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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 januari 2018 19:25

So now we are well into the new year how was the start of yours? Ours started with spanish byrocracy as I have spent 1,5 years issuing a new farm-code necessary for economic activity and export which requires a l o t of patience and perserverance! But now it's done and business can develop and continue. We have had cold temperatures with snow but not alot so floor is still dry and nature is hybernating waiting to wake up. Hopefully soon!  

Sunset sierra de Guadarrama

   Artico has had his first booking from México and we are looking forward to seeing his new crop of 2018 international offspring, first one will be born in Australia! He already had one colt born in Australia, absolutely beautiful. I measured Artico today and he is now 167 cm tall. His physique is compact and his movements are powerful and suspended, and mentally he is now ready for serious dressage work. I will keep you posted on his progress, he deserves competing don't you think!!?

Artico VIK in December 2017


And then for our upcoming Nova-star. Today I lounged him for the first time and literally flies, his normal work trot is like a show trot! I have a feeling 2018 will be Fiero VIK's year. I have measured him today and he is 166cm. I am planning his championship debute this year, he will decide when but I reckon in the summer. This year he is added to Vikinga breedingprogram and he will be available for limited amount of mares. He very well developed for his age and mature mentally so I think I might break him in just for fun and as he needs stimulationH. Fiero is a soft and quiet stallion, I am absolutely in love with his personality and temperament. I am definitely keeping him as he is (another) horse of my heart. But I am selling his 1 year old younger full brother Hidalgo VIK, he's a copy of Fiero and the same incredible temperament. Fiero will also be a daddy in April with Picara and I am very excited about this foal, it has some pretty incredible genetics, decending from the following amazing individuals; 

Fiero VIK sire 


Picara PM dam

Novedosa PM grandmother   


Donoso VII grandfather  

And today my Donut nailed 15 clean tempis oiiiiii so proud of him!!!! 

I have also been working on our new Horses for sale selection 2018 and I am presenting some on my facebookpage Vikingapre Connected. Of course they are all iberians but most of them PREs in different levels and ages. Here's one black turning 5 now, competing dressage PRE scoring very well in national tests for 4 year olds last year. 

Ref; RUT born 2013 163 cm.


And here's a talented filly out of a spanish SICAB champion 
Ref; VAG Super movement PRE filly 1,5 year old, worldclass pedigree


Have a great weekend and hasta pronto!! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 augusti 2017 13:55

Here watching the European championships, such great riding!! Thank You so much everyone for your warm and kind comments and messages, it really does help. It is terrible to loose a horse always but this time it has been alittle bit worse than 'normal', it was a big chock for me. I was away and working with clients so I was not at the farm and this made it even harder. To come back to the farm and not see my girl in the herd was not a nice feeling, she was our leader mare. Nova has been with me since she was 1 years old, she has been a straight forward, smart, a perfect performing broodmare, instant pregnancy always, delivering her foals without complication and breeding them with such excellence. She had never been ill, she was always in perfect shape, vital and strong, simply the best foundation mare and she gave me a 100% breeding experience.  She was fine in the evening and dead in the morning. There were no signs of colic on the ground, she was just dead on the floor, on her side and her body was swollen all over. As she was the leader mare and very protective of everyone I got the idea of a snake bite. Perhaps she defended her herd when a snake came to drink from their water and she got bitten. From what I have understood venomous snakes are not common in our area but there is no guarantee. It's also rare a horse falls down and dies suddenly so to me it makes more sense if the cause was something rare. I have seen snakes on the farm supposedly not venomous, but I am thinking there could be others. There are also some venomous plants in their fields but my horses eat well and are never hungry so why would she pick one of those suddenly after all these years avoiding them. It doesn't make any sense. We will never know but I need to think things over because of the safety of my other horses. Animals has an incredible ability to accept, they have no sentimentality or ego that holds on to their objects, Nova's baby Judith has adapted very well, she has been following Chula and stays close to her sister Viva. I have decided to separate the girls from the mares now as Viva is very big and Chula needs to recover and give up nursing as she is in foal again and so young. So my little girls are becoming independent now, it's great they have each other. 

You know me by now I am not the kind that gives up, when I fall down I get up, I get up. I will never get used to loosing a horse but we can't shut down just becuase we are afraid of getting hurt, then we loose our passion and sensitivity for life. I now have 11 other blessings and I count them, not the tragedys. Here are 4 wonderful 4 Nova babies, two of them started breeding with only 2 years of age, Nova's breeding line is strong!
Chula, Fiero, Hidalgo and Judith. 


