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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 februari 2015 12:11

Me and my collegues have been travelling in many directions of Spain to view and vet horses selected for our program, so far 3 has failed the vetting in the strict selection process. Patience and many kilometres in the air and on land required but at least Madrid is in the centre of Spain so all directions are as close they can possibly be,.
My swedish friend Mia has been here a couple of days and has kindly assisted me with vetting and work, she also tried Start and here she is with Quinto.

First Southafrica baby is now born! A black beautiful colt!! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 februari 2015 10:34

In the middle of a intensive period of work and loving it, creating possibilities, teamworking, selecting horses, connecting to wonderful people and matching them to wonderful horses wow I am so so lucky! So are some special people, I have sold another super beauty dressage PRE to USA! Israel horse is now ready to leave for his new home, catch Eva!   
And beautiful kind black giant Galaico SG has left for his new home in Sweden!

We have a new groom as Javi is busy with his studies so we welcomed Antonio this week. The pregnant ladies are growing big, one month to go and we'll have a even bigger Vikinga-family. We've had frozen days and I have been defrosting watercups but now we are back in sunshine and more laidback-stable-workouts. 

Quinto's owner has just started taking lessons on his horse, got his new saddle and all is organized and so is Q. He has changed alot and gone from fat and floppy to toned and now he is now almost hot! So much sensitivity and quality in his mind and movements, it's a privilege to work with Q. 


Donoso is back in normal training, keep going no limit, he says. He has got a small turnout paddock so he can be outside and play but without getting the energy levels all crazed up. Australia are busy starting up the D-breedingprogram and I have new bookings from USA. You can follow him on his fb page Donoso & Offspring. 

D on our farm in Sweden 2009.
Australian mare bred to Donoso VII 2015.

Start is ready for GP. Ready and asking for it. I am amplifying the trot and when this is 100% regular - then let's go.

Start's first competition in Sweden 2009. 
I am now preparing for a viewing tour with a new business partner and we are selecting a candidate for a very very exciting project! We have already driven 20 hours for vetting one horse but unfortunately he failed so now we have new candidates that we will be studying this weekend, exciting,. I will tell you all about it and you will be able to follow the process on Yeguada Vikinga PRE that is now a facebook business page, under my identity Viktoria Sandberg,.. 
No time to list horses on my page recently so pls contact via email if you want to know what is available, thanks y hasta pronto! 

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 februari 2015 15:55

Shalom shalom and whopsi a new week and new month again! Today temps dropped and it has been snowing but we are just over 0 so all is wet and muddy, yirk but alright this shall also pass,. 
Galaico is now castrated and has recovered perfectly, he is doing lounging work and is happy in his suite at Vikinga farm. Sweet horse easy to handle and care about, lovable like a typical PRE should be and normally is.
Israel has been visiting this weekend and we went for a hack in the beautiful spanish countryside, chilly but lovely sunshine and we all enjoyed alot! There is nothing like a hack with an iberian horse, stepping light, energetic and super comfortable to sit. 
Here a little more of the PSLusi we have selected for Eva. 




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