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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 april 2013 21:26

..could be me right now! Some of the advantages of this work is that I can make people happy also by practising unconditional-horse-giving, you simply give a horse to someone for the pleasure of giving and without getting anything in return. As I have many connexions through my business I have on a few occasions been able to do make this kind of horse-adoption happen. Sometimes a horseowner cannot find a suitable person for their horse and for various reasons I do not want to offer the horse for sale. But I might know a suitable person that I think can be happy with a horse like that, and for free, and if this exchange can make life good for 3 individuals I am happy to help! Once I was able to gave away a PRE colt as wedding present to a friend. And now the luck has come to my groom Alex's girlfriend Fanny that right now cannot believe a blending white, 167 cm tall and highly trained Lipizzan stallion will be hers!! She is also getting him delivered to her door! Present lipizzan stallion-owner have bought a horse from us and as they wanted to pick this horse up themselves they will also bring the lipiz with them, voilá! So like magic there will be a dream stallion standing on Fanny's doorstep next week! I will post a picture upon arrival, if I have time to be present.

We (Vikinga horse-family) are all under the same roof for the first time. Mares to the left and stallions (and gelding) to the right. Picara had reabsorbed so she has had a new date with Donoso. He's a gentleman and a professional at his job, keeps calm even though his girly is only a few flats away. Highly intelligent horse. He has (of course) one of the biggest stalls with woodshavings, a window and stands right by the door so he can keep an eye on it all. And he's is totally happy with his new home and in love with his herd.

We got lab results for Tico and he has a bacterial infection caused by a bacteria called Clostridium, which can transmitted from foal to mare and could be the reason why she had reabsorbed. Luckily Tico was negative for toxins which is the reason he is perfecly well and without any sickness symptoms. So we have now tried pills for lactointolerace, but they don't seem to work. I will give until monday. Now we also got some music in stables and Alex is not only grooming but also painting away. We have had trucks filling out with sand to even out surfice and neighbours has started cleaning up after themselves. Much to get done but so much enjoying my finca, the good energy, nature, birds there are two storks building a nest. And there are every day happy horses!

Tomorrow client time, tuesday client, wednesday client and then I go for (I think) a well deserved holiday to Sweden on friday. Tomorrow my dad is coming to help me out, I will start making the 'To do list' right now..

And here's a new little special life just born, and I am one of the lucky partowners!  


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 april 2013 14:34

Enjoying the FEI Kür GP on FEI tv, Gothenburg is the greatest horseshow in the world if you ask me, good horses, intelligent commentators and a great audience! 

Watch it here  

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 april 2013 21:29

Yes that has been my weekend, a quiet one with my animals. We have had sunshine and I so enjoy our new place. Now the countryside is gorgeous here, lush green fields and singing birds in the trees. I can feel peace now that I have this little spot of nature and freedom to care for my animals the way I want to. In this place it feels like we can just BE and it is just what I needed, my soul can take deep breaths here. I feel relieved when I see my boys grazing and being able to be horses.

Donoso getting used to chilling out after work

Start, the girls, Tico and Trueno (Javier's chestnut colt) is outside all day long. Today I saw that someone had been nibbling on Starti's tail, hmmm it looks like it's the 'Tiki-tiki' gangster that has been playing with uncle Starts Grand Prix tail over the fence. Lucky for him his mummy loves him ALOT and I am surprised I didn't even get upset.

Tico has had diarrea since he came back from hospital. He is fine, happy and never had fever or any other symptoms, just a bad tummy. I think it was the antibiotics he was given that did his stomache in so I have been giving him various things to get it stabilized like tummy protection Omeprazol, charcoal, Probimin, antiinflammatory, and a natural paste for bacterial flora. But now he's had enough of stuff he thinks (he is very opiniated and knows what he wants and does not want) and tomorrow I will get results from labtest. Vet's have been out to see him regularly, great vetservice, and of course Tico has charmed Miguel that sits down with open arms and says 'Come to daddy' when he sees him :) This vet is now my mother's (grandmother's) favourite spaniard. I don't want to treat Tico more until I know exactly what is causing the problem, I am not for giving alot of antibiotics as it is a very agressive treatment and eliminates the good bacterial flora aswell as the bad. The other option is that he is lactointolerant and has a inflammed intestine because of that. But he's perfectly happy, looking divine and his breathing is now totally normal, 30/ppm in rest. 

Doggies have their own little beds in the tackroom, Betty sits in front of gate keeping watch all day whilst Viggo is running around the fields playing with Tico and the others. Today I was lounging Start and Viggo at the same time, Vig's new thing is to chase the end of the whip whilst I wave it around and he get's it no problem. Friday evening one of the owners came around to give me a new and safe lock for the gate, a brilliant unbreakable one, nice to have considerate people around you that care. 

Hope you have had a good weekend and don't forget to enjoy spring now when it's here!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 april 2013 23:27

Hey how are you all doing, I am more than fine as both sun and the love of my life is back, Donoso! He has not been ridden at all during the time at the station but my super-man just picks up where he was before despite a new big belly and some muscle loss, enters arena and does a super passagy trot! He really loves his training, yes this horse is INCREDIBLE, there is no other word to describe him :) Here are his defrosted little super-swimmers that are going to make D-babies in USA and Australia!