Novedosa was for sale, not becuase I wanted not to have her but becuase she was already a grandmother as her offspring are breeding and I need to sell to refresh bloodlines. I felt proud to offer Novedosa as the perfect broodmare, only the best is for sale. I am now offering Picara PM who has given me 3 excellent offspring, one of them Artico VIK that is our new breedingstallion. To you who are about to create a stud and start/expand your breeding Picara is a great foundationmare, she brings down alot of class and strong racetype to her babies as she is the carthusian type of mare. These days its not easy to find this classical type of broodmare and more so with her genetic composition of doubledilute CrCr genetics. I am selling her with the option of a reduced price if I get to keep her 2018 offspring, and including confirmed in foal with optional stallion, Donoso VII or Fiero VIK for 2018. Or as she comes now confirmed in foal. Here she is right now!

Picara PM    

Picara PM offspring Artico VIK
Euforia VIK
Indigo VIK

And some pics of our big black has been growing alot lately, from 168-9 cm in Febrary he is now 172 cm!!! That's enough Mr Black!
Salao 4 years old 172 cm - Ermitaño III - Obcecado - Vinatero III


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 augusti 2017 17:50

Dear all, I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as you can!?!

I am right now rearranging our breedingprogram and I have decided to sell our broodmares as we now have a line of progeny of the mares including fillies and two new studstallions from all three mares. All three have possibilities to give me perlinos next year so I have no rush as I would be excited to see these foals, I am determined to find the best homes for my girls, they deserve it. All three are top breedingfoundation mares for breeding PRE for dressage with exclusive colourgenetics and they are all three in perfect shape as always and confirmed in foal. I will make a short presentatation of them here, and then you are very welcome to see more info on their respective pages on and contact me for any info! 


Born 2009

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Perla (EEAaCrCrgg)
Height: 163 cm

Confirmed in foal for 2018 with Fiero VIK (Novedosa PM - Donoso VII) 

Artico VIK 2013, on our international breedingprogram


Euforia VIK 2014 sold to Finland
Offspring Indigo VIK 2016 by calificado Donoso VII - for sale 


Born; 2010

Breedingstatus; APTO

Colour: Buckskin (EeAACrgg)
Height: 165 cm

Confirmed in foal with Artico VIK for 2018

Offspring Fiero VIK (sire Donoso VII) - On our breedingprogram 2018

Offspring Hidalgo VIK (sire Donoso VII) - for sale   
Offspring Chula VIK - broodmare      
Offspring Judith VIK by Artico VIK 


Born 2014

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Golden Buckskin (EeAACCr)
Height: 162 cm

Chula and Viva 2017

Viva VIK palomino filly by Chula VIK y Brillantino VIK



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 juli 2017 02:22

Hello everyone in the middle of the summer hope you are enjoying the sunshine!!  4 horses in vikingafarm are now in full training and there is no time to be lazy! I have been selecting horses for clients and here are two of PRE both with 100% mind/body quality. 


Artico has covered 5 mares in Spain this season and we are very pleased because all of them where confirmed on first insemination! Thanks again to Concha and her professional team, you are the best! Today we got a new booking so he will be back at station so time to book if you want cooled semen for your mare!


So when Start finally had recovered from last year he got laminitis in march,. This was simply alittle too much for me and I lost all inspiration for training towards competition riding I left our 4 year old with a collegue to be broken in, Artico I sent to breedingstation. Then came spring and the foals and redirected my attention that was needed 100% and I focused on work and my clients. But now he has recovered with the help of a expert farrier, treatments and a correct diet and it is such a relief to see him move like normal again! I sat on him today and wow it felt great to be back there I can tell you!!     

Archive pictures.



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 maj 2017 22:39

So have we said goodbye to Kiko our beautiful baby. Nature has had its course and wisely decides what is to be and what is not. And we have to accept and let go. Kiko was born too early, he was premature and weak and was not able to eat himself. I got him to eat from the bucket and he progressed slowly the first 6 days, then suddenly he reversed and lost all progress and was not even able to swollow his food. Heartbreaking and difficult to understand. But the time he lived we had wonderful days in the field everyone together. Big thanks to my family, Alvaro and Jorge that helped me so I could go away for some days to rest and breathe new air and assist a zen course after Kiko had left us.

Rest in peace little sweetheart. <3

Novedosa PM  




Meanwhile the circle of life goes on. We have a new Artico baby on french ground, congratulations to Deborah, your black pearl 'Suerte' looks amazing!!!

SUERTE by Artico VIK and Bengala CEL

And we welcome two new Donoso babies to earth! One in USA and another one in Sweden. The swedish one is a real star-boy, we have no name yet but here he is, our warmest congratulations to Linda, we love him!!!


