 22:31

Uplifting, inspiring and fun, how greatful am I not to have the oportunity to get help from olympic super spaniard, Juan Manuel Muñoz is not only a excellent rider he is also a great teacher! Felt a genuine support and got the help I needed, great, thank you so much!! Start first day and Donoso second. I have changed routine for Start as he is very hot and moody, so he has been grazing and all day in paddock inside during the night. Start is a super kind horse but with a big personality and when he doesn't like something he definitely don't like it. A year ago I fell badly from a chair trimming one of his ears and since then he has not let me touch that ear, so I let it be. But now a few days ago he was ok and normal with his ear again. However working he is still very hot! So I asked Juan Manuel for help with getting him regular, here working principally on this.
Hope you like it!


Then to the passage/piaffe transitions to get them more even, quiet and better balanced.  

Canterwork and tempis; Practising self-carriage and control of my leg and Start's hindlegs. At times I loose the feeling of my legcontact in the tempi-ones, so to maintain contact I compensate with handcontact instead of maintaining all contact with my leg. So I asked for help with this. 

So to get there; Activation of hindlegs, more legcontact and lighten up hand, got it!

And finally pirouette work with Start; 

With Donoso I wanted to practice bases for balance, selfcarriage and getting lighter in hand and front. And as I have no help from the floor normally I asked for this to get him more on his hindquarters. So we did with this kind work, laterals shoulder in, half pass and collected workouts. 
Donoso VII 

And final work with Donoso!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 maj 2014 10:35

Monday again after a super intensive horse weekend; One passed vetexam, Novedosa confirmed in foal with Donoso, a new selection of wonderful horses with alot of I want factor, sun, professionals and good people - very greatful for this is work at it's best! 
Here a 3 year old PRE lady I selected as she has a great future for dressage and breeding. Here you can see her quality of movement totally natural without tension and this how I would like more PREs to move - naturally suspended without tension, correct, powerful and elastic, love this lady! New horses are/will be listed on web and fb but not all so please send me your requirements in as much detail as possible if you are looking to purchase a PRE of high quality. I need to know your specific purpose with the horse, personal preferences and +/-budget frame. 
Ref MOA; Link to her page;

Her beautiful dad, highly merited from both dressage and championships



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