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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 31 januari 2011 22:40

See article from clinic here in Madrid with spanish national team coach Jan and all the lucky ones that get prof help to set themselves up for the competition season;
If only I had a trainer! I have been riding on my own since last March now, with the exception of one session of help with Gyula Dallos that I really enjoyed, wish he did not live so far away, Hungary is 3000 km.. 

Me, Start and Gyula August 2010




Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 januari 2011 20:15

Bill (trainer) from palmtree land thought it was interesting to wake up to a snowy Spain friday morning. We did not think it was interesting as we are familiar with the poorly prepared roads.. Surprise, surprise, at one point people had to push us up a tiny little slope as car did not want to climb it. We finally arrived to airport to pick up Bonnie that was delayed one day and very happy to see us and finally be here. We started our journey and 2 hours later our brand new rental car broke down in the middle of the highway and between that olive tree and the other. Spirits kept up as both Bonnie and Bill are lovely people and never far away from a laugh. 40 min later we were in taxi and saw there had been a bad accident with 40 cars involved. Got the situation in perspective and realized we preferred our destiny. After m a n y phonecalls by Javier we finally had another car and by the time we arrived to first horse it was dark. The rider had just broken a rib and was in hospital so Bill and I rode the horse that was very supple and super sweet. Bonnie decided to wait until tomorrow and we came back to see clean changes done by broken-rib-macho-wrapped up good rider. Bonnie liked horse and rode him well. She has a very helpful trainer that sees his student well.

We turned back and viewed horses Bill had already seen the day before and two candidates were chosen. This is Bonnies horse if he passes the piro!



Big thanks to Bonnie and Bill for being so positive in all situations, cooperative and fun company!

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 27 januari 2011 22:34

Here some photos for you Bonnie! Flight was cancelled because of snow but luckily her trainer made it and thanks to very professional riders we had a very fun and productive day, thank you! Sorry you could not be here but we have good news; Out of the 5 horses we saw Bill liked 4 for you..


If the horse is to big for you we make it smaller like this..





Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 26 januari 2011 22:24

Javier has now prepared this client-tour, you cannot imagine all the preparation work that lies behind being able to watch good horses in different parts of Spain! Just to make our life easier the touring-car had to go to 'hospital' so now a new one is rented. Just got the message that the clients flight had been cancelled and that only the trainer will be arriving tomorrow according to schedule, hopefully client will make it for friday, cross fingers.. I will post on Facebook so you can follow, not sure how to post here from phone, anyone who knows?
I on the other hand had a great massage by Mer, and in afternoon boys got a workout. Yesterday was Starts turn to do the hilltop, the views over the mountains were very inspiring to both of us. Start is a star and always makes me smile  he is slim and fit and up for it! I called swedish federation to check rules for Montenmedio, to start internationally I would have to go through the federation, for the national ones I only need a spanish license possibly I would need a green card from Sweden also, it depends. It is a jungle with rules and regulations, tests and dates, hopefully I will work it out..
Start a happy horse today

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 25 januari 2011 14:32

Dear friends, I have chosen to write this blog in english but there is a great Google translator in categories (list on the right) that you are welcome to use. Hope you will find it helpful and thank you for reading my blog!
Queridos amigos, para leer este blog en español mira abajo 'Translate this blog' and selecciona 'spanska' para español, hasta pronto y gracias por leer!
Start and I competing in Sweden 2009

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 24 januari 2011 18:46

So many things going on here! Today boys got new shoes, Donoso tested his on the hill and I just have to say - What A Ride! Well up on the hill with the sun shining we went for that full adrenalin canter that gives you a free facelift - that one - then add 100% obedience, instant stop-button, jumps in 100% balance - smooth contact and a 100% horse! You know that feeling of total power underneath and in REAL connection = dressage applied for REAL riding!
Yesterday we had visitors from Ecuador that fell in love with a PRE stud stallion so if all goes well they will have a new guy to breed with. The rest of the week is booked for guests from USA, hopefully they will find their perfect horse-match. After them comes Germany and then Sweden, fun! Just have to squeeze in my own riding, I am planning to compete Start and Donoso in Montenmedio, Circuito del Sol, in beginning of March. Here their official website;
Festivo MR has 4 new mare bookings here in Spain, that makes a total of 6 so far.
On my way home from stables today

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 23 januari 2011 22:36

So from now on we are here, did not make our life easy enough and there is no time for faffing around so fired! This year I welcome all that makes my life downstream, float along with the current, not against it or upstreams.. This is a swedish blog format that yes seems easy to use, simple and straight forward, very swedish - lovely, here we go 2011, all comments are very welcome in english, svenska or español!   
Blog from 2009 & 2010;
VIKINGA PRE's beautiful stud collection 2011


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