And here is the USA filly (!!!!) isn't she awesome!? Big congrats to you Lindsey!!!


And beautiful darling Picara mami is now covered by none less than,.. Fiero VIK!!! Since he was born he has wanted to be a breedingstallion and so he got his dream fullfilled, and being a D-baby he performed with excellence. Fiero is a horse that takes my breath away, he has never had even one ugly growing stage and with 2 years he has perfect proportions, I have never seen anything like him,.

Picara PM

Fiero VIK

And here are the young guns yesterday having a playday in their fairytale field, Hidalgo VIK Fiero's full brother (golden buckskin) out of Novedosa, and Picara's Indigo VIK (dark buckskin). 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 april 2017 19:17

Hello people long time no see!!

Breeding season has started and the first Donoso USA foal has now landed, a gorgeous tall filly, congrats Kristi!
Tico has left for his professional work at breeding station in Aranjuez, Callejones Del Duende, very welcome to book your mare on frozen or fresh semen!


Here we are taking a sightseeing tour in pretty Aranjuez with the dogs after having left Tico. We left one horse and came back with two pretty chickens, gracias Concha!


We have been busy bees and have toured with visiting clients from Sweden and USA, this super beauty is now sold and we are vetting two more this week!


And we have recieved two new black saleshorses at our farm. One being this elegant super darling, he is the kindest horse and a sweetheart and he has pierced straight into our hearts! More info coming up regards these two new black beauties,.

See reference LAO on my page 

And so for the super-surprise! 1rst of April which in Sweden is the day for jokes, I arrive as usual to the farm to do the evening with the horses and a little foal comes walking towards me!! I couldn't believe my eyes, first I thought that Nova has foaled 2 weeks early but there she was full belly and then I saw that the foal was walking beside Chula! Last year Chula jumped the fence to go see her boyfriend Brillantino, she persuaded him to also jump the fence and they had fun on the neighbours pastures,. 16 days later we did an eco and Chula was in foal, as she was only 2 years at this time we decided to abort. But it obviously didn't work! So here she is VIVA VIK, a elegant little palomina girly with 4 white socks and alittle head stipe, absolutely adorable! She is our first 100% Vikinga-bred, first second generation Vikinga offspring out of Chula VIK and Brillantino VIK, two different lines and the combination I had planned to do this year, only Chula decided to do it all her self and she sure nailed it and tricked us all! 

With mami and grandmami <3

Mami Chula VIK & Papi Brillantino VIK now sold to Israel

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 februari 2017 00:29

We are having stormy hail/snow/rainy days in Madrid right now, tonight all horses are snuggled up inside, ladies got their hair done and Starti is shaved naked and looking his super self again, he gets very hairy,. It was now one year ago he was struggling for his life, I look at him now and he is glowing, born 1999 and no signs of age on that horse, love him and so happy he is still here, life is good! 
Quinto has moved to live with his owner so now it's just us in stables and we are down to 9. Today we had a visit from a owner of two horses that might come and share our home, we have plenty of space so they would be very welcome to come and share. We are all getting back in business training wise, I have had some time off from riding in January and December because of personal reasons, but today in the middle of the worse weather the inspiration was on top and all 3 boys got a good workout between the hailstorms,. Viking-weather I suppose, makes you feel alive when the frosty wind is biting your cheeks :) So now I have made a 2017 training program for Donoso, Start and Tico and I am looking forward to getting back into competition arena with the boys si Dios quiere as they say in Spain,.   


Artico is now being booked of the 2017 season, his semen has been exported successfully to Australia and storage is on its way to USA. I made a breeding page for him where breeders can post offspring and you can follow his progress. He is developing alot and it will be interesting to see what will become of him. He is not for sale, I have realized he is my (another jejeje) soul horse,. See his fb page here;
Donoso just had another PRE mare in Australia confirmed pregnant on one and only insemination, superman! A breeders happiness!

Web is updated with new horses for sale under DRESSAGE, one is already sold and I will do better to keep the listings of this page updated. If you are not able to access the page kindly let me know on;, thank You. 
I don't list all sourced horses so please contact me on email and let me know what you are looking for and I will send you informations.

Have a great brand new week everyone and hasta pronto hopefully!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 november 2016 21:31

Hello from us, hope you are you still there despite our absence, we have been busy with preparations and alot of work here, one Vikinga family member is sold and on monday Tico arrived to Palacio de Congresos in Sevilla, SICAB - tomorrow he is competing!! He will be on at 14.00 and you will be able to watch it live online here, search section 6; 
We are ready to goooo are you with us!!????
Artico VIK, section 6 SICAB 2016



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