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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 april 2012 13:28

We have entered some kind of rainperiod, the wishes for rain is slowly coming to an end.. But it doesn't matter, rainy days give time to imagination and inspiration for new plans..

Yesterday Donoso did his first tempis-twos-all-in-one-diagonal! He went into a new supercollected canter, coolest guy in town So now he's is incribed to his first dressage competition in Spain! And it will be no less than the CDN*** MEDITERRANEAN EQUESTRIAN TOUR in Valencia! List of participants here  

Wish us luck, hu, I will be so nervous.. 

Donoso and I competing in Sweden 2009


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 22 april 2012 22:02

Happy monday, I hope you've had a good weekend everyone!

'Mr Spaniard' is moving to England, our big congratulations dear and determined Natalie with a excellent taste in horses - enjoy your luxury PRE!

Nr 561 


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 19 april 2012 21:39

I week since Laia. I have trained myself to never look back, only forward. I am learning alot from my experience and my heart is wide open. I am getting new ideas and creativity is flowing, I think this is what they call embracing life fully. Thank you so much for all your phonecalls, messages and emails, I will respond to them all as soon as I can.

This week I have been with my boys as usual but I have also been tending to myself in different ways to feel good. Everything feels new, I am meeting new circumstances, situations and new people and I really enjoy it.

For example me and the boys had the pleasure of meeting artist Elise Genest and her lovely family. First we did a photosession with Halagador. I improvised and H did some of his spanish walk, passage trot and rearing, he gave us some very artistic and beautiful moves. Then I invited the family for a long lunch at favourite restaurant La Rueda in El Escorial. I think husband Frederic, who used to be a professional a chef, enjoyed most of us. Emma, Elise's 4 year old daughter, painted Halagador and as you can see this is perfectly him with his long hair. She was running out of black so that's why the green..

Emma's Halagador




Then we went back for Donoso. He gave us a spectacular show, he knows when he is ON and he really goes for it. It is really a sight to see him flying, so agile and powerful and always in perfect balance and control. And 100% with me. I rode him aswell and he wanted to show off his new piaffe and passage. We were running out of light so we had a intense session chasing the light. I look forward to seeing Elise's artwork of the boys and to my next meeting with her. 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 17 april 2012 15:22

There will be a Donoso+PM offspring next year. Laia's breeder Paco Martí will cover one of his own mares with Donoso. I don't think I need to explain how much this rejoices my heart and heals my soul ........................

To know your light you need the contrast of the dark


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 15 april 2012 23:03

Guess who has recieved authorization also from Spanish Equestrian Federation to compete Small Tour level for Sweden in Spain    So today all horses had a work out with a plan and a real goal in mind.. Tomorrow Elise Genest is coming to take her pictures of the boys, look forward to meeting this very talented artist. 

Here's me testriding 550, a young PRE for sale, very little ridden but that I can recommend. 

Nr 550

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 13 april 2012 09:10

Today I wake up and no it is not so pleasant no, I have to meditate myself into feeling good, but that is ok, I can do it, I am a vikinga and what does not kill you makes you stronger.

We have just passed the easter holidays that in Spain is a pretty holy time, time for families to get together. My family are my horses, they are what I have chosen and I live in symbiosis with them, I live of them, they live of me and they give me a purpose of existence. When a family-member die one need to stop and feel. Not the pain, no I don't believe in pain, but I do believe that without accepting pain we cannot realize the opposite, that which we need to open our hearts and what really matters.

Sometimes our dear clients hit the wall and with sorrow they start to doubt buying the horse of their dreams for various reasons justified, can be money, can be xrays, can be insurance companies. In this process I see a painful blockage and uncapacity to feel they really deserve their ultimate dream come true. I try to say in various ways what are actually Monty Roberts words 'How does this work for you' in a kind and hopefully helpful way. What matters most is to feel good and to know that all happens for a reason, that from our experiences we expand and develop and become better persons.

Yesterday my friend told me that all is written, that it was always going to be Laias time to go now and yes it was a comforting thought. But WHY was it time for my Laia to become an angel, now? What did she want to tell me, what blockage in me did I need to release and realize when this trauma got me crying on my knees and head onto the earth?

Right after the easter holidays I said I felt like I needed a resurrection. It was meant as a Monty Python joke on the spanish-heavy-easter-on the cross-atmosphere here, and my own feeling of YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. To resurrect a part of you need to die. That part was Laia. I am not going to glorify my beautiful angel, but my connection to her was pretty special and she was selected with such care, thought and tenderness. And in her rested my great dream of making my own horse babies from the two horses I believe so much in. When she left yesterday it was such a spiritual incident for me and I I knew that there must be a reason for this happening. I felt it in and now I know. She was telling me to go for my absolute highest dream, without a backup plan B, just straight for plan A. And believe me I am going for it, and nothing in the universe will be able to stop me. 

Right when I had finished writing this the program the program got stuck and I was asked if I wanted to stop the program (with the option of loose all) or if I wanted to wait. I pressed 'wait' I think over 30 times and like a miracle the program boosted up again. So I will wait and rest in knowing that Laia became an angel for joy in my heart and for my highest purpose. 

Love always


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 12 april 2012 16:57

Laia did not like the halter. Not at all. She wanted to be free. Today she made it clear how serious she was about it. She went up and down, her legs did not support her and she did not get up. So I ran to call vet. She had reflex in her eyes, looked normal but did not move. Vet was there in 20 min. We gave her fluids and waited. I massaged her body, I poured all my love over her, I prayed, I cried, I gave her Rescue Remedy and tried to imagine her on her feet. The vet did what he could. After an hour she started to have convulsions. I held her in my arms, I could feel something was wrong in her head. I put my hands on her but I was not sure my energy was enough for her so I called my friend and asked her to send me energy through my hands. I couldn't bare seeing my beautiful princesa suffer so I said to her, you either get up now or you go towards the light. I put her head down and in less than 30 seconds she had left. Now she is our free angel, forever. Laia PM was 4rth generation and she was the chosen one for Donoso. But when something good dies their energy nurtures. She was my soulmare, first time I saw her picture I cried and the day we went for her and her sister I felt such a profound happiness. Now my heart is wide open because she gave me nothing but great love and happiness. 

LAIA PM - Our angel


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 10 april 2012 09:53

Buenos dias, we have been in Toledo this weekend to view this magnificent horse among others. Guardadamas was our main focus of interest as he is the selected horse for our client. He did outstanding performances in this international competition. He was second among 17 in the olympic qualifying Grand Prix test on the friday, just behind swedish Minna Telde. On the sunday he did a beautiful GP Freestyle 71,6% and came second again after Minna and Santana with 71,7%. Guardadamas was simply outstanding. His piaffe and passage has a extraordinary quality, trotwork was excellent and all transitions are so refined it is a pure pleasure to see, he transmits total harmony, ease and art. After the performance on the sunday we did the 4,5 hour long vetcheck for our client. He passed also this test with flying colours. He is the sweetest horse, an absolute gentleman that you can not help fall in love with. This is the type of PRE we want to promote internationally, he represents the PRE race with grace. So we are very excited and so is our friend, in two or so weeks we will know if this horse will also fit HER personally.

Guardadamas with his excellent rider Jose Antonio Garcia Mena


Photos all rights reserved 


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