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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 juli 2014 14:46

Week of training and arena is getting in shape, turns out we have enough surfice material to extend it so now we have more space for our fine little legs. Also very happy because it's holding out despite the heavy rains we did not get even one puddle, jippie! So this week I signed up Donoso for his first Intermedia I!! BUT,. this plan had to be cancelled today as D has developed a agressive rash, probably from some plant. He acutally does not seem that bothered, let's me clean and apply treatment happily but it's painful to watch and of course bridle is out of the question, my baby    I think I know which plant did it, so that plant can start to prepare itself for extinction,..   

Otherwise not much summer holidays for me as I am busy working, selecting horses and attending to clients needs and my animals', but I love my job so I'm good.
Two of Donoso's USA girls are now confirmed in foal, the vet was amazed with the quality of the semen! 
Finish with my two favourite babies :)
Euforia VIK 2,5 months old out of Donoso VII - Revoltoso XXIX

Chula VIK 4,5 months old, by Divo PM - Revoltoso XXIX




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