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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 juni 2012 11:34

Hi people, I give you the news; 

Halagador is for sale. Why? Well, it is a matter of time and energy priority and I want to focus on training and competing Donoso and Start. Also Hagge does not really fit into Vikinga's breeding program so does not have a purpose, and I want him to have one. The plan was that if he maintains himself through breeding he could stay but he has only covered one mare this year and this is not enough. So, it is time to be rational rather than emotional and therefore this magnificent homozygote black Cárdenas stallion is now on the market to fulfill someones happiness. But there is no rush, we will wait for the one that can love and appreciate him as much as I do. 

Most beautiful Halagador. 




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 5 juni 2012 15:36

I had to stop to live, laugh, party, have fun and enjoy my family, friends, horses and I've had a beautiful month! Now I am back full of energy, inspirations and enthusiasm to work happily with my horses and clients. So let's go!

Halagador has one mare confirmed in foal here and Donoso one (that I know of) in Sweden. Start is doing his 15 tempis now.. Several horses are sold and new ones located, see updated And if you want to buy PRE mares with beautiful babies inside our outside now is your time to get over here! 

Last weekend I was supposed to compete but since I was cruising around I actually missed the date so I enjoyed watching the others sweating away their nerves in 34 degrees. It was record of participants, lots of people and nice relaxed atmosphere. 40 min this guy was up for GP Freestyle we were chatting away and he was still in his jeans. I said you'd better go and change, 'Ya' he said, 'I won't even make it to the warm up' and off he went. But Edu has warmed up for many years and apparently he didn't need much of it because he won. Sweet!



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