Me and Donoso two years ago


And some sales news, this super talented incredible PRE stallion born 2009 has now got a new home in USA, my best wishes and hugest congratulations to Julie, enjoy the ride!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 9 april 2013 21:48

Day started with testriding this young buckskin PRE that I have selected for a friend, thought he was fab when I first saw him and now I am absolutely convinced this is a supertalented horse, he is not even 4 years old yet and he already has a full movement register, awesome! He has the most quiet mind and just like Donoso he only swooshes his tail and get even more serious if I pat him with whip and activates hindlegs (that as you can see don't need much activating) Soooo comfy, it was like sitting on a highly schooled horse, back is 10 out of 10 up, neck stretches down, BIG strides, swift on feet, great action, super elasticity! He can extended trot aswell as collect it into some passage too. Doesn't hurt he is  t y p i c a l  spanish and a handsome buckskin either :)


I am not in top shape, for the first time I have not ridden regularly in one month, my body has been too painful basically and also had alot of work. Luckily I've had my mother helping me through emotional stress with Tico, stable set up, stable work etc etc, lucky me to have a mum with 40 years of experience from horsebreeding by my side days like these! 

Here baby Ártico VIK 3,5 weeks old with his grandmum    



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 april 2013 21:47

Today was a good day, it started interesting as we noticed we had run out of gasoil, this means no heating and we still have winter in Madrid.. Luckily I found a service that could deliver same day but deliverer tried to cheat me on a very high rate so I had to get serious and negotiate it back to normal. When that was done we went to buy some more shopping for finca, last week I bought 6 new (expensive) buckets and they are all deformed 1 week later. Now I was back and wanted new (even more expensive) buckets. I kindly asked for some kind of refund or discount, obviously I was back to spend double on buckets I had already bought and I got one for free so that was cool. I finished off the day closing the deal for Dominique's horse, she will have her buckskin dreamhorse and I am very happy for her as she really connected with this special individual! Yay, one more happy person! Thanks to her boyfriend Albert also!
My absolutey best news for the day is that my baby Tico is finally breathing normal and we are so relieved. He has had +60/min ppm and it has been worrying as we did not find any reason for his condition. Today he was outside full of energy and playing, when suddenly he saw something new...!

Someone my size!


Hey, I like your ears..

Wanna be friends?..


Aha, this is how you hold them?


And that was the end of Tico's day, off to bed.. And breathing was normal!   


To celebrate and warm ourselves up from chilly day, still -1C at night, we made some swedish waffles with fresh rasberrys. 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 april 2013 15:41

Thousands of kilometres and one week of intese work later I finally landed in sofa. It has been intense, scheduling of veterinarian visits to keep track on little Tico, visiting Donoso in Aranjuez and taking two different clients around in search of their dreamhorse. Last out was Sweden and there are two very exclusive candidates picked, one PRE and one PSL. The PRE is a chestnut of international quality and the PSL is a lusitano bred Pablo Hermoso Mendoza, totally out of series horse. None of these horses are indicated on web as they are exclusive and we want to protect our clients interests and I will present them later on. 

Donoso got a new booking from Sweden, a beautiful champion PRE mare, here she is!


And here is Donoso's happy swimmers after having been frozen and defrosted :)

Start has had problems with his hooves and has not been ridden for a month, so far Start has never been lame from this problem but now he was, bad quality hooves can be a serious problem. So farrier is working on them, this is before and after shoeing today and I am really pleased because after he was actually not lame at all. He has a special surfice shoe giving good support as his heels are not growing enough. I am giving him a hoof supplement and the will get Cornucresine massaged in to his crown twice a week. 


I am very happy with stablegroom Alex that takes good care of the horse-family :) 

We have also vetted a new horse for USA, it is a buckskin I seleced after we had the disaster vetting of artrosis and yesterday this beauty passed perfectly, 'freakin awesome', right Julie!? No pics until deal is closed..

Baby Tico is having tummy-poey problems and is now getting a stabilizer for his intestine flora. But he's happy and slowly growing into his body, here he is playing in the field this afternoon, he feels strong now and looks ready to start his journey! 

Ártico VIK 3 weeks old

Wishing you a happy weekend! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 1 april 2013 22:04

Two days of intense and interesting horse viewing with multicultural visitors had a PRE buckskin on the top of the wishlist and he had to be 3-4 years and tall.. But they left with a smile and with two possible candidates, very exciting for.. France!?

Here two candidates from today's viewings, 3 and 4 years old



And good Vikinga news;
- Novedosa is confirmed in foal 18 dyas on first insemination the 31rst of March, hurra! First foal in February next year, can't wait and neither can she as Nova is absolutely in love with Tico, we all are!   Little guy is developing a big personality with all the socializing from vets, dogs, horses, finca-workers and of course me and 'grandmum' that are fussing with him all day long. He is growing and developing very nicely, he is 19 days old today and he already has a stallion neck!

- We have welcomed Alejandro as our new groom, bienvenido Alex!

Donoso has a new booking from a top class PRE mare in Denmark, one with multi-calificado pedigree - will be an exciting foal!

Meanwhile Sweden has arrived.. We are set for wednesday and thursday, a collection of very exciting horses with emphasis on super movement are personally selected for our swedish friend..

Busy busy days in Madrid! 


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