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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 augusti 2013 01:28

Boys and I have been training seriously this week, well inspired by European championships in Herning, congratulations to Charlotte and Valegro for the ride of a lifetime, wow!
However all days we can't be serious and yesterday I decided to ride Donoso in holiday mode on a snaffle and in my most worn out jeans and sneakers, -I let him choose what to do and he did his passage around the trees :) Start did his 15 tempi-ones on a snaffle and without the noseband as he has had a allergy reaction, who need an arena au-natural works! I have also been training Alex and Halagador around the trees, Don A need to learn how to ride and steer with his legs and look where he is going and for this purpose trees can be highly effective :) Greetings from D-baby Antartica in Norway and Carmen in Sweden both born this year. Have a great weekend everyone! 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 augusti 2013 13:40

At finca early happy to recieve stand in farrier Paco, best Ernesto has had a severe riding accident from an encierro and got bulls and horses over him. We send our warmest thoughts to him and wish him a his speedy and effortless recovery. Can we please stop this bull-shit now? Isn't it time to leave this tradition behind once and for all? Please spanish guys leave just leave the kettle grazing in the fields and go party without them!
Tico is now a teenager with long ears, as adorable as ever and abit cheeky at times so I thought now would be a good time to start his independence process. Mum got a new flat and T stayed next to Nova. But Tico is a classy guy with long legs and loves his mummy alot so he didn't see a problem trying to jump the wall. I managed to convince him this was not a good idea and through massage and favourite scratching he accepted in 15 minutes and spent his first 4 hours all by himself! Of course extra mummy (me) and aunty Nova kept him company and he glued himself to me so I only got these close-up shots. My baby <3

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 augusti 2013 17:10

I am so pleased to announce that this fantastic horse is going to USA and to a dedicated PRE breeder and dressage professional, this is my all time favourite calificado PRE stallion! I so believe in the quality of this horse, he's a fantastic representative of the breed and we look forward with excitement to follow his progress, best wishes and huge congratulations to Ami! 

Nr 540;


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 16 augusti 2013 23:01

Hi everyone my apologies for absence and delayed in responding your emails, for once I made myself disconnect properly, I am sure you people know how hard this can be in our profession but also how important it is to actually do it! But now I am back in business and boys have been working out, girls continue being pregnant and all is going well. As august is the vacation month in Spain all slows down, everything is less efficient and at the moment work in stables are standing by.
This luxury perlino showman has now got a new exciting home, congratulations to gentleman Pio from Switzerland!


And the beautiful black movement crack PRE has arrived to Sweden to his very happy new person, yes the one the howled out her joy when he showed her how he can move in freedom! Awesome horse and congratulations to you dearest Ingela!



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