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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 augusti 2012 12:30

Here's a horse we are happy to recommend, he is 8 year old Hispanoluso (PRE/PSL), a excellent iberian cross for strong physique, ahtletic movements and great workethics. 

This horse is well below pricelevels compared to a pure PRE/ PSL but still measures up to Horsespre's quality standards and is a great horse for sport and pleasure;
1. Healthy

2. Clear mind

3. Beautiful correct conformation

4. Good size 165 cm

5. Three good correct gaits

6. Correct bases of training

For more information contact Viktoria on; 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 augusti 2012 19:52

I believe we all have a need to feel connected, even animals. So when a person comes to look for their horse, personally or from a distance, we have to find the connection. Once that element is there the match will be a good one. Sometimes people connect because they see a challenge in the horse. Other times the connection is to beauty, a certain personality or other quality traits such as movements, level of training, the possibility of success, or to a possible economical profit. We see what we want in the horse and sometimes we even feel a need of what it represent to us. Most people are aware of what their new horse is representing to them which is good. We want the match to be as close as possible to the dream and vision of the person. Then the person will also the right one for the horse as when you are connected you feel a natural responsability to take care of the animal the best possible way.

Here is a horse that has a personality that is easy to connect to. He has postive attitude, typical spanish looks, square conformation, good hindlegs, good kneeaction and shoulders and he is accomodating. He likes the attention of people and he listens. 

Nr 551 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 augusti 2012 12:17

Here running on low-energy levels, various check-ups at the doctor, a sunday of rest, good homemade food with lots of vitality, nutritional supplements and massage. With groom served horses I can give all three boys a nice good work out, my beautiful super students! Donoso can go from full on, low round stretch out canter to 100% collected canter ready for a form in three steps, so powerful loving the challenges, the more difficult the better for Donut! I have to really make an effort to come up with new excercises to keep him stimulated. And today Halagador did a clean flying change, oh so proud of him! His canter work is good enough for it now, his gym is built up little by little, with emphasis on little as he's nr 3 in line and the one who gets a lounging or paddock when I run out of energy. 

But Halagador made his job and got black girl pregnant not once but 3 times! Unfortunately she reabsorbed all three. As she had a perfect cycle, no infection or no other visual problem the veteriarians recommended hormonal treatment to maintain pregnancy. The reason for estrus being reabsorbed after confirmed pregnancy in most cases depend on the mare's low hormonal levels. So when nature says no it is up to us to choose to trick it, go with it. In this case her owner choose not treat her mare with hormones. So unfortunately and sadly there will be no Halagador baby next year. 

I am still looking into how to get semen from Donoso to Australia, the tests from last freezing are not valid so we need to make the procedure all over again. I am looking into costs for client and as I am not able to train him much whilst there I need to see if I can fit in freezing with competition schedule. So still working on that. 

This is Halagador covering last year and the pretty little longlegged result you can see below, not for sale!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 augusti 2012 14:12

Boys has changed beds from woodshavings to golden straw, 2 weeks ago, Start eats it like it was gold.. but now his bloated belly has settled and I am happy I to stuck it. Not a drop has fallen from the sunny sky so the dust has to be avoided as much as possible. They can all look out through windows so plenty of fresh air but the problem is it is full of dustparticles at this time of the year. Halagador does not seem bothered but I have started to give Start and Donoso a natural treatment with a nebulizer mask in which they breathe 10 min of balsamic essencial herbs before work. It opens the lungs and smells divine!


After work I give them a water with dissolved respiratory product of eucalyptus, methol, thyme, etc to drink. And of course some apple, carrots or orange and obligatory fly protection = makes happy ahtlete horses!

Here one of my favourite mares I recommeded a breeder friend yesterday, she's around 163 cm tall now and one of very few deep red chestnut mares around, no white and a real movement lady! So if you are looking for quality mare for riding and breeding international PRE horses I would go for this girl. And being professionally selected of course she also has a attractive price.

Nr 574


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 augusti 2012 11:30

Have had a wonderful weekend in beautiful capital city of Sweden Stockholm, visiting family and friends. This weekend was also the swedish national PRE championships, a small familiar very well organized event where PRE enthusiasts come together to enjoy their passion. It was great to catch up and meet collegues and friends and interesting to see the development of the offspring and horses we have selected and sold to swedish breeders. 

Here is beautiful Humano a 4 year old movement PRE we sold earlier this year.


And this is Mimosa that we bought together with Intimidad 2008 mother to Donita VIK.

Mimosa is now 4 and won Campeóna de la Raza, congratulations!


This weekend I also recieved the good news that Picara is confirmed in foal 90 days! 

Have a great week everyone! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 augusti 2012 18:09

It has been very hot here now and temps will rise to 40 degrees in some parts. So I have been riding late in the evening, yesterday I was finished at 22.30 Donoso has got two new bookings, one for Holland and another norwegian PRE mare. I also got a inquiry from a PRE studfarm in Australia that wants to expand their genepool! The quarantene is different for Australia but hopefully we can work it out for them.

Halagador is not going to Mexico. Perhaps it has to do with that when the 68 year old lady was going to testride, he did not move. At all. He just stopped and looked at me asking 'what do you want me to do with this person?' I moved away so he would be able to concentrate on the rider and as she did not want any help. But he just kept stopping and I was very surprised. Lady got off angry and said he was a rude horse. But Halagador is a very kind and willing horse.  Not sure what that was all about. The day after she tried him again when I was out with english clients and she was then able to ride him perfectly.

Here a clip me riding before mex testrides day 1.

England decided for one of the three candidates and he passed vetcheck brilliantly. So big congratulations to Jo, Greg and Sam, look forward to seeing him move on British Dressage!

The chosen one!



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