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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 september 2012 20:51

After a rainy friday we got sun back and today has been a glorious autumn day, warm and slightly humid from the fallen rain, nice.

First client we left thursday with a very exciting candidate, one of my absolute favourites for sale. It's a PRE stallion that has been competing morfoshows since he was 1 year old and has won several medals. He has a very good placement from SICAB also. Now he's showed his capacity also for dressage competing the FEI national dressage tests for 5 year olds with results over 69%. Is a Qualified Reproductor awell. He has the same grandmother as famous Fuego, I saw Fuego in the beginning of his training and I dare to say this one has even better natural movements. Very interesting talented horse and important PRE dressage representative. Also with the quality we need in for PRE breeding. Second client tour also finsished with two candidates, Halagador being one of the two. Professionally I think the other horse is the more suitable option for this client, but that is not my decition to make and next week we will know the chosen one..

Had a playday with the sisters. Novedosa looks like a 'skinhead' in her new haircut, she's the athlete full of energy and very confident. Picara is a queen, very sensitive and playful. 

Happy to be with my girls!

Hasta pronto!   


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 september 2012 11:40

Finally rain is pouring down in Madrid and today horses stay in their fluffy strawbeds. We have had intensive days viewing horses and many kilometres so today will be day of catching up with everything. I have met Halagador's son, a tall elegant 3 year old grey stallion. He looks very much like Halagador in his expression, correct conformation and classy shorthaired velvet coat. We measured him 166 cm. His movements are typical Cárdenas, limited power in hindlegs and not athletic but soft, balanced and nicely coordinated front and back. The trot is not as straight as his father's, campanea. Beautiful horse, same laid back personality as Hagge! For sale! 



And a picture of my beautiful queen on her first day out with the girls!



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 september 2012 20:48

Picara PM  


Yesterday after riding the boys I went to prepare Novedosa for her sisters arrival. After some convincing she finally left her girlfriends in the field. She had just started to eat when suddenly she starts to choke and it looked like she was going to suffocate. Panic. She cramped and something was obviously stuck in her throat. Called vet. After 15 min she coughed up saliva but continued choking. After 5 more (long) minutes I heard a burping sound and that was it, when vet arrived she was ok. Puh.

Nova last night       

I decided to wait for Picara in stables so I could keep an eye on her but she was fine. Pica arrived 00.30 ok but had fallen in trailer so she was very careful and timid, poor girly. She looked stunning in the blue moonlight, seemed to recognize her sister and started to eat happily.

Today we have been getting to know each other, she is sensitive and shy but happy to be handled and cared for. 

Pica at home today


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 september 2012 22:49

Yesterday we could walk around in shortsleeves and 24 degrees in Madrid city by night, lovely. But that was probably our last summerday because today it's f i n a l l y raining on my lawn!

Saturday the beautiful black PRE mare arrived to her new happy owner, congratulations Jessica!



The australian PRE stud has decided they want to postpone Donoso's breeding project to the coming breeding season 2013 as the season has already started and the cuarantene and freezing takes at least 1 month. Also they did not want to risk rushing the necessary formalities which is sensible and understandable, we look very much forward to do this project next year!

Today all three boys worked out and Novedosa got a new autumn haircut. She is a sweety, stands absolutely still and even let me shave the hairs inside the ears :)

Tomorrow Picara will finally come home, can't wait!  

Novedosa PM next to Donoso VII


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 september 2012 11:17

What a thriller, exciting! Total adrenalin rush and quite alot of meditation on that is what sums it up for me! 

Last monday I decided to do it, with new medication I have been feeling stronger and I thought, it's now or it might be never, who knows if I will get better or worse, living is now, now, NOW! 

