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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 oktober 2013 23:57

Another working week has passed this one without any visitors, I'm satisfied, no new incidents or accidents with horses, Halagador is getting trained and two sales were confirmed -the buckskin filly and also this exciting black mare, both for my friend in USA!
Camaron is a easy going stallion and very lovable! His hoof
 is under control, he had an absess and now the farrier has trimmed his hooves, opened the absess and relieved the pressure. I will xrays the hoof next week just to check so all is ok on the inside. Trace of absess.


 So today I could spend a relaxed cosy evening in stables with the rain pouring down outside. My fabulous ladies got a haircut, Pica even let me trim her ears now with the machine, my queen. But the most impressive is Tino. He let's me cut up his bandage, clean the wound and bandage and he does not even lift his leg, incredible little guy! Tico is good but as he is so used to it all by now and he can still protest when he gets fed up, he's had stuff going on since he was 3 days old. His strangle boil is now drying up and no other horses are showing any symtoms, so my sanitary precautions seems to have worked so far. 

Here's Tino's wound right now, it's healing very well but it's still a big wound, sorry for all these nasty pics but hopefully they will get more and more pleasant :) The black is charcoal, keeps wound dry. 

Tomorrow I recieve new visitors from Germany closely followed by Sweden. I finish with something nicer to rest your eyes on, have a great weekend!

Talented PRE Yerbero and Juan Lecina in PSG Spanish Championships 2013.


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 oktober 2013 14:37

And the rain keeps pouring down so today all horses inside and officework nonstop until stable in evening. I have just sold a selected buckskin PRE filly to USA Nr 627; and I am waiting for a black top class PRE mare to be confirmed also for the same USA friend. 

Halagador is in the hands of this spanish artista now, perhaps he won't teach him exactly this haha :) but he will teach him some cool things for sure! 


Camaron already feels at home, he's a lovely personality! 


Here his hoof-injury that I am now treating. It is actually abit of the flesh that is visible so now he is on antibiotics and antiinflammatory. Tomorrow the specialist farrier will give me his opinion on how to proceed with this as I have no experiece of this kind of injury. But I am getting pretty good at healing wounds and bandages ;) 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 oktober 2013 10:43

Camaron the artist cremello lusitano we selected and sold to Switzerland arrived yesterday and will stay unil he leaves for his new wonderful home next year. More of this kind beauty later. I spend lots of time taking care of my convalescent horses and jogging Donoso and Start. Tico does not want to take his medicine and does the spanish walk to defend himself. Poor thing I can understand how he is fed up. Tino is full of life and just wants to do party-schools over air preferable several in a row before he lands, and I close my eyes and hold my breath,.. 

As I have much on my hands right now I have decided to send off Halagador to a friend for a little while, uf but mum has to be sensible. He will go to arty-school and he will be trained and ridden in the way I like, he is in perfect shape to learn new things. Below pictures taken last week from our training at Los Arcos.
Halagador with is artist-soul will now get to use his talent for learning new things. 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 oktober 2013 16:37

Tico had to have a mini-surgery to help his boil to burst, I am so pissed off having to see my baby with this shabby disease, in 40 years of breedig horses my family had not had this even once. It's matter of hygiene and being sensible about cleanliness and I can't identify with my horse having this at all. Yes it's a tricky one to spot as horses can be silent carriers of the infection wihout showing any symptoms whatsoever. Either Tino or the new tall girl Javier bought must have brought the infection. All new horses will from now on be in cuarantene 3 weeks before they enter my stables.
My babies having siesta today.

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 oktober 2013 12:20

Today horses have been outside eating the fresh sprouting grass after the rain. Tino's wound is healing, today he has been out doing acrobatics and he was not lame at all. Tico is abit low, has a swollen gland under throat and a runny nose and is on antibiotics. Nova's wound is healing slowly but well. Just to add to last weeks excitement my dog got hold of a packet of rat-poison,.. but he got to vet in time, will be eating vitamin K for a month to prevent internal bleeding. I have been pretty finished after a week of literally thousands of kilometres with clients monday to thursday and worrying about animals nonstop. But now I am rested after a non-horsey weekend with family and disconnected with Madrid shopping and relax. Ready for a new week!
The most beautiful in black - Halagador.  



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 oktober 2013 21:04

Today Tico was diagnosed with strangles and Tino had to be stiched up. 



Tino got 6 stiches and will be fine, he was such a incredible star, just rested his head in my arms and let the vet stich him up. I am absolutely blessed with intelligent and cooperative horses. Tico is fine, no fever, no runny nose or other symptoms except the huge bump that will probably burst at some point, puh can't wait,..
Tomorrow all horses stay in, I need to focus on going out with a client. What can I say, I am emotionally exhausted. Lycky to have my mother here and my vet-aunt is coming on thursday, how convenient,.. 
Some pre-trauma pics from Halagador training today.



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 oktober 2013 16:56

All including Nova enjoyed a morning turnout. Her wound is slowly recovering, she is very sore as you can understand but still very brave and cooperative. One or two bandages/ day is necessary. 
Spain is not so much about glamour, pretty much everything practical is a problem here. Today I had to call the deliverer of forrage because several 500kg packets were spoiled. Paid for forrage, paid for delivery, paid neighbour for storing it. I told him he needs to pick up the spoiled hay as it is inconveniently taking up storage space. He told me he only removes unopened packages, and I asked him how I could possibly know that the forrage is spoiled if I don't open it? Spain would be such a nice place to live if only people liked to help each other out a little, take responsability for their job and cooperate. 
Last week at the Spanish Championships I engaged a discussion at a dinnerparty with a known Grand Prix rider, we were talking about conservative Spain and the big handicap from having been under a dictatorship for many years. The rider claimed that sometimes it is good to be a dictator for your horse and that Franco had not been all bad for Spain.
Oh my god. End of discussion.

But it is not all doom and gloom, Halagador is right now lodging at stables Los Arcos and we are enjoying our training here. Very convenient as our finca is just across on the other side and today we could hear Donoso calling from his paddock, H recognized him answered, cute. Halagador is in total harmony, shows his super manners and fits in very well with the beautiful typical spanish architecture :)




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 oktober 2013 00:05

Sunshine and more glorious sunshine, now the ultimate climate, sun in combination with fresh air and moist earth, can't be any better! The horses are taking turns in the big upperfield and the one and only paddock now that finca is getting a face-lift, my new passion is the sight of a tractor moving dirt!

Start has already got his first bodyshave, he has had some allergy reactions but I have him under control, no steroids, so far my own treatments works. Nova is still convalescent, the other day her wound started to bleed again and today she had ripped open her bandage, no bleeding but the wound had opened as stitches had come off. As you can see it is a fairly big part of hoof so I am very anxious to get this healed in a good way. The stitched part will eventually come off, it has to little attachment. I had left my phone at home today so of course I couldn't call vets for assistance with new bandage so I cleaned it up and made a new bandage that I was happy with.

I have the cold from hell with a terrible cough so I should really be more still but how can I with 10 horses waiting to be cared for in the evening. Boys have to make do with pessoa-workouts because riding is really not on. As mares stays in with Nova boys take turns for big upperfield and enjoys glorious sunny afternoons rolling in dirt, yum.
Halagador yesterday.

Viggo yesterday, also big fan of the sun.


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