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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 november 2015 10:44

Happy first week towards christmas!   Have been to see International dressage at MHW this weekend, saturday I spent the day studying the warm up ring and yesterday I saw the GP freestyle, what a show!!! Top level rides and horses, I share the ones I found especially interesting here, enjoy!
Felicidades a todos y muchas gracias por la inspiración! 

Altaneiro & Sergio Martin Palos FEI Grand Prix CDI3* 69,800%

Manuel Veiga & Ben Hur Da Broa FEI Grand Prix CDI3* 71,125%

Grandioso & Jose Daniel Martin Dockx FEI Grand Prix CDI3* 77,550%



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 november 2015 12:34

Happy monday, glorious winter has just arrived to Guadarrama sun, blue sky and snowy mountains, how does it get any better than that?!

Back from the best ever SICAB. F a n t a s t i c horses, just mesmerizing animals and the way they are being presented in this incredibly artistic way only spaniards know how to. I have selected new breeders and horses that made a great impression with a professional point of view. Personally I had so much fun I stayed another day just couldn't leave in the middle of the party and wow what a party!!! People letting go having fun and being themselves, so thank you so much everyone (you know who you are) for being you, you make all the difference!!!

Here a collection of some of my best impressions from SICAB 2015!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 november 2015 12:04

Hello from a autumn Madrid, have had some busy and lovely days with visit from a client that converted into a genuine friend, started to breed with the herd of PREs I sent to her over some 7 years, in the very north of Sweden where she lives with her family, home of the beautiful aurora borealis, santa claus and the reindeer! After my experience with the product ASEA we are now also collaborating with this business, I am dedicating some of my time to get this product on the spanish market as I believe we ca all benefit from better health, a residual income based on cooperative networking,. It's fun!

Happy evening in Vikinga stables with Eva-Lisa, vet Jorge and Starti

Working, love my job! So greatful.
Kitchen networking,.

And here's four of Vikinga's autumn collection of iberian sales horses selected and lined up for clients, both PRE and Lusitano, contact me on for more info!  





And a clip from a work-break having fun with Chula and Fiero in the field!


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