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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 augusti 2017 13:55

Here watching the European championships, such great riding!! Thank You so much everyone for your warm and kind comments and messages, it really does help. It is terrible to loose a horse always but this time it has been alittle bit worse than 'normal', it was a big chock for me. I was away and working with clients so I was not at the farm and this made it even harder. To come back to the farm and not see my girl in the herd was not a nice feeling, she was our leader mare. Nova has been with me since she was 1 years old, she has been a straight forward, smart, a perfect performing broodmare, instant pregnancy always, delivering her foals without complication and breeding them with such excellence. She had never been ill, she was always in perfect shape, vital and strong, simply the best foundation mare and she gave me a 100% breeding experience.  She was fine in the evening and dead in the morning. There were no signs of colic on the ground, she was just dead on the floor, on her side and her body was swollen all over. As she was the leader mare and very protective of everyone I got the idea of a snake bite. Perhaps she defended her herd when a snake came to drink from their water and she got bitten. From what I have understood venomous snakes are not common in our area but there is no guarantee. It's also rare a horse falls down and dies suddenly so to me it makes more sense if the cause was something rare. I have seen snakes on the farm supposedly not venomous, but I am thinking there could be others. There are also some venomous plants in their fields but my horses eat well and are never hungry so why would she pick one of those suddenly after all these years avoiding them. It doesn't make any sense. We will never know but I need to think things over because of the safety of my other horses. Animals has an incredible ability to accept, they have no sentimentality or ego that holds on to their objects, Nova's baby Judith has adapted very well, she has been following Chula and stays close to her sister Viva. I have decided to separate the girls from the mares now as Viva is very big and Chula needs to recover and give up nursing as she is in foal again and so young. So my little girls are becoming independent now, it's great they have each other. 

You know me by now I am not the kind that gives up, when I fall down I get up, I get up. I will never get used to loosing a horse but we can't shut down just becuase we are afraid of getting hurt, then we loose our passion and sensitivity for life. I now have 11 other blessings and I count them, not the tragedys. Here are 4 wonderful 4 Nova babies, two of them started breeding with only 2 years of age, Nova's breeding line is strong!
Chula, Fiero, Hidalgo and Judith. 


Novedosa was for sale, not becuase I wanted not to have her but becuase she was already a grandmother as her offspring are breeding and I need to sell to refresh bloodlines. I felt proud to offer Novedosa as the perfect broodmare, only the best is for sale. I am now offering Picara PM who has given me 3 excellent offspring, one of them Artico VIK that is our new breedingstallion. To you who are about to create a stud and start/expand your breeding Picara is a great foundationmare, she brings down alot of class and strong racetype to her babies as she is the carthusian type of mare. These days its not easy to find this classical type of broodmare and more so with her genetic composition of doubledilute CrCr genetics. I am selling her with the option of a reduced price if I get to keep her 2018 offspring, and including confirmed in foal with optional stallion, Donoso VII or Fiero VIK for 2018. Or as she comes now confirmed in foal. Here she is right now!

Picara PM    

Picara PM offspring Artico VIK
Euforia VIK
Indigo VIK

And some pics of our big black has been growing alot lately, from 168-9 cm in Febrary he is now 172 cm!!! That's enough Mr Black!
Salao 4 years old 172 cm - Ermitaño III - Obcecado - Vinatero III


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 augusti 2017 17:50

Dear all, I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as you can!?!

I am right now rearranging our breedingprogram and I have decided to sell our broodmares as we now have a line of progeny of the mares including fillies and two new studstallions from all three mares. All three have possibilities to give me perlinos next year so I have no rush as I would be excited to see these foals, I am determined to find the best homes for my girls, they deserve it. All three are top breedingfoundation mares for breeding PRE for dressage with exclusive colourgenetics and they are all three in perfect shape as always and confirmed in foal. I will make a short presentatation of them here, and then you are very welcome to see more info on their respective pages on and contact me for any info! 


Born 2009

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Perla (EEAaCrCrgg)
Height: 163 cm

Confirmed in foal for 2018 with Fiero VIK (Novedosa PM - Donoso VII) 

Artico VIK 2013, on our international breedingprogram


Euforia VIK 2014 sold to Finland
Offspring Indigo VIK 2016 by calificado Donoso VII - for sale 


Born; 2010

Breedingstatus; APTO

Colour: Buckskin (EeAACrgg)
Height: 165 cm

Confirmed in foal with Artico VIK for 2018

Offspring Fiero VIK (sire Donoso VII) - On our breedingprogram 2018

Offspring Hidalgo VIK (sire Donoso VII) - for sale   
Offspring Chula VIK - broodmare      
Offspring Judith VIK by Artico VIK 


Born 2014

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Golden Buckskin (EeAACCr)
Height: 162 cm

Chula and Viva 2017

Viva VIK palomino filly by Chula VIK y Brillantino VIK





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