So I had three days to practice the GP at home and set us up. Most difficult was the zigzag across centre line, so we practiced that a litte more. The tempi ones were spotless, just started him off and he did all 15 clear. Piaffe, passage, pirouettes and extentions I felt very comfortable with. Since Start was tired physically at last competition I decided to boost him up with more energy food and some fisio with laser and nebulizer. Me? I just tried to eat.. I did try to get help from a trainer but it didn't work out. Then I begged Javier to video me so I could correct myself, but that didn't happen either. It was me and Start.

I had insect repellent all over and warm-up was in cool indoor arena so very pleasant. But this time Start transformed into a young stallion type colt, not bombproof.. Perhaps alittle too much boosting-up? I did a normal warm-up because when he is hot lots of riding just fires him up even more. But entering the arena Start fired up like a New Years Eve and I was sitting on explosive fireworks.. Acute meditation had to be set in. Miraculously my own nerves evaporated and left was just a great feeling; We were entering our first Grand Prix, it was just me and my beautiful horse, in the sun and with a big inside smile! 

I enjoyed so much, even the fireworks he added to the show.. Start is just an awesome horse and GP is his level. Yes he is difficult to ride but so much fun and when I get him bombproof he will be dangerous! 



I got 6 from all the judges which I thought was quite generous since we had many mistakes. Start got 4-4,5.. Judge (female) comment; 

'Very difficult horse to ride, very difficult horse to judge'. Submission, submission :)' 


We did it! My dream came true..


More pictures here;

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 september 2012 16:02


Special price will be sent to the one who can guess what it is   

I say no more! Have a nice day! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 september 2012 21:37 now sold, its the black lady by Calificado sire and she goes to France, more info and pictures of her this week. She's the pregnant and will foal this autumn already. She will stay at our stables and be girlfriend to Novedosa and also to Picara when she's home. 

Three boys worked out saturday, Start got new bed as Virutec woodshavings arrived, best brand there is, totally dustfee. Then party in the saturday evening at old horse-home Jade, a very cool party set up with buffet, stage and full on loud dj in indoor arena :) Sunday restday and catching up on emailing, a good weekend and ready for next week. Have a great new one!

Novedosa's big sister competing 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 september 2012 15:07

This is for you who have been asking about Hagges story. When we bought him 2 years ago he was very little ridden. So I had to start from the beginning with building up foundation strenght and working him over topline. His good conformation, healthy physique and a strong back was fundamental for taking on the Halagador-project. He could do a extended trot on the lounge but not ridden. If a horse is not through in his back you cannot extend the trot and they won't overpass in the walk. His quality was obvious to me but he was so unfit he could not even keep the canter ridden. Now his trot extention is as good as Donoso's. His walk is loose, through and overpasses. He can collect his canter. His spanish trot is turning into passage all by itself as he is getting fitter. He loves his spanish walk because he is really good at it. And now he has also started to do flying changes. 
Objectively Halagador is not a PRE with capacity for Grand Prix dressage. He has unique beauty that overrides his correct conformation. His beauty is inherited from his Cárdenas bloodline. Cárdenas blood does not bring down strong athletic movements but he is half Yeguada Militar and was lucky to get the functionality also. He has a good overpass in walk, excellent extended trot and a great canter. His movements are elastic rather than powerful. Yes he  can learn all high school movements but he is an artist rather than a full on athlete. As you all know there is a big difference from knowing all GP moves and performing them in a dressage test where great strenght and stamina is needed. H has never been in top condition because I have not had the time and strenght to ride him every day. 'Hagge' is a horse for absolute enjoyment. He gives you a beautiful feeling when you ride. Is intelligent and learns quickly always, if treated with respect and consequence. And he loves playing with people from the ground. Halagador is a gentleman with his girlfriends, stands tied up next to the working-girls and never says a word. Just looks politely. 

Yes he gives me great satisfaction, just looking at him makes me happy. I would love to keep him and I can confess that it is not easy for me because I care deeply for him, a dream, love and enthusiasm is invested in this horse. I believe in his qualities. Even though he is not Grand Prix. And just as he is is plenty and enough to make anyone a very happy person. 







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