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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 maj 2015 13:32

'Survived' weekend of full feeding-schedule, though this one with some backup thankful for that, feeding every 4 hours is a serious business of willpower. Gacela still has problems with getting up by herself and I worry about this, she resists lieing down so at times she let me help her down. We are up to full dosis of milksupplement now and she as grown quite alot, she is learning how to eat pellets but it's not easy for her. So when little viking girl trots into big field and have her adventures I'm a happy breeder. But no time to relax because then she suddenly dives into the bathtub and I have to drag her out all slippery and soaked ;) This was our hottest day and she had alittle fever so it turned out a good idea in the end,. 

Love little viking girl she's a fighter. 

This black beauty Café has arrived and is now also successfully gelded.


We also have a new black girl added to the herd, 'Laila' is a cool lady that knows how to impress with her spanish walk and passage, she's a lovera/ carthusian and has the absolute perfect temperament. She will be covered with Quinto and when confirmed in foal she will be offered for sale to a special person. Pics of her coming up!
Greetings from Donoso offspring Antartica in Norway, 2 years and gorgeous!

And here are the first Donoso VII offspring made in USA, congratulations to Lindsey we wish best of luck with these stunning boys!
Nr 1; Dark bay colt

Nr 2; Light bay colt


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 11 maj 2015 14:14

Gacela got a fever and is now back on medication, again she could not get up as she was weak so now she is back on medication. Got fever down so today she is better. Fiero injured himself and was on 3 legs but he is back on 4 now. He's the coolest guy let me bandage and ice his leg no problem, my kind of horse.

And this is also my type of horse even though this one I have forwarded to someone else so he's sold, a black PRE selected for dressage and he will be going to live in USA.

CAFY; PRE born 2008


Has also vetted this gorgeous black PRE mare, she's a cool one doing passage etc and just adorable. The plan with her is to make several happy will tell you more about her project. 

LAILA - PRE mare born 2009


Celebrated my birthday with 2 and 4 legged family, somewhat quickly because I was out with clients that day, as always fun connecting with new horse-people.

Best birthday present, Ella 1 month. 

I have decided to offer Chula and Euforia for sale and keep this years foals instead. So there is a new section on my web, Vikinga horses for sale, where these girls are presented with pictures and video. I might just sell one of them but now I offer both for sale, if one get's sold I am planning take the other one off the market and keep for my own breeding. 


Donoso just had his first PRE offspring bred and born in USA, it's a beautiful dark bay colt!

Congratulations to Lindsey and Grulla!



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