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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 september 2014 14:21

Glorius day. Taking the time to appreciating the sunshine, after the rain we feel refreshed and grass is growing. I have been working intensively the last 6 months, no weekends, no holiday and it's hard to stop when the train is running fast. I have to admit I'm an addict to work and I don't really feel the need of holiday's but recharging for a day is good. Now is I am now reconnecting to myself and to my old and new friends. I have had old friends visiting from England and latinamerica, we have not much in common except long time friendship and connection and we enjoy our differences. So very thankful to the people and animals around me right now, for feeling strenght, vitality and passion. People around us are our references and really think that when we are desiring connection to others we need to find connection with ourselves, but it's definitely healing to hang out with a connected friend. And I admit I live for connection and I suffer when I don't have it. 
Leave you with these favourite quotes from people wiser than me, have a great rest of the day! 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 september 2014 15:46

Finally a little rain and some autumn feeling, arena soaked, no puddles tip top! Closed windows and light rugs for D and S for the first time since may. Actually closed by my parents that are here giving me a hand and the farm a facelift, as always happy to help, so greateful to them! My father just had his 70th birthday and with family gathering my brother polished up all office electronical stuff, puh always abit of a thriller to learn the high-tec but makes work easier so thanks brodern who also has a tremendous patience,. 

D and S had had 1 week off but outdoors all day long you would think they would be quiet, BUT NO, this is my favourite lusi having a party one afternoon :)
Start PSLusitano now 15 years old and sharper than ever.

Now looking forward to next week when our new groom is starting! With 4 hands I will be able to focus better on their training and we will also have a new 4 legged arrival in the female herd.
Here ralatives to horse family from last weeks business trip, I had a great day with my friend, gracias PM por el mejor safari!
Female herd at stud Paco Martí. 

And here my Euforia yesterday before her haircut, decendant from this beautiful family, now inscribed in studbook.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 september 2014 14:12

Summer still here, we are all up for some water now but then I'm sure it will come and then we start agonizing about the mud so better enjoying the moment of sunshine as long as it lasts I for sure love it! Making preparations for the coming months and have been interwieving 2 stable staff, first one did not have the touch, forgot the gate to the mares was open, girls got out and fell over the weelbarrow and well what can I say it was just not meant to be. My animals need to be in good safe hands that's just how it has to be.
So we are now celebrating second mare selected and passed vetting for South Africa! After two failed vetchecks it is all about attitude and looking at how things are meant to be always for the best because they are and we are now very greatful we will be able to send this excellent filly!! Super ahtletic 3 year old 165cm girl and the extra happy news are that she will not be going alone because she'll be carrying a Donoso baby, D-linage to SA - great stuff!

Here Donoso playing with Viggo in the monday morning sunshine 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 september 2014 22:16

Donoso is getting his tempi ones now 3 in a row, yes!!! D is twelve years old now and he is just getting better and better, yes he is physically strong but it's the mind that does it, sometimes he chooses and sometimes I choose what to work on, he tells me he is ready :) Being outside all day makes a difference and we have super nice weather now with little lower tems so horses are happy in the field all day.

I am busy now with selection and vetting mares, touchdown 1 passed and two failed prepurchase exams and more next week, no time to get bored!
Capi is doing fine, I got a short clip of him working and this nice email which made my day :)

'Hello Viktoria, Hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love Capi!  He is just a wonderful animal and we could not have asked for anything better. He and I are totally in love :)
He is putting weight on nicely and seems very very happy. He is so wonderful on the ground and has such a great work ethic everyone has to keep reminding themselves he is only five! We are planning on showing him in December in the FEI test for five year olds which should be a lot of fun.
Thank you so much for all your help with him, he is exactly what I would have selected if I had come to Spain to try horses!' 

Here a 3 year old buckskin PRE selected and sold to USA 

New 173 cm chestnut PRE stud stallion Marin Garcia line


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