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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 december 2014 13:41

Hope you have had a lovely week of Christmas! We had a long run of sunshine and as we swedes are used to the dark we had to close the curtains to be able to get into the cosy-xmas feeling with lit candles etc. This year we left some of our beloved family behind in Sweden but were happy to get to know a new family member Maja. As Maja can't hear anything we practiced signlanguage which turned out to be real fun because you have to really connect and pay attention when communicating. Maja is not only a football girl she also knows how to ride and communicate with horses, so on christmas eve we socialized in the sun and had some horse-fun!

Yesterday I found D in paddock with a leasion - punch in the tummy-feeling - left frontleg very swollen in various places and did not want to put weight on leg at all. I found a flat and big stone and I am guessing he has probably tripped on this one and dislocated his hoof/leg whilst playing. Things that happens when a horse get to be a horse. So I cooled with cold water for 30 min, dried leg and massaged with Arnica and left him with a hot bandage and Hyal Acid and antiinflammatory. Today he was alittle less swollen and able to put alittle more weight on the leg. I cooled with ice, did laser treatment, Furacin massage with a hot bandage and gave antiflammatory, ASEA and Hyal Acid. Hopefully he is even better tomorrow. I have had my most beautiful D exactly 6 years now and he has not been lame even once before. He did injure himself also in paddock in Sweden, no lameness but I felt he did not pass the flying change as well to the left as he did to the right. So with a super hight tec ultrasound we could find a bleeding inside the cross ligament. But he still competed and won the Swedish Championships for PRE and became Absolute Champion and Champion Functionality with highest scores ever! D has a super strong physique so I am hoping he will also heal super-fast so we can compete together 2015, please please please I need this horse well!!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 21 december 2014 20:25

I was going to do a resume of the year but I rather look forward and say how thankful I am for my friends and for the the old and new connections I have/made with people and horses, thank You, it's the connections which gives magic to life and the living!
Vikinga herd is now enjoying their home in harmony of a natural environment and I am so grateful to have been able to make this dream possible for my animals and by myself, terracotta stable, new paddocks and my  w o n d e r f u l arena, I made it!! This is how we enjoy a weekend at the farm, my världens bästa dad has just finished our new paddocks and some painting and my mother is helping me so I get time to ride in the middle of all christmas, business and farm-tending.
So with these pics we want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, with peace and happiness for all!! 

Super smart incredible Start enjoying his life!
Thank you Donoso, my inspiration to all.      




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 december 2014 22:11

Donoso's breeding program is up and running in Australia and USA, he is expecting 3 foals in USA 2015 and the first D-baby will be born in Southafrica! Quinto has got one stunning España-lady booked for next year. These days we are busy working at the finca with painting and making space for new paddocks so everyone can be outside and enjoy the lovely spanish sunshine when it's here. I have lot's of work going on with selecting new horses and communications, no time to update list of sales horses on homepage etc but some are there but please contact me via email to request information of horses available. There are quite a few I wouldn't mind buying and working with myself but I don't get the chance because horses are sold quickly now. At least some land at my farm post-selling for gelding and transit which is nice as it gives a personal contact. There is a great demand for the PRE so please keep on breeding, the demand will be growing for sure!!
Here 'Capi' a 5 year old PRE I selected, sold and cared for during gelding before he left for USA, owner thrilled and super happy with her horse that is now doing his first dressage competition!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 december 2014 00:03

Back from long weekend in Sevilla and Spanish Championships, had some great days social days with international horse-family-friends lovely! Came back to perfectly happy boys and girls in a wintery Madrid, sun but few degrees and lot's of wind yesterday but horse workouts keeps you warm. Quinto is now more swift on his feet, D is playing 1,2,3 tempis low neck and Start just does it and is in need of a new bodyshave,. Here beautiful Carcelero doing his first pessoa workout, such a sweet horse, prefers to chat with people than eat his food so of course super easy to love :)

And here fantastic Curioso delivering another beautiful Grand Prix freestyle, such a refined and artistic horse and good rider of course!
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