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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 april 2017 19:17

Hello people long time no see!!

Breeding season has started and the first Donoso USA foal has now landed, a gorgeous tall filly, congrats Kristi!
Tico has left for his professional work at breeding station in Aranjuez, Callejones Del Duende, very welcome to book your mare on frozen or fresh semen!


Here we are taking a sightseeing tour in pretty Aranjuez with the dogs after having left Tico. We left one horse and came back with two pretty chickens, gracias Concha!


We have been busy bees and have toured with visiting clients from Sweden and USA, this super beauty is now sold and we are vetting two more this week!


And we have recieved two new black saleshorses at our farm. One being this elegant super darling, he is the kindest horse and a sweetheart and he has pierced straight into our hearts! More info coming up regards these two new black beauties,.

See reference LAO on my page 

And so for the super-surprise! 1rst of April which in Sweden is the day for jokes, I arrive as usual to the farm to do the evening with the horses and a little foal comes walking towards me!! I couldn't believe my eyes, first I thought that Nova has foaled 2 weeks early but there she was full belly and then I saw that the foal was walking beside Chula! Last year Chula jumped the fence to go see her boyfriend Brillantino, she persuaded him to also jump the fence and they had fun on the neighbours pastures,. 16 days later we did an eco and Chula was in foal, as she was only 2 years at this time we decided to abort. But it obviously didn't work! So here she is VIVA VIK, a elegant little palomina girly with 4 white socks and alittle head stipe, absolutely adorable! She is our first 100% Vikinga-bred, first second generation Vikinga offspring out of Chula VIK and Brillantino VIK, two different lines and the combination I had planned to do this year, only Chula decided to do it all her self and she sure nailed it and tricked us all! 

With mami and grandmami <3

Mami Chula VIK & Papi Brillantino VIK now sold to Israel



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